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Just Missed the Train

Roll over, baby. The time has come

While struggling to dodge the other on goers, she was doing her best to keep her groceries inside the bag they stayed in. A lot had changed for her after the second war, everything became so…different. So, how different was different?

To make a little bit more room

Well, while she was still stuck inside the office, Kira and Lacus had gotten married and just recently Lacus had given birth to two baby boys. Miriallia and Dearka had solved their past issues and decided to give themselves one more chance, and together, they were making the best of it in ORB. Even Yzak was living a happy life with his fiancée, fellow ZAFTy, Shiho.

I've hung around you

Everyone was just so happy in the world, and nothing could take that away since they were all happy with the ones they loved. She was more than ecstatic find her friends in relationships, she was proud to be the aunt of two wonderful little boys, and was proud to be friends with three of ZAFTs finest, and she was pleased with the fact she was best friends with ORB's best photographer and PLANT's greatest pop icon. But most of all, she was especially proud of the peace she had achieved with every single one of them.

It's getting tough

She was happy…but, was she really? Kira had been worried with her lack of sleep and her overworking, coming home early in the morning just for a cup of coffee and immediately rushing back to work. Lacus had figured she had not wanted to stay home, forced to linger on past events. Miriallia and the others often asked her what events were they. Lacus usually left before giving them a straight answer. But, to any close friend of Cagalli's, it was pretty obvious what she was trying to escape from. Or in this case, whom.

I think I'm gonna break down soon

So, what exactly was she trying to escape from? The past that she knew, the past that was Athrun Zala. What ever happened to them? Well, during the war, he had made it very clear to her that his top priority was to protect the life of Lacus impersonator, Mia Campbell. Cagalli never questioned him why he had to protect such a worthless life, but she wasn't one to stop him from doing what he wanted to do. And she wasn't about to start now. She insisted that they end their so-called relationship, so they could worry less on them and clearly set and accomplish their goals. It wasn't easy for her, or for him, but she knew, and she had a feeling he did, too, that it was best for them to be apart.

I remember

She didn't want to, she didn't have to, but she did anyway. Tapping her foot impatiently on the floor, her groceries locked in her arms, she began to frown at the thought of him, at the thought of that train. "Stupid train. I'm gonna be late for that stupid meeting…"

Crying in the park, it was getting dark

Whilst waiting hastily, she leaned over to the pillar beside her and dropped off her grocery bags to lean on. Sighing, she picked herself up and her eyes caught sight of a pair of intense emerald ones.

Suddenly, I looked up



For a moment, the two seemed to have just gotten lost in each other's eyes, became caught up in the trance. Athrun blinked first and casually walked over to her. "So, um, how are you, Cagalli?"

"Fine, thank you. How are things with you and Mia?"

At this Athrun flinched inside, but brushed it off, quickly stuffing his sweaty palms inside his pockets. "I really wouldn't know. Haven't seen her since the war."

"Really? Wow…well, take care of yourself, Athrun."

"Yeah…you, too," he said emotionlessly as possible. With his hands still in his pockets, he started to make his way home, on the verge of losing himself in the crowd. He turned his head to his side, just to steal one last look before he walked away forever.

You were my sky

Squinting, she could make out from afar the train that she was eager to get on. Smiling, she bent down to pick up her grocery bags, resting on the pillar. Just then, she felt a pair of eyes watching her. Looking up, she found the same pair.

So go on

Before she could say anything, a strong grip on her wrist pushed her up, urging her to follow. "ATHRUN!" she screamed, her yell echoing through the corridors of the station, her groceries dropping to the floor, the contents inside now scattered about around the floor.

"Athrun! Where are you taking me!"

And sleep darling

He didn't respond. Instead, he kept on running, her hand held enclosed in his.

Why don't you pretend we were just a dream?

Finally, he stopped, releasing his tight hold on her hand. He kept his back facing her, not one word escaped through his rough breath.


It's cool baby

He turned around on his heels to face her, an angry expression on his face. "Why!"

Cagalli blinked, as she could do nothing else, trying her hardest to understand what he meant.

"Why did we have to end up like this? Why did…why did you and I have to break up so soon? We had a future, Cagalli! A future! Why…why couldn't you see that?"

It doesn't matter anyway

Cagalli sighed, reaching her hand towards his, and wrapping her fingers with his own. "There was nothing we could do then, Athrun. We were two enemies, fighting a war. What were we supposed to do?"

I'm so sorry

His expression saddened, as he turned to face his shoes, avoiding her gaze. He couldn't understand, he didn't want to. His hands quivered at the thought.

We got to the station a little too late

Cagalli let off a gentle smile. "We couldn't prevent any of this from happening, Athrun. No matter how hard we fought, it was just inevitable. And all I have to say is get over it."

It's such a shame, we just missed the train.

He looked up at her stern reaction, which eventually softened up to a warm smile.

Be quite, angel

"So," Cagalli sighed, "we're here now, at the beach. What exactly did you want to do here, Athrun?"

Don't make a sound

"Let's talk, you know, catch up on lost times. I mean, it's been a while since we last had an appropriate conversation."

Save it for a rainy day

Suddenly, he felt a cool sensation roll down his face. Water. He felt some more. "Cagalli? What are you…?"

She had taken off her shoes and jumped into the water, splashing some on his face, just to lighten up the mood a bit.

Oh can't you see me?

"Ugh…Hey! Cagalli! Stop it!" he yelled, wiping his face after every single splash.

The blonde just laughed as she put the splashing to a hold, allowing the poor boy to dry up at least.

He looked at her smile. Not one thing had changed about her, even after all that time. She was still the same girl he had fallen in love with those four years ago.

