The Re-Education of Miss Roth

A Teen Titans Fan Fiction by Jacob McDonald

Opening Notes: This popped into my head a little while ago, and I've just now decided to get the first chapter down. I'm cranking out GCC at a steady pace, but I decided to take a little break to jot this out. It's pretty tame right now, but it'll get wilder later on, with parties, fist fights, hot boys, sexy girls, dangerous assassins, and lots and lots of explosions.
I've used the name Jenny Wrangler for Jinx again, but please note that this story has nothing to do with the Music of Jump City series.
Rated for language now, and mature themes and violence later on.
Standard disclaimers apply. I don't own Teen Titans.

Chapter One: Cassandra Roth and Jenny Wrangler

The door to a well appointed office on the second floor of the administrative building opened without a noise, gliding along on well oiled hinges. As it bounced lightly off of the door stop, a tall woman with a long face stepped into the room, pushing her horn-rimmed glasses up her nose a bit further and staring down the length of the rather pointed part of her face at the two girls seated on the sofas that sat across from each other around a large square coffee table.

The first young woman, dressed in the West Jump City Institute for Education (WJCIE for short) stood up and inclined her head in acknowledgment. The other girl (also wearing the uniform) remained seated and continued staring out the window, loudly chewing her gum.

A much younger and shorter woman peeked her head around the tall woman in the doorway to see what the hold up was and arched her eyebrow.

The first young woman growled quietly and kicked the table somewhat more viciously than she really needed to. The second girls foot bounced off of it and she turned a angry glare on her counterpart, and only then noticed that they had company. She quickly stood up and inclined her head as well with a mumbled, "Sorry..."

The tall woman was dressed smartly in a business skirt and blazer, and large gaudy jewlry dangled from her ears and wrists. She gave the second girl a disapproving frown and stepped into the room, running a hand along her graying brown hair that was pulled up in a severe bun, "Please pay better attention, Miss Wrangler." She walked to the desk that was situated at the head of the room and sat down, facing the assembled group. Two young woman and what was obviously one of her underlings.

"Girls, this is Ms. Veerlin. She will be your home room teacher, as well as your dormitory advisor. Ms. Veerlin, this is Cassandra Roth," she motioned to the first girl with a tight lipped smile that quickly turned down into a slight frown as she motioned to the second girl, "and Jennifer Wrangler. I leave them in your charge with only one parting request."

"Yes, Mrs. Cain?" Ms. Veerlin was short, only a few inches over five feet, but very pretty. Her long blond hair was swept back from her rosy cheeks and blue eyes and held in a pony tail behind her head. She wore a smart skirt, much like the one Mrs. Cain was wearing, but she wore no blazer, simply a nice, white blouse.

"Have these girls dye their hair back to their original colors. I will not have such loud and disruptive displays of hedonism running rampant in the halls of this fine institution."

Doing her best to hide a slight smile at the two girls looks of slight horror, Ms. Veerlin nodded, "Right away, Mrs. Cain."

"Thank you. Your things have already been brought to your dorm, girls. You may go now."

"Thank you, Principle Cain." the first girl, the one with short violet hair, nodded in a slight bow and walked back to stand with Veerlin. The second girl was pulling at a lock of her mid-length bubble gum pink hair and frowning. After a few moments, the purple haired girl hissed, "Jen!"

"Hmm?" the pink haired girl looked back, then snapped out of her daze, "Oh! Thank you, Principal Cain." she too bowed slightly and then practically ran to catch up to Ms. Veerlin and Cassandra as they walked out the door.

The campus of WJCIE was well kept and clean year round. As Jump City was situated just South of San Francisco on the California coast, they never had to worry about snow, and the trees were green year round. The grass was well trimmed, and the hedges were pruned nicely. Everything looked perfect in the afternoon sunshine.

"Man!" Jenny Wrangler said as the three of them walked along a pristien sidewalk outside the admin building, "Is Cain always that uptight?"

