Evil: The Other Side

by Blair Lebeau, SocialButterfli


Starfire has always been sweet and innocent. But when Slade realizes her power, he brainwashes her to become his next apprentice and the Titans can only watch as she embraces the other side. Is it possible that Starfire has become truly evil? RobStar


You'd think that if I owned Teen Titans, I would have told you by now. But I don't. Still. Damn. I also don't own the plot of "Birthmark", I am simply borrowing some lines for plot purposes. And I apologize to the TT writers for calling Robin's line cheesy. But we all know that it is.


"But the potential that she has . . . she is more powerful than all of you combined. Just imagine if she were evil." –Slade

Part One: Innocent

Chapter Four

"I don't know why you came back, but I'm still ready," Robin said, dropping Starfire's hand and stepping in front of her. Half to protect her, half to step up, be the leader, and take control. He still thought that it was between him and Slade.

But this time, it wasn't.

"That's precious, Robin," Slade replied in his sinister yet calm voice. "But I didn't come back for you." He jumped off the metal rail he was standing on and shot a bolt of fire at the Titans . . . or more specifically, at Starfire.

They all jumped out of the way, but it followed Starfire as she flew upwards. Finally she avoided it by flying back down and it hit the ceiling, creating a hole. The Titans were too busy recovering to notice that the fire had followed Starfire.

"Whoa!" Cyborg shouted.

"Since when can Slade do that?" Beast Boy asked.

"I don't know, but he won't be doing it for long," Robin said, incredibly cheesily. He mentally cursed himself for not being able to stop using awful, cheesy battle lines. What was wrong with him? He did it every time, and he knew it was wrong, but he just couldn't stop! It was like a horrible addiction that he couldn't overcome.

"Do you really think you can stop me, Robin?" Slade asked, his eyes narrowing. "You couldn't stop me before, and I was going easy on your because I had an interest in your well-being. But now, with all this fire coursing through my veins, you don't stand a chance."

"If you're not here for me, then who are you after, Slade?" Robin asked, his teeth gritted. He tried to ignore the fact that he was most likely the only person in the world who would get upset when a psychopathic criminal wasn't after him. "Tell us!"

"Why tell you, when I can show you?" With that, Slade clapped his hands together, and then separated them so that his arms were stretched out on either side of his body. Accordingly, two great flames pushed Robin and Cyborg to one side, Beast Boy and Raven to the other, leaving Starfire alone and standing directly in front of the villain. He sent another stream of fire at her, and this time, he didn't miss.

"Starfire!" Robin called out as she hit the wall and crumpled to the ground. Robin raced over to her, followed by the other Titans. He kneeled next to her and helped her sit up by leaning against him, his arms around her. "Star, are you okay?"

"I . . . I believe I am unhurt," she replied, but she was clearly not. She was burned and breathing hard. Slade's evil laugh echoed throughout the empty warehouse. The Titans looked up, alert.

"What do you want with her?" Robin demanded to know, setting Starfire against the wall so he could stand and face his enemy.

"What do I want with her?" There was a malicious tone to his voice that made Robin especially nervous. "Do you have any idea how powerful this alien girl is? No, you wouldn't, because her innocent, sweet nature tones down that power. But the potential that she has . . . she is more powerful than all of you combined. Just imagine if she were evil."

Suddenly, Slade was encased in an explosion of green light that came from the enraged alien girl who had recovered and was now hovering above her friends.

"Do not ever use that word in reference to me!" she said, landing beside Robin. "Evil" had been one of the first English words she had learned when she came to Earth. She knew that it was used pertaining to villains and criminals and bad people. And as a Teen Titan, she soon came to learn the darker meaning of the word that was unexplainable by definition. Only by experience can one fully understand what "evil" is, and Starfire knew that it would never, ever define her.

When the green fog that her powerful star bolt had left behind cleared, Slade was still standing, unharmed. He let out his signature evil laugh that chilled each Titan to the bone and his hands began to flame. Robin was the first to step in front of Starfire protectively, and the others followed suit.

"How sweet," Slade said in an almost pitying voice. "But I hope you don't think that will help." He took a step forward, and everyone readied themselves for a fight.

"She'll never be your apprentice," Robin spat. Slade merely looked amused.

"Jealous, are we?" he said, targeting Robin's insecurity. "Wondering why I want her instead of you now? Don't look down on yourself, Robin, you are a very powerful individual, which is an important quality. However, I have come to realize that you are not apprentice material, because you are too headstrong to break in. I don't believe I'll have that problem with that beautiful redhead you're attempting to protect from me."

"Back off, Slade," Cyborg growled. "Nobody messes with our girl."

"Is that so? Well. I suppose we will have to see if you are able to stop me." Slade started running at them, full speed.

"Starfire, run!" Robin yelled as he whipped out his Bo staff. But Starfire would not run. She was not going to abandon her friends, no matter what danger she was in. They meant more to her than her own personal well-being.

"Hit him with all you got!" Cyborg shouted as he aimed his laser cannon at Slade. He fired, and missed. His jaw dropped open. He never missed. Slade came at him, almost completely on fire, and his punches burned the metallic teen until he couldn't stand to block them anymore. Cyborg was quickly knocked aside, and one last fire blast zapped him of all his battery power. He fell to the ground, motionless.

Next was Raven. She knew the key was not to let the volcano-powered villain touch you, but the flames that he shot forward burned through the force field she help up as protection and all other attempts to hold him off were in vain.

