Hello people! This is just a simple one-shot that I thought of during science in school one day and I thought that you should enjoy it too. n.n

Warning: Contains a Lemon. This one-shot is not for suitors under the age of 18. But…it ya still wanna read it and you're under the age of 18, go ahead. I certainly can't stop ya. After all, I read lemons myself and I'm only 16. XD

Oh, and I really don't think protective is an emotion…but I'm making it for this fic, so there. n.n;

Now, I present to you, Comforting Embrace.

She slammed her bedroom door shut. Chocolate eyes swimming with tears, a choked sob escaped from her lips and she threw herself onto her bed, burying her head into her pillow. Shortly afterward, the door was thrust open, a flustered Mrs. Higurashi standing in the doorway.

Kagome winced and buried her face further into the pillow.

"Don't you dare ignore me, young lady. We're not through with this yet." Her mother stated roughly, walking over to the bedside. She put her hands on her hips angrily. "Look at me when I'm talking to you Kagome Higurashi."

The harsh order had her wincing again, squeezing her eyes shut and clutching the pillow for dear life.


Growling impressively good for a human low in her throat, she shot up and glared at the older woman with red, teary eyes.

Her mother's eyes softening a bit. "Thank you."

"What?" Kagome snapped.

"Don't take that tone with me."

Kagome's knuckles turned white from clutching her hands so tightly. If she added more pressure, her nails might puncture her skin. She closed her eyes and took a deep breath, then exhaled slowly. "What, mother?" she said softly.

Mrs. Higurashi continued to stare down at her, her expression hard. Kagome knew this was one of her rare moods and that something must've really ticked her off for her to hound on Kagome about a subject like this.

"Kagome, this is the only option I have left! Your grades have gotten so low, I'm considering signing you up form summer school – which I've never done before, mind you -, the school's been calling non-stop asking if you've been skipping school and I have to lie and make up excuses, plus Grandpa's running out of sicknesses for you, having used almost everyone in the book, most of them probably foreign to Japan! I just don't know what to do any more, Kagome!" She sighed and ran a hand through her short black hair, shaking her head slightly. "You have to understand that it's only for the best."

"Inuyasha wont allow it!" Kagome was quick to reply.

"I don't care what he will or will not allow, Kagome! He doesn't own you! You're my daughter so therefore you're my responsibility!"

"He does!" she countered but then smacked a hand over her mouth, eyes wide as she stared up at her mother.

Mrs. Higurashi arched a delicate brow at her, tilting her head to the side slightly as she regarded her with a somewhat confused expression. "He does? He does what, Kagome?" she asked softly.

Kagome sucked in her lips and turned her head away, groping for her pillow and hugging it to her chest.

Her mother crossed her arms over her chest, waiting for her response. "Answer me, Kagome."

She refused to speak.

"Kagome…" Her tone was warning.

She finally said something, although it was muffled from the pillow.

"What was that?"

"I said, he dommffphmmm…"

The elder woman huffed in annoyance. "Kagome, stop mumbling!"

Growing irritated with her mother's orders, she lifted her face towards the ceiling and all but yelled, "I said he does own me!"


Kagome sat there on her bed, fresh tears rolling down her cheeks as she trembled visibly. She set the pillow aside and wrapped her arms around her stomach, tucking her chin to her chest. Silent sobs escaped her mouth as her from shook slightly.

Mrs. Higurashi stood where she was, stunned to say the least with her mouth agape. She hadn't expected an answer like that. He owns her? What does she mean by that?

Growing uncomfortable with the continuing silence, Mrs. Higurashi spoke. "He…owns you, hm?" she chuckled humorlessly. "And what, pray tell, does that mean, Kagome?"

Kagome stiffened. Damn. She was hoping she'd just leave it at that, tell her she's not to leave this room, then leave herself. But no. She had to go and ask that stupid question Kagome was dreading to answer. She'd rather the floor just open up and swallow her whole. She sighed inwardly. Well, better get it done and over with. It's not like Inuyasha will find out anyway. Even if he does, he won't deny it. After all, she is his sacred jewel detector, right? So, bracing herself, she opened her mouth to answer, but her mother stopped her by raising a hand.

"Wait, no, don't tell me. It's not that important anyway." Mrs. Higurashi said, sighing deeply.

Kagome felt a wave of relief wash over her and she lifted her head to stare up at the older woman. She blinked. "You…don't wanna know?"

She shook her head. "No, but I do want you to stay in this room and think about the discussion we had before you lost your temper and stomped up here."

Ah. There it was. She spoke to soon. Kagome refrained from rolling her eyes and instead nodded curtly, then said, "Fine. I'll stay in my room and 'think' of the discussion we had before I lost my temper and stomped up here." She made sure to emphasize the word "think".