"I'm afraid so, yes." Ms. Veerlin nodded with a smile, "Not all of us on the teaching staff are quite as strict as her though, so don't worry too much."

"So, we don't have to dye our hair then?" Jenny asked hopefully.

"No, I'm afraid you will. School policies do state that no un-natural hair colors or pircings are allowed."

"So I have to take out my tongue barbell too?" Jen stuck out her tongue for emphisis."

"Yes, I'm afraid so." Veerlin smiled again.

"You see way too happy about all this." Jenny grumbled.

Cassandra spoke for the first time since they had left Cain's office, "I'm not happy about having to change my hair color either, Jen, but rules are rules, and while Mom and Dad have us here, we'll have to follow them."

"Oh, yeah." Jenny rolled her eyes, "Mom, and Dad wouldn't want me to act out now would they?"

"No, they wouldn't." Cassie leveled a glare at her 'sister' and the pink haired girl fell silent.

"Do you girls have any hair dye to work with?" Veerlin asked, "I keep a bleaching kit or two around just in case something like this happens-"

"I'm NOT going blond." Jenny stated with finality."

"I brought along hair dye to change back to my natural color, Jen." Cassie nudged the other girl, "Why don't you want to go back to blond?"

"You're evil, you know that?" Jenny growled back at her.

"Well, if you're natural color is blond, then that's what you're stuck with." Veerlin laughed a little, "Sorry, Miss Wrangler, but I'm afraid we do have to follow the rules in this case."

"Right." Jenny continued to glare at Cassie until they stopped in front of a large brick building in the Northwest corner of campus.

"Here we are! The girls dorms!" Veerlin motioned, "I have a class to get back to, but I'm sure you can find your way to room..." she pulled out a slip of paper and checked it, "204, right?"

Jenny opened her mouth, a look of protest coming to her face, but Cassie stomped on her foot, shutting her up, "We can find our way just fine. Thank you, Ms. Veerlin."

"You're quite welcome. I'll see you later at dinner." she smiled and walked off.

As they watched her go, Jenny spoke up, "We have to share a room?"


"You knew this?"


"And the reason you didn't tell me?"

"Because like the hair color issue, it would have given you another reason to not go on this mission."

As Cassie turned and walked to the front door of the building, Jenny shook her head and followed, "Remind me again why I did agree to come on this mission?"

"Shortened jail time?" Cassie asked as they stepped into the deserted lobby.

"Oh yeah." Jen sighed, "That."

An hour later the two of them were moving about their rather spacious room, putting cloths away in dressers and setting up personal effects on night stands. They were dressed in old t-shirts and jeans, having just got back from the bathroom down the hall where they had dyed their hair.

"Do you think they'll mind if I set up the Circle of Odin in here?" Jenny asked, her hair still wrapped up in a towel.

Cassie turned back to her and glanced at the flask of white sand in her hand, "I don't see why they'd have to know if you cleaned it up right away after casting the wards. It's actually not a bad idea, considering why we're here."

"You always were a bit of a worry wart, Raven."

"Call me Cassie, Jinx."

"Right, right. At least I get to use my real name." she stuck her tongue out at Raven, who's hair was still under a shower cap, letting the black hair dye seep in.

"We both had to make sacrifices for this mission." Raven reached up and rubbed her bare forehead where the charka stone used to sit and sighed, "Meditation is going to be so hard now."

"You know, in hindsight I think I got the better deal here. I mean, I may have to go blond, and I might have to remove my tongue pircing, but at least I'm out of jail, and I'm back in school."

"Just don't go hurling hexes at girls that piss you off or boys that get fresh." Raven rolled her eyes, and turned back to her night stand, where she moved a reading lamp over to make room for the Book of Azar.

"I'll be good until this assassin shows his or her ugly face. Man, I wish we had more to go on than the death threats the Senator got."

"Senator Pullman asked us to protect his daughter from harm." Raven stated, "As much as I'd like to completely ignore every single empty headed waif at this prep school, we'll have to make an effort to make... friends with her."

