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Chapter Four:

After a tour of the town, two more runs to Luke's, and spending an hour listening to all the reasons why 'Fatso' was the greatest movie ever made, Sawyer was almost sure that he was infatuated with Lorelai Gilmore.

"- So, I don't really watch it for the plot. I watch it more for the hot doctors and the occasional fistfight. I'm actually just as happy watching it with the sound off, which sometimes makes the show even better, of possible." Lorelai rambled on as they crossed the street. Sawyer had offered to walk her home, and she had gladly accepted. Currently, he was trying to think of a way to ask her out, while she was explaining how the cast of ER was part of her family.

"So,' he began as they neared her house, "I was thinkin' that as a thank- you for showing me around today, maybe you'd like to go out to dinner with me tonight." Lorelai's eyes lit up and a smile appeared on her face. This guy moved fast.

"Tonight? That'd be great, what time? CRAP!" Lorelai stopped in mid-step and smacked herself in the head. "I can't! Tonight I have to go have dinner with my parents. It's a thing they make me and Rory do every Friday night, and I can't get out of it. I'm sorry." She said, inwardly cursing her parents. Sawyer brow furrowed. Unsure how to deal with rejection.

"Oh, well okay…Um, I guess I'll-"

"Hey! Movie night!" Exclaimed Lorelai, hitting his arm.

"Ow! What the hell are you yelling about?"

"Tomorrow's movie night! Rory comes over, we order a bunch of food, and watch movies until we pass out. You wanna come?" Sawyer smiled. He hadn't seen a movie forever.

"I'd love to. What should I bring?"

"Oh, nothing. I've got all the basic food groups covered: chocolate, Chinese. Pizza, candy, and Luke's." She answered with a smile, opening the door to her house.

"I'll see ya tomorrow." Sawyer said as he backed down the stairs. Lorelai waved.

"See ya." Smiling, Sawyer turned and headed down the street and back to Kirk's. This town was looking good.

-The Island-

Kate couldn't find Sawyer. Not that she'd been looking for him. No, he drove her crazy, but he wasn't around at all. She'd noticed that he'd been acting weird lately, sneaking off in the night. She'd almost followed him a few times, but then decided that maybe that would show too much concern. Now she wished she had. He was no-where, and she was starting to worry. Worry enough that she was currently making her way to the caves to talk to Jack about it.

As she walked she saw Hurley headed down from the caves.

"Hey Kate! I'm trying to get a golf game together, you in?" He asked, as she got nearer. She smiled at him. Hurley was always trying to make people forget they were stuck on an insane island.

"Sorry, gotta find Jack. Hey Hurley? Have you seen Sawyer around lately?" She asked. Hurley stopped and though a minute.

"Dude, sorry. I haven't seen him in a couple of days. The lack of name-calling should probably tipped me off to that, huh?" Kate nodded, getting even more worried. Where'd he go?

"Thanks Hurley." She called after him. He waved to her and she continued on her way.

Once she reached the caves, she spotted Jack right away. His eyes lit up, as they always did when he saw her.

"Hey Kate." He called out, heading over to her. "What brings you to this part of the island?" He asked her.

"Um, actually, I've been trying to find Sawyer. You haven't seen him, have you?" Jack's face fell at the mention of Sawyer.

"No, I haven't. Something wrong, Kate?" She looked at him, hoping to convince him that she was fine.

"No, nothing's wrong. Just no one's seen him in a few days; starting to wonder where he could've gotten off to." She told him. Jack sighed as he thought.

"Have you checked the Hatch? He seemed pretty interested when Locke finally told us about it. I think he's been going out there." Kate nodded.

"Is Locke around here? Maybe he's seen him." Jack turned to where Locke was filling up his water canteens.

"Hey John, you see Sawyer hanging out around the Hatch lately?" Locke shook his head.

"I haven't been out to the Hatch in a while- not since Boone." He told them quietly. They were all silent a moment, remembering.

"I'm planning on heading out today. If I see him. I'll tell him you're worried." Locke assured her.

