Evil: The Other Side

by Blair Lebeau, SocialButterfli


Starfire has always been sweet and innocent. But when Slade realizes her power, he brainwashes her to become his next apprentice and the Titans can only watch as she embraces the other side. Is it possible that Starfire has become truly evil? RobStar


You'd think that if I owned Teen Titans, I would have told you by now. But I don't. Still. Damn.


"Dance with me." –Starfire

Part One: Innocent

Chapter Two

"Unbelievable. Those two are absolutely unbelievable. Dammit!" Robin ran a gloved hand through his hair, frustrated. Starfire turned from her search for the lost football to him.

"Something troubles you, Robin?" she inquired.

"Yes, something is freaking troubling me," Robin answered, bitterly. Starfire was taken aback by his tone, and bit her lip, distressed. He noticed this and his face softened. "Sorry, I didn't mean to snap at you. It's just Cyborg left."


"Yeah. T-Car and all. Leaving us behind, in the rain, without any way of getting back besides walking."

"Is that so terrible?" Robin stared at the redhead, dumbfounded.

"Is that so terrible? What do you mean, 'is that so terrible'? Of course it's terrible! We have to walk back to Titans Tower. In the rain."

"Yes, I understand, I was not born of the day before today," Star replied, a little indignant. "I was merely suggesting that it is not such a travesty. I like the rain. And the tower is not so far from here." Robin shook his head.

"I just can't believe they did this! I'm going to kill them when we get back. They are just so immature. God." Starfire was biting her lip again.

"Then . . . this situation displeases you?"

"Starfire. We are stuck here. In the rain. Alone. Do you not see something wrong with that?" Her lower lip began to tremble.

"Do you not find my company enjoyable?" Robin's eyes widened.

"No! No, I didn't mean it like that! I love spending time with you, really, I do!" Really, I do, Robin thought. And the rain isn't so bad either, with the way it's making your clothes cling . . . ahh! No, Robin, stop! Robin quickly shook those thoughts from his head.

"That's not what I meant. I just meant that I would rather be alone with you in different circumstances." Robin clamped his mouth shut when he realized how that sounded. Luckily, even if Starfire did understand what that meant in different context, she wouldn't have taken it that way.

"I understand. Perhaps we should revert to our search of the misplaced football so that we may return to the tower expediently."

"Actually, Star, perhaps it would be better if we just stopped looking. They deserve it for leaving us here." Starfire clapped her hands.

"How diabolical! Robin, you are truly an excellent schemer." Robin laughed.

"Uh, thanks, I guess. Should we go, then?" Starfire nodded and reached for his hand. Robin could hear his heartbeat pulsing in his ears as her hand clasped his. Even though they were wet and cold, Robin suddenly felt warm, as if she were transferring her body heat to his. He could feel himself starting to get lost in her again, and everything else was fading away . . . he couldn't feel the rain beating down on him, flattening out his stiffly gelled hair, he could only feel her hand holding his possessively. Or, rather, what he would have liked to think was possessively. Knowing Starfire, it most likely wasn't. But a boy could dream. And he was.

Half of Robin hated the fact that she could have this effect on him. For years he had built up around him an impenetrable wall that allowed him to stay focused on what mattered most: his mission of keeping the world–or at least Jump City–safe from evil. But every now and then, that mission would be moved to the back of his mind, and Star would take her place at the front, and she would become what mattered most.

The other half of Robin reveled in it. He loved the way she made him feel, and the fact that someone could make him feel like this. Starfire was perfect in every way, and he loved to fantasize of how it would be if she loved him the way he loved her. This was the half he had to keep in check, because if it was allowed to take control, he would most likely lock Starfire in his room and never let her leave. And that was definitely not the most romantic or ideal situation. Not to mention how distracting it would be to have the beautiful girl completely at his disposal.

Robin pretended that that thought hadn't crossed his mind, because it made a jerk of him, and that was the last thing he wanted. In all honesty, if he had the chance, he would treat Starfire the way she deserved to be treated. He would be a cavalier gentleman, regarding her cautiously and tenderly, never allowing her to be hurt, physically or emotionally. He would take care of her and protect her and, basically, be her hero.

If only.

"Robin? Why do you not answer me?" Her crystal clear voice broke through his thoughts, and he almost jumped with surprise.

"Hmm?" He felt bad that he hadn't been listening to her. He had just been going on and on in his head about how he would treat her right, and here he was, completely ignoring her. Not the best of signs.

"I inquired if you were cold," she repeated. He now noticed that he was shaking slightly, but it wasn't because he was cold . . .

"No, I'm fine. Are you cold?" She shook her head and swung their hands back and forth, emphasizing the fact that they were still holding hands. She was like a little girl, and Robin smiled. Cute.