Jinx grinned, "Maybe you should let me handle the friend making part and concentrate on the watching-out-for-the-psychopath part."

"As much as I'd like to agree with that plan, I also don't trust you any further than I can throw you, so no."

"Oh come on." Jinx sat the flask of sand down on her dresser and grabbed a spell book. She sat down on her bed and started flipping through it, "You guys implanted a freakin' tracking chip in my arm. It's not like I can run away."

"I'm in charge here, Jinx." Raven leveled a glare at her, "I give an order, you follow it."

"I know." Jinx nodded, "Just... try to lighten up a bit, okay? Not just for my sake, but for the mission. I know the nature of your powers makes it hard for you, but try to be a bit more congenial, especially to the other girls. They'll like you better if you smile now and then."

It was Raven's turn to nod. She knew Starfire would have stuck out like a sore thumb in this school, but she still didn't know why they hadn't just contacted the JLA or the JSA. Couldn't they have gotten the Star Spangled Kid or something?

"What do you think of the Fourth Incantation of Artimus? Too much?" Jinx looked up from her book, breaking the silence.

"We'll have to work together to cast it in such a small area, but I don't think it's going over board. I wouldn't mind having complete telekinetic control over anyone who steps into the room."

"Okie-dokie. We can do it later tonight after moonrise."

"Good thing I brought my summoning candles and my Orb or Thesla."

Jinx nodded and looked out the window situated between their two beds, which were pushed against opposit walls. Her eyes widened, "Good thing they put us facing the outside wall!" she walked over swiftly and opened the window, "Check it out! We can jump right to the fence from here and sneak out after curfew!"

"Not that I wouldn't have been able to fly any way, but we are not sneaking out."

"What if this Rebecca Pullman chick wants to sneak out?"

"And let her make herself an even easier target?" Raven scoffed, "No. We do everything in our power to keep her inside these walls after curfew."

"Whatever. I bet she sneaks out almost every night and parties hard."

"I bet I'm going to tear your tongue barbell out of your mouth if you don't take it out before diner."

The standard girls uniform for WJCIE was black shoes, white socks, a green and blue plaid skirt, a white blouse and a navy blazer. Earrings were allowed, and hair was required to be at least shoulder length. Makeup was also allowed, but only in minimum amounts.

Both Raven and Jinx hated it.

"I hate skirts." Raven said, tugging at the hem, trying to make it lower.

"You run around town wearing nothing but a leotard and a cloak, and you're complaining about a skirt?" Jinx pulled at the sleaves of her jacket, "Do I have to wear this thing?"

"When it's closer to summer, they get a bit more lax about it, but for now, yes."

"Goddess I hope we're not here that long."

"No shit." Raven checked her reflection in the mirror one last time before turning to Jinx, "Okay. We're Cassie and Jenny again now. It's time to go face the girls."

"How old am I again?"

Raven rolled her eyes, "Seventeen. You're seventeen."

"But I'm eighteen." Jinx pointed at herself."
"So am I, but we wouldn't be here if we were. You want me to go over this one more time?"

"Um..." Jinx seemed to go over facts in her head, "No, lemme see if I have it. Okay, I'm Jenny Wrangler. Not hard, since that's my actual name. You're Cassandra Roth, my step sister. Your mother married my father, and we just moved in to Jump from Gotham because Dad got a promotion."

"Right." Raven nodded, "You competed in a sport."

Jinx nodded, "Karate competitions. And you're a scholar."

"And you call me...?"

"A bookworm." Jinx smiled, "I could get used to this."

"Remember, we're sisters." Raven glared, "We may not get along all the time, especially since we're step sisters, but we still look out for each other. Don't forget to act sisterly if the need arises."

"Okay... I think I can do this."

"Cassie." Raven pointed at herself, "Remember."

The two of them stepped into the lobby of the dorm and looked about quickly for their mark. Making contact with Rebecca Pullman was their first priority, followed by becoming her friends. There were several girls milling about the large common area, having just returned from classes for the day.