Mrs. Higurashi closed her eyes and rubbed her forehead, trying to cease the forthcoming headache. "Don't start that again, Kagome." She then dropped her hand and opened her eyes. She stared at her daughter softly. "Kagome, I do love you and I only want what's best for you—"

"If you want what's best for me then let me go back to my friends!" Kagome yelled, tears brimming her brown eyes once again at the thought of not being able to see her friends for a long while. Sure, Inuyasha can come through the well and see her any time he pleased but she wanted to see Sango and Miroku too. Not to mention Shippo as well, who's become like an adopted son to her. And then there was Kaede. She was like the grandmother she never had. The tears fell freely now.

Her mother's brows furrowed. "No, Kagome. That's the reason why you're failing school in the first place! I don't want to see you throw away your future, Kagome!"

"The past is my future, mom!" she argued, bracing her hands on the mattress on either side of her.

The only sounds in the room after that was the muffle sounds of Kagome's sobs when she laid back down and buried her face in her pillow and the soft sway of the curtains from the open window.

Mrs. Higurashi stared down at the shaking form that was her daughter. And for the second time during their argument, she hadn't been expecting that sort of answer from Kagome. She sighed. This was just getting pointless. Her daughter was just too stubborn for her own good. She opened her mouth and was about to tell her to stay in this room again, but decided against it and closed her mouth again. She'd let her be. She could trust her daughter to stay here and not run away somewhere. Or more accurately, to the Feudal Era. Turning around and heading for the door, Mrs. Higurashi let her eyes linger on her a moment more before stepping out into the hall and shutting the door gently behind her.

Kagome didn't lift her head and stare at the closed door with red, watery eyes until her mother's footsteps faded away completely. Narrowing her eyes and scowling at the closed door, Kagome swung her legs over the bed and stuffed her feet into her loafers at the side. Racking a comb through her hair quickly, she strode over to the window and climbed out onto her roof quietly. She carefully slid down to the edge, and then jumped down, landing on her haunches with a soft thud. She glanced back to make sure no one heard her, then with a choked sob, shot up and ran as fast as her legs could take her to the well house. More tears spilled down her flushed cheeks as she yanked the doors open and practically flew down the stairs then into the well in one fluid jump. The warmth of time travel consumed her then she soon felt the earthy ground beneath her. Still sobbing and sniffling occasionally, she climbed the vines horridly and hoisted herself up and over the lip of the well, panting heavily.

Inuyasha…isn't waiting for me…

She felt the warm tears stream down her cheeks yet again and she pulled herself out of the well completely then as soon as her feet hit the ground, she sprinted towards the depths of the forest and within, ignoring the cuts and scraps from the branches. She just wanted to run. Far away. Far away from the well, from her home, from her mother. Kagome'd always hated fighting with her. She was so close to her, she'd never thought it possible for them to get into arguments. After all, it was very rare that Mrs. Higurashi raised her voice at all. But she'd been wrong. Well, everyone had their bad days, she supposed.

The ache in her legs was getting worse but she didn't stop. She now knew why Inuyasha always ran when he was frustrated, angry, or…well, those are the only two emotions he's ever exposed to her actually. All in all, it was nice to have the cool win hit her face, whipping her hair back and take in the woodsy scent around, nature filling all of her senses. In a way, she supposed that running could free you from anything, calm you down when you're angry or…frustrated. But, she knew, deep down inside him that he was capable of showing other emotions other than frustration or anger. Other emotions such as sadness, excitement, fear…love. And would it kill him to show some happiness every now and then? And then there's intelligence.


No. Inuyasha's not one to actually think before he acts. Hell, sometimes he doesn't even think at all, swinging his Fang blindly when Kagome was in danger or something was threatening her.

Kagome's eyes widened. Wait…another emotion…

Her legs had somehow managed to bring her to the Goshinboku. The God Tree. She slowed down until her pace was walking and she stopped in front of the old tree. Her chest heaved up and down and her breathing was heavy from the hard running. The cuts on her arms and legs bled a steady flow of the thick, red liquid but not so much to make her pass out from blood loss. She absently started to climb the large roots of the tree and place a small hand on the rough bark.

Protective…Inuyasha always protects me from danger…

A small smile tugged at the corners of her lips slowly.

Then suddenly, as if the will to stand had been taken from her, she sank to the base of the tree. Thoughts and images of her mother protecting her way before she ever met Inuyasha flooded her mind and she hugged her legs to her chest, buried her face in her knees…and cried.

A loud slap echoed throughout the small village, coming from a lone hut at the edge of the village.

"Keep your hands to yourself, you lecher."