"Azarath Metrion Zinthos!" she cried, and a black force came hurtling at him. Slade could tell that the half-demon girl had put all of her power into this last shot, so instead of burning through it, he caught it in his hands and threw it back at her. She slammed into the wall and slid down it, unconscious.

Robin, unable to take anymore, yelled, "Protect her at whatever cost!" at Beast Boy and hurtled himself at Slade. This was his mistake: Slade caught him in the air by the ankle, twisted it, and threw him down. Robin knew that he was badly hurt, but that didn't stop him. With Starfire at stake, it seemed that nothing would.

But Slade overcame the wounded Boy Wonder without too much effort; Robin's high emotional state and injury made him reckless and an easy target. As Slade delivered one last blow, Robin heard something crack. He hurt all over so it was impossible to tell where. And this time when he hit the floor, he stayed there.

"Robin!" Starfire cried, but she was drowned out by Slade's evil cackle.

It was all up to Beast Boy. He considered himself the weakest of the group, and didn't have much faith in his ability to keep Starfire safe. He wished that someone would get up–Robin, Cyborg, Raven, someone–but they were all out of the game. He was the only thing standing between Slade and Starfire.

And he was going to make sure it stayed that way.

Starfire stepped up beside him, her hands and eyes glowing green.

"Let us vanquish our enemy together," she said, her voice unusually angry. She was prepared to fight, and normally, Beast Boy would have welcomed the help. Anything so as he wouldn't have to face danger alone. But not this time. He grabbed Starfire's wrist to stop her.

"No," he said, firmly. "Stay back. I'll take care of Slade." She stared at him, shocked. She was about to protest when she noticed the uncommon seriousness in his eyes. It wasn't everyday that Beast Boy stepped up to the plate and took responsibility for himself, let alone others. Starfire looked at him with compassion now instead of fire, recognizing the great step he was taking. Even though she didn't want him hurt, she realized that she had to let him go. He needed to do this. She felt tears welling up in her eyes. All her friends, hurt because they were trying to save her. And now Beast Boy. Goofy, immature, always joking, never serious Beast Boy, was growing up for a moment, expressing a bravery that most heroes lacked, sacrificing himself even though he knew what the cost would be.

"Beast Boy . . ."

"I won't let him hurt you," he said in a determined voice. "But . . . Star . . . if the worst happens . . . run. Don't worry about us. Don't pause for a second. Just run." The tears welling up in her crystal green eyes began to spill over as a slow, sarcastic clapping filled the room.

"Truly touching," Slade said, continuing his ridiculing applause. "Really, I was nearly brought to tears . . ."

"This ends now," Beast Boy interrupted, making fists.

"Yes, it does," Slade responded. "But really, I admire your courage. Do you have any idea how easy it will be to sweep your tiny little body aside? You are hardly a blockade between myself and my destination."

"How's this for tiny?" Beast Boy asked, before morphing into a giant rhinoceros. He charged at Slade, his horn towards him, but Slade easily dodged him. Beast Boy skidded to a stop and turned around, charging at him again. Except this time, he changed into a brontosaurus and attempted to stomp on Slade. However, Slade set fire to his feet and Beast Boy instead ended up falling to the ground, shaking the foundation of the warehouse and causing some beams to give way, luckily missing the fallen Titans. Beast Boy changed back into himself and tried to stand, but the soles of his feet were too badly burned.

Starfire ran to her fallen friend as Slade headed toward her. She aimed a star bolt at the approaching villain, but she was shaking too badly and missed. In a last ditch effort, Beast Boy once again morphed into a brontosaurus, to create an obstacle between Slade and Starfire so she would have enough time to get away. However, the compassionate girl was unable to leave her friends all lying there. As Beast Boy slipped out of consciousness, morphing back into his human form, Starfire stood, ready to battle.

"Are you really going to fight me, girl?" Slade asked. The green glow of her eyes was all he needed for an answer.

Before she could react, he let loose a great beam of fire, which hit her square in the chest and sent her flying backwards. Her scream aroused Robin, who had been slipping in and out of consciousness. He looked up and through his blurry vision saw Slade blast Star again, and she began to fall. Slade grabbed her first, and lifted her horizontally into his arms. He looked around at his conquered battlefield and nodded, satisfied. He then began to walk off with his prize, her head unsupported on one side, her legs dangling lifelessly on the other.

"Star . . . no . . ." Robin grunted as he pushed himself up, working through the searing pain that went shooting through his body. He found that it was his arm that had cracked, as it hung useless at his side, and his ankle had swollen. He ignored it and began to run, as fast as he could considering his injuries, after Slade. He finally caught up with Slade at the door, where the villain turned around abruptly to face him.

"Take a good look at her, Robin," he said. "This is the last time you will see her like this." With that, he delivered a swift kick to Robin's knees, causing the Boy Wonder to fall to the ground one last time. As Robin began to slip out of consciousness, the last thing he saw through watery eyes was his evil arch nemesis turn and walk away with the innocent girl he loved lying lifeless in his arms.

Ouch. This chapter was painful to write. I hope the battle descriptions didn't suck, because the fighting is pretty hard to depict. Anyway, for any who are like, what was with that BB thing, I needed someone else to make the last stand for her because in reality Robin would have already attacked Slade and been hurt, and I wanted him to see Star being taken away and go after her even though he was close to unconscious because he loved her just that much. I chose Beast Boy because I think his friendship with her is so cute and plus I thought it would be nice to have him grow up for a second. There's a lot more to Beast Boy than his incredibly humorless jokes . . . at least, I like to think so.

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