"Oh, no-not worried. Just wondering." Kate hastily corrected him. Locke smiled, knowing how much she'd been 'wondering'.

"I'll still tell him to come around sometime soon, just so we know he's alive." Kate just nodded.

"Thanks Locke." Spoke Jack, looking at Kate. What was going on? Locke left with a nod, heading into the forest.

"So…you and Sawyer, huh?" Jack ventured, hoping his emotions were well hidden. Kate looked up at him, a shocked expression on her face.

"What? No, no, not me and Sawyer. I'm just curious is all. Haven't seen him in a while." Jack smiled thinly.

"Okay, I was just wondering."

"Jack, come on! I'm, serious, okay?" Kate called to him as he walked off.

"Doesn't matter Kate. It's not my business." He replied, heading for the golf course.

Kate sighed. Some days she just hated guys, and today was one of those days. Turning, she headed back to the beach. Hopefully, Locke would find Sawyer, he couldn't be that far. And as for Jack… 'Give him a day and he'll be fine.' Kate thought. ' Everything will be back to normal.'

Locke stood, gaping at the lift protruding from the open hatch.

"How? How did he do it?" He wondered out loud. "Sawyer, what have you done?"

"Where have you been?"


"You. Where have you been? You've been gone for hours. Mother made dinner." Kirk told him as Sawyer entered the basement.

"Look here, Captain Kirk. No one ever said that I had to be back by a certain time, and even if they did, I wouldn't be, so quit whining." Replied Sawyer as he plopped down

into a chair.

"Well, where'd you go? Did people talk to you? They wanted to know where you were staying, didn't they?"

"Relax, okay? I went everywhere. I went to this diner-"

"Luke's." Cut in Kirk. Sawyer rolled his eyes.

"Yes, Luke's Anyway, I met this girl there, name's Lorelai. She offered to show me around town, I walked her home, got myself invited over tomorrow night." He recapped, looking smug.

"Wait, Lorelai? I asked her out once- it was way before Lu-Lu, so I wasn't cheating! She said no. And tomorrow's movie night! She invited you to movie night? The only people she's ever invited to movies night are Luke and Rory's old boyfriend. She's never invited me to movie night."

"Luke huh? That the guy who works at the diner?"

"Yes, that is Luke of Luke's Diner."

"So, she like, datin' him or somethin'?"

"Lorelai? No, he's married to a lawyer. Or possibly divorced, it's really hard to keep it straight sometimes. So, are you coming up to dinner? Mother's expecting you."

"Yeah, sure." Sawyer answered distractedly. He was still thinking about Luke and Lorelai. Married didn't mean anything; that he knew from experience, and in a small town like this there probably weren't a lot of options. The two of them might've… he shook it off. Didn't matter now.

"So what'd mommy- dearest cook up tonight?" Sawyer asked, following Kirk upstairs. He may be dining with the crazy folks tonight, but tomorrow he was gonna be with the prettiest girl in Stars Hollow.

A hand shot out of the ground and began clawing at the earth. Soon another hand came up, followed by a head. Soon, Ethan was free of his grave.

Screams filled the air' a baby cried out as he was taken from his mother. His mother cries out for him and a dagger came down, silencing her.

A handful of children were locked in a room, hooked to machines. Various whimpers of agony could be heard coming from them. One boy lay in his chair, horrible images flying through his mind. They became too much for him and soon the whole room started to shake. People in lab coats came in and jammed a syringe in his arm. The boy went limp, the shaking stopped.

Kate ran through the jungle, terrified. He came out next to her, grabbing her by her shoulders and snapping her neck. Jack let her body fall as he went looking for the others.

Sawyer woke with a gasp. He realized he was shaking, as his dream replayed in his head. He'd been having the same dream for weeks, and it still scared the hell outta him. What did it mean? He lay back down and tried to get comfortable, tried to go to sleep. He knew he wouldn't be able to. On the island he spent his time on the hatch' kept him busy after the dream would wake him. Here. He had nothing. He lay awake, waiting for morning to come, and with it another night.