Miroku had a rather pleased smile on his face, despite the angry red handprint sporting his left cheek. "Sango, you misunderstood me. I was just trying to brush off some dirt that was dusting your backside."

Sango rolled her eyes. "Save it, houshi."

By the doorway, Inuyasha rolled his eyes then peeked out the door. He growled then sat back again, drumming his fingers on his forearm. Damn it. Where the hell is she? She's supposed to be here by now.

Letting lose another impatient growl, Inuyasha stood up and pushed aside the entrance flap that hung over the door.

"Hey, where ya goin', Inuyasha?" Shippo piped up from his corner. He was currently drawing a picture with the crayons Kagome gave him.

Inuyasha glanced over his shoulder at the kit. "Keh. Where else? I'm gonna get Kagome." He ignored the two sighs from the monk and demon exterminator and the excited giggle from Shippo when he stepped out of the hut. He immediately started sprinting towards the Bone Eaters Well, glancing around and sniffing for any sings of Kagome's arrival. He reached the well in a matter of minutes and he stopped in front of it. He was just about to jump in when he smelt a faint scent of vanilla and jasmine. He instantly recognized that scent.

"Kagome's scent…but why is it so faint…and why do I smell the tang of salt mixed in with it? The only thing I know that has salt in it is…" His ears twitched. "…Kagome's crying? But why?" He paused then gasped softly. "Oh no…Kagome could be hurt!"

His protective instinct immediately kicked in and he followed the scent into the forest, using his demon speed to his advantage. He growled lowly in his throat at the thought of something threatening what was his. A clawed hand absently when to grab the hilt of Tetsusaiga, ready protect and defend Kagome from danger. He was getting closer. He scent was getting stronger and he could smell the faint coppery scent of blood blended in as well. That just fueled his anger even more. How dare they harm something that belonged to him? Oh yes, he would enjoy ripping the creature apart piece by bloody piece, it's cries of agony and suffering music to his ears.

His eyes flashed a bloody red and he cracked his knuckles, bloodlust flowing through his veins. Ideas of how he would torture his prey flew through his mind when a noise sounding distinctly like a sob stopped him in his tracks.


Protective instincts went into overdrive this time and before he could process another thought, he sprinted toward the soft sobbing as fast as he cold, shooing past trees in a red and silver blur. The sobbing became more louder as he advanced and the scent of tears more strong.

"Kagome…I'm coming…"

Biting back a growl, Inuyasha finally reached her, slowing down to a complete stop only a few yards away from her. He took in his surroundings and his mouth parted slightly. The Goshinboku…His golden orbs softened and his ears flattened against his skull as he took in her shaking form, wanting desperately just to go to her and gather her up in his arms, soothe her until she fell asleep, but pride held him back.


Either she didn't hear his soft call or she chose to ignore it for she continued to sob into her knees, an occasional sniffle that made Inuyasha's heart sink deep to see her so vulnerable like this, so alone.

Inuyasha never liked it when she cried. Hell, he never liked it when any girl cried. Call it a weakness he had. But…when Kagome cried, he felt like he was being torn in two. He didn't really know how to explain it. He just didn't like it when she cried.

He continued to stare at her, not knowing exactly what to do. So, sucking in a breath, he silently walked towards her, the smell of blood hitting his nose full force. He stopped only a foot in front of her, his eyes widening at the cuts and scraps on her legs and the few on her arms, dry blood surrounding them. Now he wanted nothing more than anything to just reach out and pull her to him, take away the hurt he knew she was feeling, both physically and emotionally. But instead, he settled for crouching down in front of her and calling to her softly.


Kagome didn't lift her head, but she did stop sobbing, much to Inuyasha's relief.

Kagome opened her eyes, her heart thudding in her chest at the familiar voice. Is that…Inuyasha? Taking in a shaky breath, she swallowed the large lump that had formed in her throat and slowly lifted her head, her chocolate orbs widening slightly when they locked with amber.


Inuyasha cocked his head to the side, raising a black brow. "Hey. You're crying. Why?"

Kagome couldn't help but smile inwardly at his question. That's her Inuyasha for you, always blunt and right to the point. (Isn't that the same thing? O.o)

Kagome blinked and opened her mouth to answer, but instead of words coming out, she emitted into a rough coughing fit and her hands automatically went up to cover her mouth.

"Kagome!" Inuyasha was instantly by her side, one hand bracing her back and the other resting on her thigh.

Her coughing died down to throat clearing, momentarily gaining back her composure. She tried again, but only succeeded in going into another coughing fit, warily aware of Inuyasha's hand rubbing her back soothingly.

