Evil: The Other Side

by Blair Lebeau, SocialButterfli


Starfire has always been sweet and innocent. But when Slade realizes her power, he brainwashes her to become his next apprentice and the Titans can only watch as she embraces the other side. Is it possible that Starfire has become truly evil? RobStar


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"Uh, man, you can get up now. I think you got her." –Cyborg


To CidGregor . . . without you, this story might not have made it.

Part One: Innocent

Chapter One

Starfire frowned as she watched a caterpillar try to make its way through the overgrown grass. It was having such a hard time; whenever it finally got past one towering blade of grass, there was always another in its way. She wasn't quite sure where it was going, but she wished she did because then maybe she could help it get there. Where did caterpillars live, anyway?

"Star? What are you doing?" Robin crouched down next to her, trying to follow her gaze to whatever it was that she was watching so intently. Because a caterpillar was an ordinary, everyday bug to him, he didn't notice its struggle or the fact that it existed at all.

"Oh, I do wish that I could help it find its way home," Starfire said, pouting. Robin looked at her perplexed face, confused.

"What are you looking at?" he asked. She turned her gaze to him and the look on her face suggested that it should be obvious to him. But it wasn't.

"This many-legged being," she answered, gesturing to it. The caterpillar had safely conquered two more blades of grass. Only about a million more to go. "It is having such a difficult time and I wish that I could help it." Robin couldn't help it, he had to laugh. Her never ending fascination and compassion for everything in life, no matter how big or small, important or insignificant, was one of the many, many things that he loved about her.

"You mean a caterpillar?"

"Oh, please do not laugh at me," Starfire pouted. "If I had so many obstacles between myself and Titans Tower, I would be truly despaired and would welcome any assistance. I merely wish to do the same for this poor creature." Carefully, she extended a fingertip so she could pet it, in what she thought would be a comforting way, but the caterpillar reared up and changed its direction so as to get away from her. She drew back, surprised and saddened by the rejection. Robin fought the urge to laugh once more, because he knew her feelings were genuinely hurt by this.

"Star," he began, his voice patient and tender. He never minded explaining things to her. Sometimes he would get so caught up in her he would ramble on and on about things that she hadn't even asked about, and it would be her turn to be patient as she listened with interest before he caught himself. It was another thing about her that marveled him. She always did seem genuinely interested whenever anyone was talking about anything, even Beast Boy with his awful, waste of life jokes.

"Why does it turn away from me?" she interrupted, looking so dejected that it broke his heart. "I only wished to help." He smiled at her reassuringly and put a hand on her shoulder.

"I know, Star, but it doesn't know that. It just knows that some gigantic thing touched it and, for it, that was cause for alarm. How would you feel if out of nowhere something with the power to squish you poked you?" Starfire gasped with alarm.

"Oh, no, but Robin, I did not wish to harm it, only to help it," she repeated. "The poor little . . ." Star trailed off as she reached for it again, once more intending to comfort it, but Robin grabbed her hand gently.

"Maybe you should let it be, Star. It's a part of nature, not to be messed with. I promise you, it knows what it's doing. It will be fine. I promise." Appeased, Starfire nodded.

"I will, as you say, not 'mess with it' any longer. Shall we return to our friends?" Robin nodded, stood, and reached out a hand to help her up. It was a wasted effort, as she had already sprung up beside him, eager to join the team. He let his hand hang there for a moment, untouched by Starfire, and felt an undeniable surge of wistfulness that Starfire would suggest them staying together, alone, by themselves, instead of going back. He enjoyed their moments together, and he would like to think that she did too, but she always seemed a little too willing to share him with everyone else. He wished that just for once in her life the extraordinarily selfless girl would be at least a little selfish when it came to him.

