Conflicting Emotions

By: Comm. Butler

Disclaimer: I do not own Full Metal Alchemist and or any of its characters, even though I wish I did. However I do own Brigadier General Joshua Yong so don't steal him, not that you would but…

Author's Note: Okay I think I have gotten over not only the loss of Maes Hughes, but also the end of my favorite show, JAG, and now I can write something humorous. This fic is kind of short and may only have two or three parts if that, so when it ends it's over! This does NOT really follow the timeline of FMA, it's just a bit of fun, so don't get on my case about it. WARNING: This is a Roy/Riza so if you don't support, then get the hell out of here!


2200 Local (10 o'clock for all you civilians)

Hughes' Household

"Oh it's so pretty! I love it!"

"Yeah! Wow I wish someone would spend that much on me!"

"Look how it sparkles!" Several women clustered around Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye in the home of Maes and Grace Hughes. Hawkeye looked a little embarrassed as they turned her hand over and examined the sparkling engagement ring on her finger. Grace asked then,

"Who gave it to you?"


"Was it Colonel Mustang?"


"Oh was it really!" Another woman gasped.

"I knew that you two were perfect!" Another chorused. Hawkeye just kept her mouth shut and glanced over her shoulder at Colonel Mustang who was talking deeply with Hughes. All of the women saw the look and giggled.

"Yes! That has to be it! Oh when is the wedding? Is it going to be military or civilian?" They all waited in silence while Hawkeye answered.

"Well actually, I don't know but we'll figure it out."

"Aww! Tell us as soon as you find out!" The women dispersed leaving Hawkeye some air to breathe as they went to tell their husbands what they just found out.

"Look Hughes it not a measure of security as more of a measure of how much of a budget we…" Roy stopped when he felt a tap on his shoulder. He turned around and was immediately grabbed him into a strong embrace by Armstrong who bellowed,

"I never thought you had it in you chap! Congratulations!"


"Oh don't be so modest!" Another man joined in and clapped Mustang on the back. He was soon surrounded with men congratulating him and telling him he really done it this time. He just let them talk. He looked at Hughes who shrugged and then clapped his hands twice.

"Attention all! It's been wonderful to have you all here tonight!" He stopped for the clapping that followed and then continued.

"Unfortunately it's getting very late and my little Alicia, what a darling! Have you seen her picture? Oh well it's time that she goes to bed so I'm afraid we will have to adjourn this evening." There was a small groan the circled the room and then everyone began to file out. Almost everyone had left and Mustang was helping Hughes straighten up while Hawkeye and Grace put Alicia to bed. Mustang pulled something from his pocket.

"Hey Hughes I need you to see something."

"Sure what is it Roy?"

"This." He tossed the thing from his pocket to Hughes who opened it then cocked an eyebrow.

"This is what I think it is, isn't it?"

"Damn right it is."

"You know I was only joking with you to piss you off."

"So, I took it seriously and I think I…"

"Honey Alicia wants her Daddy!" Grace called.

"Alright! I'll be right there! Roy think about this, if it's for you know who then well, good luck." Hughes handed Mustang the item back and dashed away to his daughter. Hawkeye emerged from the hall and she tucked her left hand into the pocket of her jeans to hide the ring.


"Lieutenant." Mustang nodded and then grabbing his jacket helped Hawkeye into hers and promptly left without another word. Hawkeye said goodbye to Grace and then left as well for her apartment. Little did they know that in just a few hours, more then just words would exchange between them.

Same Night

Hughes' Household

2330 Local (11:30)

"You know what is wonderful honey?" Grace asked as she lay beside Hughes in bed.

"Other then you?" Hughes replied. Grace giggled.

"Yes other then me."

"Well then no."

"Riza is getting married."

"Is that so?"

"Yes. I saw the ring today, it's beautiful. I had no idea that a military salary could afford that."

"What makes you say that?"

"Oh come on Maes, you know the Colonel asked her! It just has to be him! I mean they are perfect for each other!" Grace rested her head on Hughes chest and he let out a sigh.

"There's only one problem with that." Hughes turned away from her and on his side.

"There is?"

"Yeah… Darling do I have a flame proof uniform?"

"What on Earth are you going to need that for?"

"Because… the Colonel doesn't know yet…" Hughes muttered and then closed his eyes. He needed all the sleep he could get.

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