Inuyasha's ears flattened back again and a whine escaped his mouth. He hated seeing Kagome in pain. So when she finished coughing, he picked her up bridal style before she could try speaking again then bounded off to the nearest river, Kagome tucked safely in his arms. He felt her arms wrap around his neck and a ghost of a smile graced his lips. Inuyasha made it to the river in mere minutes and he set her down gently at the edge of the river. He then cupped his hands and dipped them in the water, bringing them back up with the refreshing liquid. He brought his hands up to her mouth and Kagome wasted no time in sipping the water from his hands. Inuyasha took a sharp intake of breath when he felt her soft lips against his hand and he couldn't fight the oncoming blush that rose to tint his cheeks a soft pink. But when the tip of her tongue touched his hand lightly, his reaction was different. He groaned softly and closed his eyes, a shudder coursing down his spine. When the warmth of Kagome's lips left his hand, he opened his eyes to see her in the middle of licking her lips. A noise between a growl and a groan escaped his mouth and an image of his tongue replacing hers crossed his mind and he felt a certain part of his anatomy twitch then rise slowly. Eyes growing large, he quickly looked down at his hakama. A wave of relief washed over him when he saw no evidence of his erection.

Thank Kami they're baggy enough so she can't see it.

And even though he couldn't see it, he sure all hell could feel it.

"Inuyasha? Are you okay?" came a hoarse voice from in front of him.

He quickly snapped his head up, his blush evident on his face.

Kagome was staring at him with a worried expression, her head tilted slightly to the side.

Inuyasha blinked. Adorable.

"Inuyasha?" She sniffled and waved a hand in front of his face.

He shook his head and grabbed her hand, pulling it down to his lap. "Kagome, tell my why you were crying. What happened?" Inuyasha asked, his expression serious.

Kagome didn't answer right away. She was staring down at their hands, a delicate blush creeping its way up to her cheeks. Her heart skipped a beat and all coherent thought fled her mind when he laced their fingers together and gave her hand a squeeze.

"Answer me, Kagome."

The soft the demand was enough to make Kagome lift her head and look at him, silent tears flowing down her cheeks. Didn't she just hear those words a few hours ago? She was amazed she still had some left in her after all the crying she's done.

Growing a bit irritated with her crying – probably because it was making him uncomfortable -, Inuyasha growled and squeezed her hand harder this time, losing his patience with the girl.

"Damn it Kagome, if you don't tell me what the hell happened right now, I won't be responsible for my actions."

It was true. He wouldn't be responsible. The only reason why he was holding her hand like that was to keep his demon side under control…and to make sure his hand didn't stray anywhere else. It was her fault he was acting like this, he decided. With her hair a tousled mess, her cheeks flushed a healthy pink; her huge chocolate eyes so liquid as she stared up at him and her pink, kissable lips puckered up in a pout finished her off. She was just too damn sexy to resist in that state. One of the more reasons why he tired to avoid her when she cried, or if he was desperate enough, would try and comfort her and make her stop crying, making it easier for the both of them. One of his fears – though he hated to admit he even had one – was that he might finally snap, give into his urges and drag her off somewhere private to have his way with her.

Oh shit. More unwanted images. Well, they weren't exactly unwanted, he supposed. Only when he was alone. But when he was with someone, especially with Kagome, they were indeed unwanted.

Cursing softly to himself, Inuyasha shifted so that the tent in his pants was more unnoticeable than it was before and he finally let go of her hand, if a bit reluctantly then crossed his arms over his chest, regarding her with his usual scowl and trying to cover up his somewhat painful arousal. He drummed his fingers on his forearm, cocking a brow at her, obviously waiting for her explanation.

Kagome blinked slowly at him, as she watched his fingers drum against his muscled arm almost gracefully, oblivious to his earlier lustful look at his arousal.

Is he…waiting for something? She thought, blinking again.

"Damn it Kagome, if you don't tell me what the hell happened right now, I won't be responsible for my actions."

Her eyes widened a fraction and she turned her gaze to his eyes…and felt something warm pool in the pit of her stomach. His golden eyes bore into hers and she felt like she could just melt under his molten gaze. Then two emotions flickered across his amber depths, one Kagome didn't quite recognize, but the other she knew very well.


Kagome shook her head and snapped out of her reverie, bringing her knees up to her chest and wrapping her arms around them once again. She placed her chin on her knees and stared at his haori-clad chest. She remained silent.

Inuyasha's ear twitched and his brows furrowed. "Kagome."

Said girl flinched at the soft growl and she hugged her knees closer to her. She managed to swallow the second lump that formed in her throat to speak softly. "It's…not important. I'll be okay."