"Not here." Jinx said after a moment.

"Then we move on to diner." Raven replied.

They started across the lobby, but were quickly stopped by a gaggle of young woman who saw them passing.

"Hey!" one of them pointed, "Newbies!"

The group of four girls turned as one and inspected the two new comers with critical eyes. Raven sensed them judging, their emotions a mix between spite at the two pretty new girls, and cautiousness as they were strangers. Distrust bred distrust, and Raven didn't like this group already.

The ring leader of the four stepped up to them with a haughty look on her face, "Well, well. Newbies, huh?" she smiled a sickly sweet smile, "What're your names, dears?"

"Jenny Wrangler." Jinx stepped forward with a grin and stuck out her hand, "And you are?"

The girl looked at Jinx's hand for a moment, as if making sure it wasn't covered in mud before taking it and shaking it daintily, "Ginger Hammilton."

"As in Gregory Hammilton? The Hammilton hotel mogul?"

"That's Daddy." Ginger smiled that sickening smile again and turned to Raven, "And you are?"

"Cassandra Roth. Charmed." Raven left her arms folded across her chest and glared.

"Well now aren't you just a bundled of joy." that smiled again.

"No." Raven replied with a raised eye brow, "Not really."

Ginger's smile faltered, but came back when she turned back to Jinx, "Your friend needs to work on her social graces a bit."

"Oh, don't mind my sister. She's a bit too much of a brain sometimes for her own good."

"Sister? With different last names?"

"Step sisters." Raven corrected, "And we were on our way to diner. Jenny?"

"Right. We're on the second floor." Jinx pointed up, "See you around?"

"Oh... no, probobly not." Ginger grinned once more, "The second floor is... well, we don't go there much." the group of girls behind her giggled and whispered back and forth for a moment.

Jinx frowned, "Oh, well... whatever!" she smiled brightly, "We'll see you around campus then. Bye!" and she walked swiftly back to Raven's side. As they continued out of the building and down the well lit path to the cafeteria, she grabbed Raven's arm and hissed in her ear, "What were you doing back there? We're supposed to be normal kids trying to make friends!"

Raven's reply was cool and monotone as she yanked her arm away from Jinx, "They were vapid, empty headed, idiots who judged us before they even talked to us. They're the kind of people that have created a society where-"

"Shut up." Jinx reached out again and yanked Raven's arm, making her stop. She faced the black haired girl and whispered in a low tone so that the girls passing by and sending them curious glances wouldn't hear, "We... are... normal! Do you want this mission to fail? My freedom is riding on this, Cassie, so you had better start acting like a normal seventeen year old book worm pretty damn quick."

"I don't see how I'm not acting-"

"Normal girls aren't empathic!" Jinx growled, "Now please, loosen up! You can be blunt, and you can be sarcastic, but please, start acting like you don't know what everyone is thinking!"

Raven sighed and nodded, "You're right. I apologize." she shook her head, "This is going to be harder than I thought."

"Well then try harder." Jinx glared, "I'm hungry."

"Then let's go eat." Raven... smiled.

Jinx took a step back and looked at her, slightly afraid, "Okay... let's take it one step at a time."

The cafeteria was just starting to fill up when the two teens arived, and they got in line for food as quickly as posible. There were several different menus to choose from, including vegetarian and vegan, as well as an Atkins menu. Both girls took ordered food from the regular menu, as neither of them was exactly on a diet. Raven poked Jinx in the shoulder as they revived their food, "You could use some more meat on you. How do you stand being so skinny?"

"How do you stand hauling around all that weight in your chest?" Jinx winked back, "I mean, holy back problems."

Raven rolled her eyes, "They're not that big."

"Big enough. Oh look, we need a place to sit." Raven looked up from where she was attempting to inspect the size of her own breasts, and saw that Jinx was right. There were tables lined along the length of the large eating area in seven rows. Each table sat eight, and with a groan, Raven noticed that none of them were empty yet.

