A Fight to Free Her

By Kaitlyn Rose

Author Note: This is a missing scene for the movie. It takes place right after the cemetery scene where Christine realizes that the Phantom would have killed Raoul if he had won the fight, and before the scene where Raoul tells his plan to Firmin and Andre about how to capture the Phantom.

Disclaimer: I have no ownership in The Phantom of the Opera. I am not profiting from this story.


Raoul guided the white horse towards the stable below the Opera Populaire. The horse was breathing heavy from its initial frantic run and then the long trip home with the burden of two riders. Raoul had been tempted to dismount and let Christine ride alone as he walked beside her, but she had been badly shaken by the events of the early morning and he felt her body trembling in his arms, so he stayed put to keep her from falling off the horse.

He readjusted his hold on Christine and couldn't help but grimace. His arm pulsated with pain from where the Phantom's cold blade had sliced his flesh open. Even now he could feel trickles of blood seeping down ever so slightly.

Finally they entered the building and Raoul slid off the horse and then quickly reached up to help Christine off the mare's back. He noticed that she had yet to say a word since leaving the cemetery. He took her by the arm and guided her to the staircase that led back to her small loft. They were halfway there when they ran into Mme Giry.

"Monsieur, you are injured," Mme Giry exclaimed.

"The wound is small," Raoul told her, though truthfully he didn't know since he had yet to look at it.

Mme Giry's words seemed to break what ever trance Christine had been in. She looked at Raoul's arm as if seeing the blood for the first time.

"Raoul," she gasped. "We need to fetch the doctor."

"You two go upstairs. I will have one of the stable boys go at once. Christine, cleanse the wound and wrap some clean cloth around it until the doctor arrives."

"Ladies, I don't think…" Raoul never had the chance to finish his sentence as Mme Giry quickly walked away and Christine took the lead and began to guide him up the stairs.

Christine entered her room with haste and quickly filled a basin with water and rung out a clean cloth. Raoul gently removed his shirt and had a seat on the bed. He couldn't help but smile when he saw the color rise in Christine's cheeks. Obviously she had never seen a man without his shirt on.

"If you are uncomfortable we can wait until the doctor comes. You don't have to do this," he offered.

"No, I'm fine." She sat on the bed next to him and as carefully as she could she wiped the clotted blood from his arm and from around the edges of the gash itself. The cut was long but not too deep. After rinsing out the cloth several times it was finally ready for a bandage. Christine wrapped a clean towel around the cut and secured it with two pins.

Raoul put his shirt back on to wait for the doctor. He knew he would end up getting stitches before the night was through, especially since his new bandage was already turning crimson. He watched Christine as she paced back and forth in her small room. He was unsure what was upsetting her so. Was it the events that had just happened, was it his being in her room, or maybe she had never seen blood before.

"Darling, tell me what you're thinking," he asked.

"Raoul, I'm so sorry. It's my fault that you were hurt tonight." Her eyes brimmed with tears that were about to fall.

Raoul quickly stood up and pulled her into his arms. "Shh, it's over now. If I recall it was the Phantom's blade that did the cutting, not you."

"But I was so foolish. I never should have gone to the cemetery, I just, I missed my father so."

Raoul led Christine to the bed and they sat down together. "You don't think that the Phantom is your father, do you?"

"No, I never thought he was my father, but I was so lonely, and so young when he first came to me all those years ago, that I did believe, or at least hoped, that he came because my father had sent him. You see, as long as I had my Angel of Music, it meant father was still with me some how, still protecting me, even from Heaven. Now, I know he is not an Angel, he is nothing but a man."

Raoul didn't want to ask the question, and yet, he couldn't help but ask. "Tonight when you went to the cemetery, is it because you missed your father, or because you missed your Angel? Who were you grieving for?"

Christine looked into Raoul's eyes and saw confusion there, maybe even a bit of betrayal. "Raoul, I'm sorry. It's strange, but I do miss him. I miss what once was. I miss my Angel, and yet I fear this Devil that I now know resides inside of him."

"Is that why you stopped me tonight?" Raoul asked her. "Is that why you wouldn't let me end this and set us free?"

"No, no I swear. The moment I saw you raise your blade, my first thought was to not let you become a killer too. I know you only want to protect me, where as he kills without regard, but still, I didn't want you to have the blood of another on your hands. I didn't want blood spilled because of me." As the words left her mouth the tears finally broke free and fell down her face.