An irritated growl sounded from Inuyasha's throat at the soft reply and he leaned forward, bracing his hands on the ground in front of him. "Don't tell me that bullshit, Kagome, I know you're lying. Now I wanna know why the hell you were crying and how the fuck you got those cuts all over you. I'm not leaving until you tell me." He leaned back again and folded his arms over his chest, getting into a comfortable position to prove his point, all the while trying to hide his still painful erection.

Kagome stole a glance up at him and knew she lost all hope of escaping this predicament when she saw the determination and seriousness set firmly on his features. She groaned inwardly and closed her eyes, more tears burning in the corners of her eyes. "Do I have to?"

Inuyasha had to hold back from chuckling at the childish answer. "Keh. I ain't leavin' till ya do." He heard the soft sigh from her and his ears drooped, his expression softening. He hated seeing her like this, all sad and quiet instead of her usual all smiles-happy and laughing mood. Her mood was contagious, he noted. Whenever she was happy, it made him in a lighter and sometimes even playful mood, as well as those around her. But when she was in her current mood, he found his own mood growing into the dark and leave-me-the-hell-alone type. But goddamn it all, he wanted to know just what the hell was troubling her. Maybe he could fix it. So with that thought in mind, he lowered his head so he was eyelevel with her. "Please tell me, Kagome. I don't like seeing you like this. If you tell me…I'll do everything in my willpower to help you fix it, whatever the hell it is. Just tell me what I can do, Kagome. I'm here for you. Remember that." His tone was soft, surprising himself and Kagome.

Kagome's eyes fluttered open to look into the serene eyes of the hanyou in front of her. She sniffled and the corners of her mouth twitched upwards. "Promise?" she said meekly.

A slow, languid smile slowly began to grace his lips and he scooted forward so that his knees brushed her legs. "Promise."

Her small smile broadened slightly and she lifted her head, as did Inuyasha. She waited until Inuyasha got more comfortable before she started her story, starting with when she got home from school, and ending with sneaking out of her bedroom after the argument she and her mother shared. She told him all the details, only leaving out the part where she blurted out that he owns her. He really didn't need to know that information. Hearing that, he'd probably become more cocky than he already was, if it was even possible. Inuyasha stayed silent throughout her story, fury building up inside him at the thought of someone keeping her away from him. She was right. He wouldn't allow it. She belonged to him, damn it and nobody could take away what was his. He had absently scooted as close to her as he possibly could without seeming to obvious just to prove his point, to whom, he didn't know. Kagome must've sensed his anger because she had placed a hand on his knee gently, reassuring him that he wasn't about to actually listen to her mother's commands and stay there. There was nothing she could do about it, after all. That had calmed him down a bit, but because of her hand on his knee, something else had stirred up inside him, and it wasn't fury or embarrassment. Something else stirred as well, and it wasn't inside of him, more like…it was on him. Thankfully, Kagome wasn't paying attention to him, too caught up in her emotions to notice his face screwed up in concentration, trying to calm himself down.

So now that sat in compatible silence, Kagome once again staring at something that only she could see, her chin resting atop her raised knees and her arms laying limply around them. Inuyasha sat next to her now, hand stuffed in his opposite sleeves and legs crossed as he stared at the ground in front of him, the two ears atop his head swiveling in different directions. He was still as close to her as he dared to get, his knee brushing her leg once more. Every time she let loose a small cough every few minutes, his heart skipped a beat and he glanced at her through the corner of his eye to see any signs of another coughing fit. He didn't want that to happen again. Not after finding out what his reaction would be when she pressed her warm lips to his hand. He was still a bit aroused from earlier when her hand was on his knee but if he didn't think about it and kept his mind on other things, he found that it wasn't as bad. It was still there, but he could hardly feel it.

Whilst in his thoughts, none of them consisting of Kagome and…other things, he didn't notice that the object of his desires had stopped sniffling and coughing, nor did he notice the almost wistful expression Kagome wore as she stared up at him. Only then did he look down at her with a slightly confused stare when he felt her nudge his knee gently.


Kagome was no longer looking up at him, having looked away when he turned to her, but instead gazing down at her feet, a delicate blush painting her cheeks a pink hue.

Inuyasha raised a brow at her. "Kagome? Is something wrong?"

Kagome continued to stared down at her feet, her hands folded together tightly under her knees. "Inuyasha…you said that you would help me…if I needed you…right?" she asked in a small voice, still refusing to look up at him.

He blinked down at her. "Yeah, I did. Why?"

"And you promised me too…right?"

He tilted his head to the side. "Yeah…where ya goin' with this, Kagome?" Inuyasha asked, confusion lacing his voice.

Kagome's blush grew redder and she cleared her throat. "Um…c-can you…can you…h-hold me?"