"I never used to understand the concept of rain," Starfire said. "I thought it was pointless, and inconvenient, as it often would ruin outdoor activities."

"Yeah, rain tends to do that," Robin responded, eyes focused on their hands. He never wanted to let go.

"On Tamaran, rain does not even exist. The atmosphere does not allow it, and we have no need for it there. After all, where would it come from? It does not make sense, to me, at least, for water to fall from the sky."

"I guess it does seem a little strange," Robin agreed. "There's all this condensation going on in the clouds . . ." He noticed that the word "condensation" confused her, so he stopped. "Eh, well, yeah, it's strange."

"Yes. Very strange. But, also, very intriguing. I once saw two little children dancing in the rain."


"Yes. They were giggling and stomping around in the small, shallow ponds that the rain made on the ground."

"You mean puddles?"

"Poodles?" Starfire looked horrified. "No! They were not stomping on fluffy dogs!"

"No, no," Robin laughed. "Puddles. That's what the 'small, shallow ponds' that the rain makes are called. Puddles."

"Puddles," she repeated, and let out a little giggle. "What a glorious word! And it seemed like the two children were having a glorious time, and I suppose I have always wished to do that ever since. It is strange, leaping around in small ponds would not be considered as entertainment on Tamaran. But here, it seems like great fun!"

"That's Earth for you. So why don't you?" Robin asked.

"Do what?"

"Jump in the puddles." A great smile brightened Star's face, and she reminded Robin of a kid in a candy shop told that she can have whatever she wants.

"May I?" Robin laughed.

"Of course." She released his hand, which dismayed Robin greatly, and began to splash around. After watching her for a while, Robin's spirits lifted, because she was just so cute and it almost made him want to do it too.

"Join me!" Starfire called out to him.


"Please, Robin, join me in the fun of leaping in the puddles!" He hesitated, but her childish, playful attitude was infectious. His resolve fell away and he gave in; he couldn't resist the way she made every little thing exciting. He couldn't resist her. He jumped in with her, and she shrieked as his large black steel-toed boots sent water flying everywhere. They jumped from puddle to puddle, trying to see who got the other the wettest. By the time they were exhausted, it was impossible to tell who won because they were both soaked to the bone. Starfire was shivering almost uncontrollably, but that wide, innocent smile never left her face.

"You cold now?" he asked, and she nodded, still smiling. He couldn't help but notice that now her clothes were even wetter than before, and they made her look even more . . . He averted his eyes once more. Not going there.

"But I do not mind, it was worth it to enjoy this great fun," she insisted. However, Robin couldn't stand to see her shake like that, so he offered his cape to warm her up.

"I don't know how much it will help," he warned, "but it's better than nothing." She conceded, but instead of waiting for him to take it off and put it around her, she walked into it, causing him to put his arms around her .He was surprised, but he certainly wasn't going to back out of it. He pulled her to him and just held her for a second. But he knew that it was time to go, as now he was shivering as well.

"I think we should start to actually make our way back home," Robin suggested, but it fell on deaf ears. Starfire was facing the sky, eyes closed, letting the rain fall on her face. When she opened her eyes and lowered her gaze back to Robin, her eyes told him that she wasn't quite ready to go back yet. She pulled away, and Robin reluctantly let her go.

"Dance with me," she said, her voice soft and quiet, and Robin wasn't quite sure he heard her right.

"What?" She giggled and shrugged.

"I just thought it would be enjoyable to dance in the rain. I have never done that, and since we are already wet . . ." Starfire trailed off and twirled around, splashing some more as she did. "I just thought it would be fun." Robin considered this. He hated dancing . . . but he didn't hate dancing with Starfire. They had done it once before at Kitten's prom, and it was one of the best nights of his life. And they were already wet.

He smiled. He wasn't quite ready to go back inside either

Robin held out his hand, and Starfire took it, and he twirled her around and back into his arms. He dipped her back, then pulled her up, and twirled her again. Her cheeks were flushed and her hair was flat and stuck to her face and she had never been more beautiful to him. He brought her close to him once more and brushed her bangs out of her face. She smiled at him as he reveled in the feeling of one hand tenderly caressing her face and the other set firmly on her waist. He wanted to keep holding her like that, but Starfire, innocent and carefree as she was, wouldn't let it get too serious: she twirled out of his arms and into one last puddle, before suggesting that they return to the tower to dry off.

"I would not want our friends to be unaware and worried of where we are," she explained.

"Yeah, well, it's their fault," Robin said sulkily. Even though he was colder than he'd ever been before, he didn't want the moment to end. He twirled her around one last time, then let her go. But she seemed to disagree with that, because as they began to walk in the direction of Titans Tower, she reached for his hand again. And as her fingers laced through his, Robin decided that rain wasn't so bad after all.

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