Evil: The Other Side

by Blair Lebeau, SocialButterfli


Starfire has always been sweet and innocent. But when Slade realizes her power, he brainwashes her to become his next apprentice and the Titans can only watch as she embraces the other side. Is it possible that Starfire has become truly evil? RobStar


You'd think that if I owned Teen Titans, I would have told you by now. But I don't. Still. Damn.


"I don't use cheap hair gel." –Robin

Part One: Innocent

Chapter Three

Raven sat at the breakfast table, idly stirring her tea. There really wasn't any reason that she needed to stir it, because Raven believed that adding sugar or honey ruined the point of having herbal tea. It was just something for her to do while she pretended that she wasn't listening to Beast Boy and Cyborg gossip like giddy middle school girls in the bathroom.

"Did you see how wet they were?" Beast Boy asked, laughing. "They were soaked, dude! They looked so funny! And Robin's hair with all that cheap hair gel of his washed out . . . it looked like someone tried to drown them!"

"I don't use cheap hair gel," Robin's amused voice interrupted, causing both of them to jump. Raven hid a small smile. She'd known he was there all along. It was fun to watch Cyborg and Beast Boy bury themselves.

"Robin!" Beast Boy choked on his tofu waffle, and Cyborg had to give him a resounding pound on the back to get him to breathe again.

"Hey, man," Cyborg said, uneasily. "Uh, good morning! Breakfast?" Robin chuckled as the discomfort of his two friends. Nothing could spoil his good mood, not even the gabfest of his immature teammates.

"Yeah, breakfast would be good." He stared Cyborg down until he cracked.

"Then I'll get it for you!" Robin grinned. In addition to leaving them behind in the rain, the fact that he had just caught them gossiping about what they did–not to mention calling his hair gel cheap–was making them skittish around him and almost slaves. All it took was a look and if he said jump off a cliff, it seemed that they would do it. This thought made Robin smile again. Maybe he'd try that one out on Beast Boy.

As he began to enjoy the breakfast Cyborg brought him, complete with three different kinds of meat, Starfire waltzed into the room.

"Glorious morning to all, friends!" she greeted in a sing-song voice. "I trust you all slept well?"

"Yeah, great, good," Beast Boy and Cyborg mumbled together, not looking at her. They were afraid one wrong move would make Robin jump on them. He had been pretty scary when they got back, sopping wet, when he chewed them out over it. Starfire, however, hadn't been furious at all, not that she would have been. But the dazzling smile she had on her face was wider than usual, which was saying something. BB and Cy had been pretty proud of themselves at that, but after Star left the room to dry off, Robin wouldn't tell them anything about what had happened. He had simply yelled at them again.

Raven realized the tensity of the situation, and for fun, she decided to aggravate it even more.

"Looks like you won't be getting your rematch, Beast Boy," she said, casually. "It's still raining outside." Beast Boy and Cyborg shifted in their seats uncomfortably at the mention of rain as Robin glared at them. Starfire, however, lit up.

"The rain continues?" she asked, looking hopeful. She floated over to a window and clapped her hands gleefully when she saw it was true. She whirled around to face Robin. "Look, Robin, it does continue! We could resume dancing, yes?" Beast Boy and Cyborg froze, and slowly turned to face Robin, their grins much wider than Starfire's.

"Dancing?" Cyborg said. "Were you dancing in the rain, Rob?" Robin flushed, feeling heat creeping up into his face. He searched his mind for a response that would make Cyborg and Beast Boy leave him alone but wouldn't hurt Starfire, but he couldn't come up with one.

Luckily for him, the room started to flash red and the Titans emergency alarm went off.

"Saved by the alarm," he muttered as he raced over to the computer. It didn't give off much information, such as who the villain was or what was going on, simply that there was an intrusion in a mechanics warehouse.

"I'll get the T-Car," Cyborg said. "Let's go."

"I'm supposed to say that," Robin said, giving Cy the death glare. Cyborg held up his hands, as if warding him off.

"Sorry, sorry, go ahead."

"Titans, go!" Robin said, satisfied.

"So we can go now?" Beast Boy asked, tentatively. Robin laughed.

"Yeah, I'm just messing with you guys. Let's go."

Robin felt uneasy the entire car ride there, and it wasn't because Beast Boy kept waggling his eyebrows at him and turning around and hugging himself, making it look like he was making out with someone. Luckily, Starfire was in the front seat next to Cyborg so she wasn't witness to what Beast Boy was doing. She wouldn't have understood anyway, and Robin sure as hell didn't want to explain it.

The reason he felt uneasy was the reports didn't state who the intruder was. Robin liked to be informed. It made him feel more in control. As the leader of the Teen Titans, if he wasn't in control, he was nervous because the lives of his teammates, no, the lives of his friends were in his hands. Yes, they could take care of themselves. But they were still his responsibility. And that was a lot to handle.

But in a way, it almost made him feel proud or superior or even special. Because even Batman hadn't had to deal with that. Batman had him to look after and that was all. Robin had four to be responsible for. And when the team succeeded, he liked to think that his leadership was a part of that.

And not knowing who the villain was . . . that was a threat to his so far infallible leadership.

"We're here," Cyborg said, pulling up in front of the dark, closed warehouse. It had a spooky feel, as shut down or abandoned warehouses normally do, but it was elevated here because the rain beating down on the tin roof cast an eerie glow. As they got out of the T-Car, Cyborg made sure that he put the special anti-theft lock on the car, the one he got after he first built it and it was stolen by Sammy and Cash, just to be safe. The Titans walked cautiously towards the warehouse, listening for something, anything. Robin noticed that Starfire was doing her cute lip-biting thing, and impulsively took her hand to reassure her. He mentally cursed himself for doing it, but when she didn't recoil and instead smiled at him, he was glad he did it. He was also glad that no one else noticed the gesture.

Once inside the warehouse, everyone kept their guards up as they shook the rain of them, Beast Boy doing so by turning into a dog, which irritated the others because he got them wetter in the process.

"Thanks, Beast Boy, that really helped," Raven said sarcastically.

"Shh!" Robin looked around; he had heard something. A footstep and a rustle of paper, maybe. Everyone was at their top awareness, but nothing else happened. A moment passed, and the Titans moved on through the heavy metal doors from the lobby into the actual factory, with Robin in the front.

They froze.

"No," Robin gasped, his stomach and heart both sinking. It couldn't be. It wasn't possible.

But it was.

It was Slade.

Okay, so for that last part, picture "Birthmark" because that's what this is, except Slade came back for Starfire and not Raven, as you will see next chapter. So this is the first time the Titans have seen Slade since Terra took him down . . . way down, as Beast Boy would say. And he still has his nice fire power thing. Which is pretty sucky if you're the Titans.

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