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Kurama was visiting his mother in the hospital when he comes along a hallway with a familiar smell. He finds out that Karasu was in a coma for 2 years. On one of his visits he accidentally falls asleep next to Karasu's bed and is in the bomb-master's mind, but who are these two little girls that look like Karasu and himself?

WARNING: This is Yaoi if you don't like it, than get the HELL OUT OF HERE? Its also rated M for mature and there MIGHT be a lemon if anyone wants one. Now on with the fic!


By: yours-truly, Kurama&Karasus Daughter

Kurama sat in the Waiting Room nervously. His mother had gotten sick again and was in the hospital.

"Minamino, Kurama?" the nurse behind the desk called, "You mother will see you now."

He made his way to room 12 and opened the door. Shiori looked happy to see him and smiled.

"Mother, how are you feeling?"

"I'm just fine, Kurama. Its only a common cold, no need to worry."

"But, the last time you were in the hospital you nearly died," Kurama said sadly.

"I'm alright, the doctor says that I have to stay for a few nights to make sure that my cold goes away."

Kurama nodded and sighed. Shiori started the conversation up again.

"So, how is your apartment coming along? Oh, and your birthday is coming up, too. My baby, Shuichi, 18 years old and on his own in this whole wide world without me to take care of him," she said all teary eyed.

Kurama sweat dropped and chuckled.

"The apartment is coming along, I just have to unpack that's all."

They had talked for almost an hour, then Kurama looked at his watch and gasped.

"I'm sorry mother, I have to go. I promised Yusuke I'd meet him at work." He kissed Shiori on the cheek and made a mad dash on his way out. He was on the 1st floor when he had smelled something weird. It was familiar in a way. He stopped running and looked around. The 1st floor was completely empty.

Kurama's POV

I looked around me, seeing no one in site. That smell is so strange and yet so familiar. Where have I smelled this scent before? I walked slowly down the hall nearly at a dead end. I have never noticed this scent before I came in. I was too worried about mother to think of anything else as I ran to the lobby demanding to see my mother, but I had to stay in the Waiting Room until I as called. That scent was getting stronger with each step Itook until I realized what it was. Gunpowder! I make my way to room 6, knowing where that scent came from. I put my hand on the knob and turn it. I push the door open and….

End of Kurama's POV

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