I'm such a mess

Sighing, he jumped in the water along with her. "Cagalli….I've missed you."

Trying hard to find my way

He extended a hand forward, reaching for the back of her neck, his fingers playing with her hair. Out of nowhere, he just decided to hug her. It felt good to hold her again.

Do you remember

With her hands pinned down to her sides and his arms surrounding her like the good old days, her eyes widened, shocked by his sudden reaction. No doubt, she missed him, too.

Wasting all that time

"Four years", she thought sadly, warming up to his embrace, his scent mixed with the salt water she had splashed on him earlier still filling her nostrils.

We were feeling fine

She pulled away from him, no matter how good she felt being in his arms again. She held his hand in hers, her amber eyes meeting his emerald ones.

Though we couldn't walk a line

We were alright

"What ever happened to us, Cagalli?" Athrun asked, breaking the silence between them. He noticed her shivering a bit as he waited her response. Taking off his thin jacket, he placed it around her shoulders for a little bit comfort from the cold breeze around them.

"Thank you." She held on to the collar with one hand, the other holding his hand.

So go on and sleep darling

"I really don't know what happened, Athrun. It all happened so fast. I mean…we just never found the time to, well, be a couple. I never found that thing every little girl dreams about…not in you…not in that time."

Why don't you pretend we were just a dream?

He looked on sadly, watching the ocean breeze play with her damp blonde locks. He never knew that her reactions would hurt this much.

"I don't know. We just…well, we just lost it, I guess. I mean, we both gave up on us, Athrun. When I agreed to marry Yuuna, I gave up. When you…" she bit her lip, hesitating. She turned her head sadly to the side, to face the sparkling ocean waves crash onto shore.

It's cool, baby

"When you chose to protect Mia over…over me, you gave up."

It doesn't matter anyway.

Athrun turned his head in the opposite direction. The truth hurt…didn't it?

I'm so sorry

"But, Athrun…"

He looked up.

"We can start over."

We got to the station a little too late.

His eyes widened then softened up. "Are you sure? I mean, we're both quitters. Kind of hard to believe that the Princess of Orb was a quitter herself. Now, that's not the Cagalli I knew back then."

It's such a shame

This made her laugh. Not just any laugh. It wasn't those laughs she laughed just because. No. This was one of those Athrun laughs. The kind that she could only laugh when Athrun was around.

We just missed the train.

She held his hand tightly. "Athrun…I miss having you around…" She slowly drew his hand up to her face. It was so warm. Her breathing calmed as he caressed her cheek, her eyes closing as she felt his touch.

Oh, why'd that train just pass us by?

She slowly opened her eyes as she felt his hands slide away. Staring into his deep emerald orbs, she reached her hand out to brush a strand of hair away from his face.

Didn't anyone see

Following her initial reaction, he closed his eyes as he felt her hand caress his face, crawling up through his scalp, her hand running through his hair, then running back down following that same path.

We were stuck at the light

He was so beautiful.

Or we would've made it on time.

She felt a hand push her back towards him. Her one hand still holding on to his jacket tightly, the other moving quickly to his chest.

She closed her eyes, and their lips finally met. "After four years…you still feel the same way…"she thought, pressing herselfhard against him, deepening their kiss.

So sleep darling

She opened her eyes abruptly when she just realized what she was doing. Pulling away unwillingly, she gazed sadly into his eyes then turned around quickly to get away. She felt his hand grip her wrist tightly.

He turned her around on her heels and in one fluid motion; she flew back to him, her face cupped in his hands, their foreheads resting on each others. "Don't go…not yet."

She felt his hot breath on her lips and under regular circumstances, she immediately heated up into a blush. "Athrun…"

His eyes were slowly closing as his lips came ever so close to hers. "Like you said…we can start over." And at that, he pulled her in for another kiss. Not that "Hey, I think I like you" kind of kiss. Nope. It was just one of those kisses you'd never want to get out of.

Why don't you pretend we were just a dream?

Athrun walked over to the railing where she had tied his jacket on. Slowly untying the piece of cloth, a tear fell from his eye. Then another one. And another. He held the jacket close to him. "Why…?"

It's cool baby

"Kira…pick me up."

"Where are you, Cagalli?"

"Café downtown….the one closest to the beach."

"Cool. I'll be there in a few."


It doesn't matter anyway

She had just ran away, ran away from everything she held dear to her.


She broke away from the kiss, for the second time, for good. "I'm sorry, Athrun…not today…not ever. I said we could start over…but, I don't want to…I can't."

She tied his jacket to a railing nearby and left him confused and most likely heartbroken by the beach. Not once did she turn around to even catch a glimpse. She didn't need to. She knew what he'd do. Cry. And so would she.


It doesn't matter anyway

honk honk

Cagalli looked up to find her brother in his flashy convertible. "Hey Cagalli. Hop in."

She did, not even returning his welcome. He started driving stealing a peek at the corner of his eye to look at his sister's uncharacteristic silence.

I'm so sorry

"Is everything alright?"

Cagalli leaned her chin on her hand resting on the car side.


"You sure? You seem kind of…quiet."

We got to the station a little too late.

"Really, Kira, I'm fine."

Kira turned his sites on the road, fixed on getting home ASAP. Something wasn't right with her; he knew it, but he knew better than to ask.

It's such a shame

She looked down at her finger. Yup, it was still there. That same damned ring. "Stupid ring…stupid Athrun…" she thought silently, the wind blowing away the tears in her eyes. She looked to her side to find the train that she was supposed to be on.

The train.

The beach.

It was the only thing separating her from the place where she left it all behind. It was the only thing separating her from the one she loved.

We just missed the train

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