Inuyasha's eyes went large and his mouth dropped, a fierce blush making its way up to his cheeks. Did…did she just…ask me to…hold her? He thought, staring at her with a dumbfounded expression. That was something he thought she'd never ask of, yet something that he'd always dreamed of. And he wasn't about to let the opportunity pass.


There was one, small problem that he couldn't exactly get rid of with the thought of Kagome in his lap, her warm body pressed against his firmly, her warm breath fanning over his neck with his arms around her…

Goddamn it all to hell and back!

There go all the pure thoughts he'd been thinking and he felt the blood rush to his groin as his spine stiffened, his arousal becoming more apparent through his hakama. He was grateful that Kagome was still looking at her feet because he didn't think he could move at all at the moment in the state he was in. He swallowed harshly and glanced down at her quickly, reluctantly making his decision. He just couldn't risk it. Not to mention that she'd probably feel it as well too. And he didn't feel like getting sat a few hundred times in his current condition. So, there was only one thing left to do.



Inuyasha blinked and snapped his mouth shut, his erection throbbing painfully now. Ah, shit. That word, that one soft plea had his blood thickening in his veins. Why, he had no idea. Her voice held such longing in it, such pleading that he found he couldn't possibly say no to her. He knew she needed the comfort and he did promise that he'd do anything to help her, be it words of comfort, or a comforting embrace. And he couldn't break a promise. Not to Kagome. Maybe it'll actually be a good thing for him to hold her. If she does indeed feel him – which is a 99.9 percent chance that she will -, maybe it'll tell her just how much she affects him, how much he wanted her, how much he loved her. After all, he'd never been good with words when it comes to expressing how he feels. He didn't love Kikyo anymore, but her reincarnation. He had loved Kikyo, yes, but he found that it didn't quite appeal to him to have the smell of clay and dirt fill his nose every time they neared each other or the cold, lifeless body pressed against his when he hugged her. No, he'd much rather have the scent of vanilla and jasmine fill his nose and the warm, spirited wrapped around him for the rest of his life.

The corners of his mouth kicked up in a small smile but then it quickly disappeared. Sure, he loved her, but…did she return that love? His ears drooped and his face fell, all of his hopes and dreams going down the drain. He sighed softly and turned his head away from her, looking straight in front of him. Well, there was only one way to find out. So, hoping – praying – that he wouldn't get rejected a second time, he slowly stretched his arms out, a blush still tinting his cheeks a cherry pink.

Kagome took his silence as a no and she dared to peek up at him. She almost gasped when she saw his arms wide open in a silent gesture. Is he…? The beginnings of a smile graced her lips and she quickly crawled over to him, climbing into his lap with no hesitation, but with a flush spreading across her cheeks. She buried her face in his chest and tucked her arms to her chest for more warmth, even though Inuyasha's body heat was more than enough. She smiled when his arms wrapped around her and pulled her close to him, resting his chin atop her head. She took in the addicting scent of nature and fresh spring water that was uniquely Inuyasha.

So masculine…she thought, giggling inwardly.

Kagome sighed, closed her eyes and started to relax against him when she felt something poke into her bottom. He eyes shot open and she blush five different shades of red. Please tell me that's not what I think it is! she thought as the familiar warm feeling began to pool in her lower region. Well of course it's gonna be that! What else could it be, a six-inch pole in his pocket? More pressure issued from the poke and Kagome stiffened, eyes widening. Yup, it's-it's definitely that. Kagome's blood rushed through her veins and down to her core, where it throbbed a steady beat. Oh, my… She groaned quietly and pressed her face into his chest, her hands fisting in his haori, her knuckles turning white. This can't be happening…is it…is it me that's making him like that? It…it couldn't be…It's more than likely to be Kikyo…she was his first love; after all, I'm just…her reincarnation. I do love him, more than anything, but…how could he want me when he can have the real thing? But still…I can't help what he makes me feel. He makes he feel like I'm someone important to him, someone to matters in the world…and he even makes me feel…aroused! And just by holding me, no less! But maybe it's got something to do with his…erm…excitement as well… She paused then gasped gently. Oh no! Oh, no, oh, no, oh, no! My arousal! He's sure to have smelled it by now! Ahh! I'm done for! I'll never be able to show my face to him again! She groaned and smashed her face into his face deeper.

Inuyasha smelt the spike in her scent and he groaned, burying his nose into her hair.

Bad idea.

Her scent was making him even harder, if it was even possible. He bit back a forthcoming growl and tightened his hold on her, his demon side begging to be let lose. Kagome…how do you do this to me? His breathing became heavy and at the moment he knew that Kagome had felt him, for she began to squirm in his lap, try to dislodge the uncomfortable poke that was digging into her bottom. God, she could feel his heat through her skirt and his hakama! Not to mention that Inuyasha could probably feel the dampness from her panties soaking into his pants.