"Let's go sit with that group over there..." Jinx was practically drooling in the direction of a group of six boys who looked built and handsome.

"Reign in your hormones for a few minutes and help me look for Pullman." Raven muttered to her.

"Oh, right." Jinx scanned the room with her for a moment before Raven pointed, "There."

Jinx looked and sure enough, Rebecca Pullman sat with three other girls talking and laughing, looking exactly as she had in the photo they had both memorized. She was of average height and weight, had a pretty, heart shaped face, and shoulder length brown hair. She seemed average in every way.

"Let's go." Raven said and started over.

Jinx followed, hot on her heels, but when they reached the table, Raven stopped short. The four girls looked up from what they had just been laughing at and looked at the two new arrivals.

"Um... can we help you?" one of them, a redhead with a smattering of freckles across her nose asked.

Raven stared at them all for a moment, and Jinx knew she was reading their emotions, probably out of habit. She was just about to step around Raven and talk for her when the dark haired girl spoke, "May we join you? We just got here today, and don't really know anyone yet..." she trailed off as the four continued to stare at her.

After what seemed like an eternity, a short blond haired girl sitting next to Pullman spoke up, "Sure! Sit down, sit down!" she waved them into seats and leaned forward, pushing her already eaten meal away from her, "So you two are new, huh? You know each other?"

Jinx and Raven looked up at her as they finished sitting and nodded. They spoke in unison, "Step sisters." They both started and stared at each other for a moment.

"That's cool. I have a step sister... she's four this year." the red head spoke. She stuck out her hand to Jinx, who was now sitting next to her, "Amelia MacGregor, at your service. Call me Ami."

"I'm Hanna Trestel." the smiling blond girl said with a bounce, "Call me, uh... Hanna!"

"Creative, Hanna." the brown haired girl they had been searching for turned to them with a kind smile, "Ignore their eccentricities. They're really nice when you get to know them." she winked, "My name's Becka. Becka Pullman."

"The senators daughter." Raven noted with a raised eyebrow.

"Y-yes." she nodded with a slight blush, "How'd you know?"

"We were told you went here. It was one of the deciding factors for our patents actually." Jinx took a healthy mouthful off food and munched away.

Raven leaned forward and looked past Ami down at the fourth girl in the group that had sat down with. She had deep blue eyes, and brown hair so dark it almost looked black, "Hi." she said.

"Hello." the girl replied in a small voice, "How are you settling in?" she had a slight southern drawl, and her eyes darted down to the table top shyly.

"Just fine... we unpacked already." Raven raised an eyebrow and smiled slightly, "I'm Cassandra Roth." she nodded in greeting

"Janice Butler." the shy girl responded with a small smile of her own.

Jinx raised her hand and spoke through a mouthful of food, "Jenny Wrangler! Call me Jen."

Raven sighed and hid her face in her own hands, "Why do you have to be such a barbarian, Jen?"
"Just the way Mom raised us."

"You didn't even know Mom until Dad married her three years ago! I blame Bill. This is all his upbringing."

"You laugh every time he makes rude jokes at the dinner table and you know it!" Jenny pointed a finger at her and grinned.

"Remind me to smother you in your sleep some time soon."

"Will do."

"Definitely step-sisters." Ami nodded.

"Hey..." Becka leaned forward and stared at Raven for a moment, "Cool! How'd you get away with those colored contacts?"

Raven blinked at her and pointed at her eyes, "I don't wear contacts. My eyes are naturally violet."

"Really?" Ami sounded sarcastic, "And I supose your eyes are naturally pink." she turned and raised an eyebrow at Jinx.

Jinx paused in her eating and leaned forward until her nose was almost touching that of the red head, "You see any contacts in my eyes?"

Ami squinted for a moment, then leaned back, "Whoa... your eyes really are pink."

"No way..." Becka leaned into Raven's face and inspected her eyes as well, "And yours are really violet! That's cool!"

