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LOST…In Stars Hollow

Chapter one: 'Object of mine obsession'

Sawyer is not usually a curious man. He sees things, accepts them, and doesn't wonder why they happen or what they hold. This hatch though, was another story. Maybe it was because he'd just finished the last book he had, or maybe it was because there was nothing to do on this island but hunt for food and get eaten by monsters, but whatever it was, it was making him so desperate for something to do, that that he somehow got his mind set on opening the hatch.

He'd been trying to get in it for the last fifteen days. Every night, he'd sneak out there where it sat and do everything he could think of to open the stupid thing. It has no handle, glass to thick to break, nowhere to pry it open. The thing was impossible to get into.

But now, standing in front of it, Sawyer noticed something he'd never seen before. Walking over to the tiny notch in the wall of the hatch, Sawyer wondered how he could have missed it before. As often as he had walked around this thing, studying every detail of it, he'd never noticed it before.

Touching the notch, he felt something like a switch, smaller than a screw even. Sliding it towards him, his heart racing, he heard a sound, and then saw a light come on from within the hatch. Standing there in awe and fear, wondering what he'd done, Sawyer watched as the top of the hatch rose, revealing some sort of lift. Sawyer stood there, contemplating what to do. After a few moments, he realized "Hey, I'm on an island in the middle of nowhere. If I go in there, who in the world would care? Course, I could end up getting myself in more trouble that even I can talk my way out of, but it's a lot better than sitting here, watching all these idiots holdin' on to the idea that somebody's actually gonna find us." So having made up his mind to enter the hatch, the thing that he'd been obsessing over for more that two weeks, he grabbed his bag off of the rock it had been perched on top of and climbed onto the lift.

Looking at the buttons on the control panel. He pushed the one that had the words 'retrieve' printed on it, hoping that wherever it was being brought back to wasn't somewhere that would get him killed. The lift jerked, and then went down the hatch. Sawyer entered. Then everything went black.