Finally, Kagome had managed to shift into a position so she was facing him, her hands pressed flat on his chest and her head bowed, giving her a good view of Inuyasha's lower region. Her eyes grew as large as saucers when she saw just how aroused he really was. And that sight didn't help her any. She grew hot and she swallowed the large lump that had formed in her throat, lifting her head slowly to look into the lust filled eyes of Inuyasha. She tired to tear her eyes away, she really did. But his amber gaze held such heat, she felt as if she was melting right there in his lap.



His lips crashed onto hers, silencing her efficiently and his hands skimmed her sides up and down, his claws causing shudders to course through her body. He nipped her bottom lip gently and glided his tongue along the length of it, delving his tongue in her mouth when she gasped, searching her moist cavern hungrily. His tongue stroked hers soothingly, trying to coax it to come out and play.

Kagome moaned softly into his mouth, her eyes fluttering close. Her own tongue shyly poked out of her mouth and into his after having it coaxed by Inuyasha. She ran it along his long canines, her hands absently snaking up to wrap around his neck, her fingers playing with his hair and her knuckles brushing against the nape of his neck. Inuyasha growled and his hand came in between them to cup her left breast, running the pad of his thumb over the erect nipple. Kagome gasped and arched her back into his hand, tilting her head and deepening the kiss in anyway possible.

Inuyasha broke the kiss from lack of air then dipped his head to the crook of her neck, kissing the flesh and nipping it gently. Kagome tilted her head to the side to give him better access and her hands lowed to his chest, tugging at the red fabric hastily. Inuyasha growled lowly in his throat and licked at her neck, lowering her onto her back gently on the ground, himself coming to cover her heated body with his own. He trailed hot, wet kisses down her neck until he got to the collar of her shirt. He promptly sliced her shirt off with his claws, silencing Kagome's protests with another hungry kiss.

Kagome busied her hands by tugging his shirts over his head, only breaking the kiss long enough to do so then capturing them again, kissing him passionately and deeply. Her hands massaged his bare chest slowly, adoring the way his muscles tightened under her touch and her fingers tweaked his nipples softly. He groaned then yanked his mouth away from hers to lick a trail down her neck to the black, lacy fabric covering her from him. Her smirked up at her and flexed his claws, raising a brow suggestively.

Kagome's eyes widened when she realized just what he intended to do with his sharp claws. "Inuyasha, don't you dare or I'll—"

Again his mouth silenced her as his claw swiftly sliced through the bra quietly, his mouth leaving hers to whisper in her ear huskily, "You'll do what, Kagome?" He took her lobe into his mouth and sucked it gently, giving it a playful nip before leaning back down to kiss her jaw and stare up at her slyly. Her look, a mix between bewildered and flustered issued a chuckle from him. "Thought so." And with that, he dipped his head, leaving a trail of hot kisses to the valley in between her breasts. He moved his head and attacked her left breast, swirling his tongue around her taunt peak whilst his other hand gave the right one equal attention.

Kagome gasped and arched her back, her hands coming up to fist in his hair, her mouth opening and closing in silent screams. White liquid heat scorched her skin wherever he touched her, be it his mouth or his hands. Kagome was helpless to him when he nudged her legs apart with his knee, his mouth moving to her right breast while his hand massaged her left one, smirking when he felt her nipple hard against his palm.

Releasing her breasts, Inuyasha made a path of hot kisses down her ribcage and across her abdomen to the band of her skirt. Growling, he hooked his thumbs in them then eagerly pulled it down, along with her soaked through panties. He pulled then off then tossed it to the side, relishing in the sight of Kagome's now naked form in front of him. His pants tightening painfully, he pulled off his hakama and threw it to the side with Kagome's clothes then bending back down. He smirked and bent his head to her womanhood, the black curls that adorned the area above it fluttering due to his breath. Inuyasha closed his eyes and took in the heady scent of her arousal, his head spinning as it took over his senses. He breathed on her core and smirked in satisfaction when Kagome gasped, her legs opening even wider for him. The demon in his howled to be let lose, but he fought against it. Kagome needed to be treated with gentleness and love. He didn't want to hurt her, for if he did, he'd never forgive himself.

Kagome quivered as the cold air hit her heated body, causing her already taunt nipples to harden even more. Something inside her snapped when she felt his hot breath on her core and she moaned softly, her hands gripping the grass beneath her and pulling it out of the ground. This is what she's wanted, this is what she's been waiting for for three years now, to be lying like she is now with Inuyasha paying special attention to her with his hands, tongue and mouth.