"If you say so." Jinx shrugged, "You'd be surprised how many people get freaked out by it."

"No way!" Hanna bounced again, "They're way cool!"

"Um..." everyone looked over at Janice. She looked at Jinx with a shy smile, "Are the vertical pupils real too?"

There was a pause as everyone's heads swung around and looked at Jinx's eyes. She blinked once and shrugged, "Yeah."

"Okay, now that's a bit freaky." Hanna noted.

"Don't mind her weird look." Raven replied with a smile, "She had pink hair too,until a few hours ago..."

After diner the six girls walked down the path back to the dorms. They were chatting amongst themselves about what classes were going to be tough on the newbies, and what boys were the cutest, and what girls were the bitchy ones.

"We met Ginger Hammilton already." Jinx said with a hint of anger in her voice, "She seemed pretty down on the second floor girls."

"Oh, well, she would." Becka laughed, "We're the second floor girls. She's just jealous because we get the floor to ourselves."

"Why's that?" Raven asked.

"Well, actually..." Becka looked at the sidewalk with a light blush.

"It because she's the governor's daughter." Ami said, rolling her eyes, "The only reason she doesn't have a Secret Service detail is because the school has such a good security system."

"Oh... so, you have to like... go through a screening process to be put on that floor or something?"

"No... I just have to approve it, or Father does." Becka blushed a little more.

"Well!" Jinx clapped her hands together, "Glad we met the Governor's standards!"

"What?" Hanna spun around from where she was walking up ahead further, "You mean you two are on the second floor with us?"

"Yep. Room 204." Jinx nodded.

"Wow! We haven't head anyone else on our floor for like, two years!" Ami smiled widely, "Glad it was the two of you and not some air head like Ginger!"

"I heard that, Amelia." Ginger stepped out of the front of the dorm as they walked up to it and put her hands on her hips, "I see you picked up the new riff-raff as quickly as you could. Second floor with you, did you say?" she laughed and looked down at them with a sick grin, "Well, they look like they'll fit right in."

"Out of the way, Ginger." Becka took a step forward, in front of the group, "We need to get upstairs."

"You didn't say please." Ginger smiled her red-lipstick covered smile even wider and glared.

"Please move, Ginger." Becka said with a sigh.

"Now that wasn't very convincing. I think you need to try again."

Jinx had had enough. She stepped up next to Becka and growled out, "Please move or I'll rip your spleen out through your nose. Is that convincing enough for you?" she balled her hands into fists and took another threatening step forward.

"Oh, look who thinks she little miss ass kicker!" Ginger leaned down, "You're too small to be a good fighter."

"Show's what you know." Raven droned out, "Jenny, don't hurt her too badly."

"Fine, fine." Jinx hauled back a fist and let it fly right at Ginger's face. She moved intentionally slowly, giving the poor girl enough time to shriek and duck out of the way as she lunged forward. She accelerated herself at the last second and plowed her fist into the wall where Ginger had been leaning just a half second before. Cracks formed around the impact zone, and she hauled back her bleeding knuckles with a grin.

"Holy... shit!" Ginger fled back inside the dorm with a terrified look on her face.

"Holy shit is right!" Ami spoke up, "How'd you... do that?"

"Eleven years of martial arts training!" Jinx smiled in a cheerful manner, "Shall we?" she motioned everyone inside.

Everyone in the group of six second floorers broke up and went to their rooms to change into more casual clothes so they could study and do homework in their level's common area. As soon as Raven shut the door behind them, Jinx winced and lifted her hand up to inspect it.

"Flying fuck-twits that hurts." she said.

"Let me see." Raven took the hand and looked it over, prodding it once or twice. She sighed, "I can heal the broken bones, but I'm going to have to leave the bruising and the abrasions. It'd be too suspicious if it was just healed all the way in five minutes."

"Yeah, whatever. Just make the pain stop." Jinx whined.

Raven took a few minutes to heal the broken bones in the other girls hand, then began to change. As she pulled off her shirt, she looked at herself in the mirror again, "They're not really that big, are they?" she asked.