Starfire flew over to the group, sitting on a red-and-white-checked blanket and eating the feast that Cyborg and Beast Boy had prepared. Well, technically, only Cyborg was eating what he made, and only Beast Boy was eating what he made. Raven was drinking herbal tea from a Thermos and reading a book. Starfire could tell by the agitated expression on her face, not to mention the pieces of food stuck in Beast Boy's green hair, that the boys had gotten into a food fight before she had arrived. As she kneeled beside Raven on the blanket, Robin came up from behind her. He had remained behind for a second after she stood, just to scoop the caterpillar up and place it near a tree. He took in the scene before him and shook his head. Cyborg and Beast Boy never seemed to be able to refrain from being immature.

"I'm not even going to ask," he said, sitting next to Starfire and taking an unharmed drumstick from the bucket. "Because I'm pretty sure I don't want to know." Cyborg and Beast Boy took a moment away from their food to glare at each other, then went back to chowing down. Starfire noticed this, and it troubled her.

"Oh, please friends, do not exchange angry stares on this glorious day," she pleaded. "Let us all enjoy our picnic together, please!" She proceeded to take both a chicken leg and a tofurkey leg and took a bite out of both at the same time. Everyone stared at her as her smile faded and her face contorted to show her obvious dislike of what she had just eaten. She struggled to swallow, put both drumsticks down on the plate in front of her, and grimaced. Realizing that everyone was watching her, she quickly smiled, but everyone could tell it was fake.

"Mm," she said weakly. "How delightful!" Beast Boy and Cyborg started to snicker, and Raven lifted to her book to cover up the slight smile she couldn't hide. Robin laughed as well, and Star joined in, always able to have a laugh at herself. A low chuckle even escaped Raven's mouth, which she attempted to disguise with a cough.

"Nice try, Star," Cyborg said between laughs. "Now who's up for some football?"

"Meeee!" Beast Boy cried, and the two boys jumped up and raced out to the open green field. Cyborg held the football high over his head and the much shorter Beast Boy jumped up and down, trying to get at it. Raven shook her head and continued to read, muttering something about, "Boys," but this only caused Robin and Starfire to laugh harder as they stood and followed their teammates onto the field.

It was Cyborg and Robin vs. Beast Boy and Starfire, which Beast Boy immediately voiced as unfair after the first touchdown.

"That shouldn't count!" Beast Boy demanded. "You guys are cheating or something! Cy, you probably have some nano-thingies inserted in the football that make it magnetic so it clings to you, you big hunk of tin!"

"Hey! Watch what you're saying!" Cyborg yelled. "And of course that touchdown counts, we didn't do anything illegal! You're just jealous that we're better than you."

"Raaae," Beast Boy whined, turning to the uninterested cloaked girl. "If you won't play, at least be referee so you can keep those cheaters from cheating!" Raven looked up from her book and raised an eyebrow.

"Fine," she said, standing and walking over to the edge of the field. "Cyborg and Robin scored, so they get the points. And the teams are fair, because both you and Starfire can fly. It's hard to determine 'fair' when you all have supernatural abilities." Except for Robin, she thought, but she knew that he was sensitive to that so she didn't say anything. He kicked ass anyway.

They began the game again after Cyborg had sufficient time to do his victory dance while Beast Boy stuck his tongue out at him. Beast Boy had possession of the football, and before Cyborg could lunge at him, he turned into a cheetah and ran with the ball in his mouth. But Cyborg was still gaining speed, so he turned into a gorilla and threw the ball to Starfire, who was hovering near the end zone. She flew forward to catch the ball in the air, and then turned to go back and score. But before she got there, Robin jumped up and managed to grab her around the ankles, bringing the both of them down. Knocked out of her hands, the ball landed off limits and started rolling down the hill, which Raven called out of play.

Robin's breath caught in his throat when he realized he had landed on top of Starfire, partly because he was afraid he had hurt her, and partly because the heat from her body was sending electricity through his.

"Are you okay?" he asked her quickly, but not moving off of her. She nodded, and he noticed that she was smiling. He sighed with relief. Now he could just focus on the fact that there was nothing separating his body from hers . . .

"That was a glorious execution of play," she commented breathlessly.

"Yeah . . ." he said, not really paying attention to her words. They were so close . . .

