Author's note: Many thanks to Moxie-Proxie for her help in coming up with the idea for this little ficlet! Hope everyone enjoys!

A Case of the Jitters

One - The Case is Opened

"Iiiiiiif you want my body, aaaaaand you think I'm sexy, coooooome on Sara, let me know, oh!" Greg Sanders crooned to his coworker, Sara Sidle, while they were working in the lab.

"You've got to be joking me," Sara muttered under her breath. She turned around and high-tailed it out of the lab and headed straight for Grissom's office. "Grissom!" she cried as she took off into a run down the hallway.

Grissom, having heard the obvious panic and fright in Sara's voice, came rushing out of his office. He'd been working rather diligently on a new experiment -- this one involving slugs -- and had a mason jar in his left hand. The attempt to intercept Sara, however, came crashing down around Grissom's head, however. And quite literally. The two collided headlong in the middle of the hallway. An "oof!", smashing glass, and muttered curses from Sara punctuated the end of the incident quite nicely.

"What the hell is that!" Sara cried, looking down at the rather... slimy subject on the top of her shoe.

"That, Sara, would be a vaginulus plebia, known more commonly as a brown slug."

"Oh, no! Gross! Griss, you've really got to keep these experiments away from the lab!" Sara scrunched up her face and tried to gently remove the experimental subject from her shoe. It didn't turn out, however, and Sara had to endure watching Grissom wince as the slug was squished to a slimy pulp on the floor.

"Well, while we clean this up, care to tell me what had you dashing down the hallway?" Grissom knelt down and began to pick up the two remaining slugs while Sara knelt down next to him and began to clear away the shards of glass.

"I was in the lab just a few minutes ago and Greg was... singing," Sara began.

"And how is that different from normal?" Grissom asked. The two finished picking up the majority of the mess and entered Grissom's office.

Sara discarded the broken glass in the trash can and sat down while Gil placed the survivor slugs in another container. "It wasn't his normal selection of song, Griss. It was... disturbing."

"Disturbing... how?" Gil asked.

"He was singing Rod Stewart's 'If You Think I'm Sexy', Griss. That's not normal!" Sara shivered disgustedly as she remembered.

Gil frowned thoughtfully for a few moments. This turn of events certainly was disturbing. Greg normally sang songs that, while annoying, weren't frightening. Cheesy, maybe, but not this level of cheese. This was worse than a meltdown at a cheese factory in Wisconsin. Something needed to be done, and fast. Otherwise the whole lab was going to take a turn for the worst. Greg had that kind of effect on people. Gil slowly looked up at Sara and then nodded.

"Take me to the lab."