"Well, since all you have to compare yourself to is Starfire, I'm not surprised you haven't noticed." Jinx grinned and shrugged out of her own, much smaller bra, "See? This is average."

Raven glanced at Jinx, then back at herself. With a sigh, she shrugged, "Oh well."

"Don't worry. Guys dig that stuff."

"I'm not interested in dating." Raven said in a monotone as she pulled on a red t-shirt that read 'Titans, Go!' in large gold letters. Picking up the jeans she'd worn earlier, she kicked off her skirt and yanked of her socks.

"Well, well." Jinx was pulling her own jeans on and already wore a black tank top, "Never would have figured you for a thong girl, Cassie."

"I've grown used to it. What else am I supposed to wear under my uniform?"

"Point." Jinx shrugged, "Ready?"

"Yeah, let's go."

The second floor common room was a large room with one study table and two couches in front of a large coffee table. A good sized TV sat in the corner with a DVD player hooked up to it, and Jinx noted the surround sound speakers throughout the room, "Spare no expense, eh?" she mumbled to Raven.

Raven nodded, "This school costs enough." she replied, then raised her voice, "What are you working on, Janice?"

The dark haired southerner looked up from the book she was reading and stared at Raven with wide, blue eyes. A light blush crept up her cheeks and she stuttered out, "History."

"One of my best subjects." Raven nodded and walked over. She sat down next to the girl and glanced at the book, "I know the Napoleonic wars front to back. Need any help?"

"S-sure!" Janice smiled slightly.

Jinx ignored them after that and walked over to where Ami was sitting on one of the couches going over some notes and watching TV at the same time, "Hard at work I see."

"Trig is boring." the red head replied and shrugged, "What can I say? Reality TV is my life."

"Yeah. America's favorite pass time." Jinx sat down as well and was soon engrossed in The Bachelor.

Becka and Hanna joined them eventually, and the six of them studied, watched TV, and chatted until almost 11:00 when a Ms. Veerlin appeared at their stairwell doorway, "Bed, girls! I expect to see all of you bright and early tomorrow!"

"Okay, Vee! You heard her, ladies!" Becka stood up and stretched, "Homeroom at 8:00 A.M. sharp!"

"Yeah, yeah." Ami stood up as well, "Hail, fearless leader. I swear, you should get together with Robin from the Titans sometime. You two would get along great!"

Raven exchanged a glance with Jinx and they grinned at each other.

"So, what do you think of them?" Jinx asked as they changed into PJ's.

"Becka is the perfect leader for them. She's confident, but she knows how to avoid confrontation and defuse an argument. Ami is just as spunky as her hair suggests, and I'm guessing gets them in trouble more than anyone else."

"Did you hear Hanna talking tonight? Man can that girl yammer on!"

"And eat. She really knows her food."

"What about Janice? She seems... quiet."

"I have a feeling she's not usually so shy, but that I might have had a slightly intimidating effect on her."

"You were being so nice though!" Jinx laughed, "I saw you getting all excited about Napoleon over there!"

"It's not that. She just prefers dark hair, and she thinks my eyes are exotic."

Jinx paused as Raven continued to change and stared at her, "Are you saying she's... gay?"

"Yes." Raven turned and blinked at her, "Why? That a problem?"

"Did she tell you?"
"She doesn't tell anyone. I just know because I could feel it." Raven tapped her head with one finger.

"Um... are you gay?"

Raven rolled her eyes, "No, I'm not. But like I said earlier, I can't have any kind of romantic relationship, so get the idea of hooking me up with some cute boy while we're here out of your head."

Jinx grumbled as she climbed into bed and switched off her bedside lamp, "You know, it's creepy when you do that."

"And stop thinking about my breasts all the time. It's disturbing." Raven climbed into her own bed.

"Will you cut that out!"

"Goodnight, Jenny."

The light switch on the far side of the room glowed black for a moment, then flicked off.

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