"Uh, man, you can get up now," Cyborg said. "I think you got her." Robin's face immediately flushed crimson, and he hoped that Starfire didn't notice. She didn't blush, because she didn't realize the intimacy and the intensity of what had just happened. Robin took this as a sign that she didn't feel the same way about him as he did about her and lifted himself off of her, feeling dejected. He was so stupid. Constantly getting his hopes up about a possible relationship between him and Starfire even though he knew it would never happen. Starfire loved everyone equally. And because betrothal was common on Tamaran, he wasn't even sure if "love" existed in her culture. Did she even know what it was?

"Sorry," he apologized quickly, and held out a hand to help her up. She took it and smiled.

"It is fine," she replied, taking his hand. "But I do believe that it is becoming too dark to continue our game. Shall we proclaim you victorious and return home?"Robin shrugged.

"Sure. Yeah. If that's cool with everybody else." Cyborg and Raven both nodded in agreement, but Beast Boy didn't seem to like that idea too much.

"No way!" he protested vehemently. "You're not getting away that easily! One more play to break the tie!" Cyborg raised an eyebrow.

"Man, what tie?"

"Starfire scored!"

"No she didn't. Robin brought her down."

"I object! It was a foul! Yellow flag! Green flag! Blue flag! Pink flag! Flag, flag, flag!"

"Man, what are you talking about?" Cyborg shook his head. "Whatever. We're leaving."

"Not until we win!" Beast Boy objected. "We're going to keep playing even if it takes . . ." A loud clap of thunder silenced him, followed by a few drops of rain. The Titans looked at him expectantly, and he sighed, defeated.

"Fine. We'll go. But tomorrow, there's going to be a definite rematch."

"Whatever you say, B," Cyborg replied as he gathered up his picnic items. "But you're getting your own stuff. I ain't touching this tofu crap. And, yo, someone needs to go get the ball."

"I will retrieve it!" Starfire volunteered, and immediately flew in the direction that it had landed. But as she reached the edge of the field, right where the hill begin its descent, she stopped and turned to the team, perplexed.

"Can you see it?" Robin called after her, and she shook her head in response. Robin exchanged glances with the team.

"I'm not getting it," Raven said in a final voice. "It's raining." With that, she headed to the T-car for shelter. That left the three boys. Robin wanted to volunteer to help Starfire, but he knew that if he did, it would look suspicious to the others. The last thing he needed was to give them a reason to tease him.

They agreed on deciding by rock, paper, scissors, which was Robin's idea because he knew Cyborg and Beast Boy both always chose rock. The second he produced scissors, he turned on his heel and ran in Star's direction. The rain was falling steadily now, and if they didn't find the ball soon, they would be thoroughly soaked.

Back at the T-Car, Beast Boy had made a truce with Cyborg long enough to deviously plot against Robin.

"We should just leave them," Beast Boy suggested. "Wouldn't it be funny if they had to walk back in the rain?"

"You two are sadistic," Raven commented, not looking up from her slightly wet book. However, she didn't prohibit them from plotting any further, so they continued. They all knew Robin and Starfire had something going on between them, but Robin was too stubborn to admit it and Starfire was too naive to notice it. And every now and then, when they were feeling generous, they cooked up little schemes to get them alone together. So far, there hadn't been much progress, but it was only a matter of time.

Cyborg put the car into gear and drove off, making sure to make the brakes squeal so Robin would notice the fact that he and Starfire were stuck without transportation, alone, in the rain. Cyborg smiled. Playing matchmaker was fun.

Well, that was quick. One week later and I've already got a new fic in progress. That's because the softball season is winding down and soon it will be summer and the updates will be much faster this time, I promise. At least one a week, I hope!

Basically, this idea came to me while I was watching "Birthmark" and I thought to myself, because I'm always thinking about Starfire-centered episodes, what if Slade came back for Starfire instead of Raven and the usually innocent-beyond-belief girl became evil? Hopefully, that idea is interesting, because I'm writing about it. Also, the story will be written in parts, based on Starfire's progress from innocent to evil to . . . well, whatever comes next. Guess you'll just have to keep reading to find out what that is. ;)

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