Her eyes shot open and she cried out when Inuyasha's warm tongue licked at her womanhood, his fingers opening her slick folds to and thrusting a finger inside her. Her hips bucked upwards in reflex and her hands flew up to grasp his head, her fingers racking through his silver mane and rubbing the bases of his two fuzzy appendages. A growling purr emitted from Inuyasha and his tongue flicked her cliterous, adding another clawed finger inside her, making sure not to scratch her. Kagome moaned and tossed her head back, whimpering for release that she knew was drawing near with each of Inuyasha's thrusts.

Inuyasha grinned at her response at his fingers inside her then slid them out to replace them with his tongue, keeping one finger rubbing the small bundle of nerves. Kagome panted heavily, crying out whenever his tongue hit that sweet spot inside her. She was swimming in a sea of pleasure, her mind going blurry and all logical thought fled her mind as she finally climaxed, her sweet juices spilling into his mouth and coating his hand. Her chest heaved up and down and her breaths were rigid. Her body grew lax and she lay there limp on the ground, trying to catch her breath.

Inuyasha lapped up her sweet nectar and kissed her core then the insides of her thighs. He licked her juices off his fingers then slide up whilst trailing his tongue along her body. He caught her lips in a searing kiss and forced her mouth open with his tongue, coating her moist cavern with her own juices. Kagome sucked on his tongue gently, causing Inuyasha to moan and position himself at her opening. He ground his hips into hers and Kagome moaned, pressing her hips to his in a begging manner. He grinned against her mouth then pulled away to search her chocolate eyes, the unspoken question clear in his own golden orbs.

Kagome stared into his amber gaze and she could see the love and tenderness in them and it almost brought tears to her eyes. A slow, lazy smile curved her lips and she raised a hand to cup his cheek, caressing it with her thumb. He leaned into the warmth of her hand, a soft rumble emitting from his chest. His own hand came up to take hers and twined their fingers together, bring them to his heart and leaning down to give her a tender kiss. She kissed him back full heartedly and held his hand tight, knowing what pain lay ahead.

Pride swept through Inuyasha knowing that she would let him take her like this, accepting him as her mate and she his. Deepening the kiss, he positioned his manhood at her core and Kagome gave his hand a squeeze, encouraging him further. He pushed in slowly until he came to her barrier. Wanting the pain to be fast and done and over with, he pushing into her with one, hard thrust, breaking her wall. He lay stock still so Kagome could adjust go his size, pulling away from her mouth to lick away her tears and nuzzle her ear, whispering soft nothings to her soothingly.

Once Kagome became used to his size, she began rocking her hips, moaning at the pleasure it inflicted. Kissing the shell of her ear, Inuyasha lifted his hips slowly, then pushed back down again, groaning softly and nipping her ear. He lifted them again then slammed into her harder, causing Kagome to cry out softly and turn his head to capture his lips in a searing kiss. She ran her tongue along his bottom lip, sliding it in when he obeyed her silent command and exploring his mouth with her tongue, her own thrusts meeting his. Inuyasha growled and rammed into her harder and faster and busied his hands with her breasts, his control slipping away bit by bit until his mind was taken over my his demon side who demanded everything and anything he could have from her. Kagome moaned louder this time, her hand untangling from Inuyasha's to wrap around his neck, her other hand racking her nails across his back, leaving faint red trails.

Their souls became one, hearts merging together to create one heart in time to their thrusting, and finally their climaxes came as one, Inuyasha's seed spurting deep into her womb in several strong sprays as he cried out her name. His seed triggered her own and she climaxed with him, crying out name, shudders coursing down her spine and back.

Inuyasha collapsed on top of her, panting heavily as he smiled. Kagome was now his. His mate. His love. His everything. He sighed contently and nuzzled her chest, hearing the rapid beat of Kagome's heart slow down to a normal, steady beat. Kagome lay limp beneath him, her breathing coming out in short pants as she closed her eyes, trying to calm her breathing. She enjoyed the sensation of Inuyasha's weight on her and she nuzzled his head and ears, nipping at them gently. He grunted and rolled off her, removing his now lax manhood from her then pulled her to him, wrapping his arms around her and holding her close to his heart. Kagome snuggled closer to him, nuzzling his chest and smiling as Inuyasha feed one arm to pull his haori over them and using his under shirt as a makeshift pillow. He sighed and turned his head towards her, grabbing Kagome's hand and threading their fingers together then bringing them to his heart.

"Aishiteru, my Kagome."

Kagome smiled lazily against his chest and kissed it, curling closer to him.

"Aishiteru, Inuyasha."

He smiled and leaned down to kiss her head then her forehead, pulling her as close to him as he could get, then drifted off into a peaceful sleep, his one and only love tucked safely in his arms.

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