Raoul gathered Christine in his good arm and held her close as her tears soaked though his shirt. He rocked her for several minutes as her sobs slowly quieted. "No more talk of violence, Christine dry your eyes. I'm here, nothing will harm you, my words will warm and calm you."

Christine felt so secure, so safe in Raoul's arms. She closed her eyes and let his voice comfort her. For the moment there was only them. No fear, no Angels, no Devils, only them and their love.

Raoul felt Christine grow heavy and he realized that she had finally succumbed to shock and exhaustion. Gently he lowered her head onto her pillow and then raised her legs onto the bed. "Christine, I love you," he sang softly as he laid a blanket on top of her sleeping form.

He looked up as just then Mme Giry walked in to the room followed by the doctor. He quickly raised his finger to his lips to silence then. He leaned down to kiss her hair before leaving the room to be tended to.


"You were very lucky, monsieur," the doctor replied. "You only needed twelve stitches. It's a clean cut so the scar should not be too terrible. Dare I ask how you managed to cut your arm open in the middle of the night?"

"I was fighting for love," Raoul answered, catching a reproachful look from Mme Giry.

"It is not wise to provoke him, sir," she warned. "He is very clever, a most resourceful man."

"Yes, but he is just a man, not a ghost, not a phantom. He can be caught. Christine can be free," Raoul insisted.

"I beseech you to be careful. It is a dangerous game that you play," Mme Giry told him.

"A game. Yes, a game." Raoul started to think of a plan.

"There you are," the doctor said. He had been listening to the conversation between the man and the woman and didn't have a clue what they were talking about. All he knew for certain was that the young man before him looked very determined.

"Thank you, doctor. I apologize for dragging you out of your bed at such an ungodly hour." Raoul bent his arm. It was stiff, and the stitches tugged at his skin, but it still worked.

"You'll need to keep your arm still. Clean to wound and change the bandages daily to avoid infection." With that the doctor put on his hat and coat. "Now you need to get a good night's sleep."


She stood there, frozen in place as she watch Raoul and the Phantom crash their steel blades against each other. Her heart skipped a beat when she saw Raoul dodge a lethal blow. Instead the blade hacked off a large chunk of the tree Raoul had been next to.

The fighting continued at a frenzied pace, each striking, once sparks flew from the blades. She followed them, always careful to stay back. She didn't want to be a distraction for Raoul, for she was certain that the Phantom would not hesitate to strike Raoul down.

She gasped when she heard Raoul cry out, then the red spot appeared on his arm. How could her Angel do this? She knew they both loved her, yet Raoul was fighting to save her, her Angel was fighting to take her.

Suddenly Raoul stumbled, his sword hit the ground, and the Phantom kicked it away from Raoul, far from his reach. The Phantom raised his blade high into the air.

"NO," she cried. "No, please!"

The Phantom didn't stop though, his sword plunged down, the blade piercing deep into Raoul's chest. Raoul's head slammed back to the ground as pain coursed though his body.

"Raoul! Oh god, Raoul!" Christine cried.

Raoul turned his head to look at her. A thin line of blood trickled from his mouth. With his dying breath he forced out, "Christine…I…love…" then his eyes rolled up and his soul left his body.




Raoul jumped up instantly from his uncomfortable slumber outside Christine's room. The doctor had ordered him to a real bed, but he'd refused. He would not leave Christine vulnerable, not when he had promised to protect her.

He burst into her room expecting to see the Phantom. Instead Christine still lay in her bed, tears streaming down her face, her arms waving in the air, fighting back some invisible demon.

"Christine," he called. He lifted her head from the bed and held her tightly, tying to calm her and wake her from her nightmare. "Christine, please wake for me."

"Raoul! Oh Raoul," she gasped. "He killed you! He ran his sword through you and I couldn't stop him!"

"Hush, it was only a nightmare. I'm fine."

"For now," Christine said. "But he won't stop. He'll never stop. Not until he kills you, and then he'll take me."

"I won't let that happen. I swear it. I have an idea. I'm going to talk to Firmin and Andre in a few hours when they arrive. This is going to end, I promise you. Do you trust me?"

"I trust you," Christine answered.

"Good, for if my plan is to work I'll need you to trust me. I'm going to beat the Phantom using his own game. It's time to perform a new opera."


I know I am in a sever minority for loving Raoul instead of the Phantom, but I've already been married to one phantom (okay, so he was really a drummer with a bad temper) but I'll now take the safe and protective guy any day! J

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