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Friday (Three months later)

1245 Local


"So the wedding is tomorrow then?" Roy asked over his lunch. Riza nodded.

"Yes, yes it is. Will…"

"I wouldn't miss it for the world."

"I'm glad to hear it sir."

"Hmm." Roy then focused intently back on his lunch. Riza looked down at her own and suddenly lost her appetite. Mustang was trying really hard to be the best friend and superior he could be. He didn't seem to mind when Joshua came to pick her up for lunch or in the evenings. He had helped Riza with the wedding plans a little, pulling some strings, he most certainly owed it to her and even invited them both to dinner as a sort of belated engagement celebration, but Hawkeye wasn't fooled. They hadn't spoken about the confrontation in Mustang's office three months ago. Hawkeye could see the affect just being in the same room with her was having on him. He would instantly appear more somber and depressed then usual, and wouldn't say much. She hated the looks he would give her when he thought she wasn't looking. They were so sad and hopeless and more and more she would note the faint smell of liquor and smoke on him. It seemed he was spending more nights drinking and blasting things with his alchemy then he was sleeping.

"Don't get so down Lieutenant, after all you are the bride."

"Thank you sir. If you'll excuse me I have some papers to pick up for your signature."

"You're dismissed Lieutenant."

"Thank you sir." Hawkeye walked out quickly and left Mustang to his own depressed thoughts. He pulled out the box holding the ring he had kept to give to Riza and Riza alone. He opened it and about shouted when he saw that there wasn't a ring in the black velvet.

"No! Where is it? What if… the wedding is tomorrow!" He hit his knees and began to search frantically. Why hadn't he looked in the box before now? Why had he waited to find out from Riza? Because he couldn't' stand the heartbreak was why. Maybe this was the sign saying 'you lost so give up.' Well she was getting married tomorrow morning. He pulled a bottle of vodka out of another drawer and raising it to a photo he had of her hidden among the papers on his desk he muttered,

"Here's to conflicting emotions, lost hopes and lovely brides, Lieutenant."


0958 Local

Cathedral of Divine Faith at Central Headquarters

"I can't do it! No! I don't want to!" Riza clung to the doorframe of her dressing room while Grace and Winry pulled on her.

"You have to! If you don't what will the Colonel think?"

"Huh?" Riza's grasp loosened and the combined strength of the two women they pulled the nervous Lieutenant to an upright position. Winry shoved her bouquet into her hands and Grace made sure her veil was on straight and she looked all right. Then the two of them stepped back and joined the procession. Riza reached into the front of her dress and pulled out Mustang's engagement ring. Looking down at it she sighed and finally looked at the engraving on the inside. She knew she probably shouldn't have taken it, but she couldn't very well leave it either. Tipping the ring up she read aloud.

" 'Riza- My only flame.' Oh damn it!" Riza stomped her foot and clutched the ring tightly in her fist.

Why the hell was she standing here in a wedding gown marrying a Brigadier General who spoiled her and put her on a pedestal like a weak little doll? When she could be chasing down rouge alchemists and lowlifes, shooting guns and dodging explosions, with Mustang at her back to watch and protect her. She didn't want to get hurt was why. She didn't want to be so close to Roy that if something happened that she would be hurt. Joshua was much safer then Roy and definitely in a less dangerous position, he hardly knew about the Elrics or the Philosopher's Stone. She had to do this, she couldn't go on by herself anymore, and besides it was nice to come home after a long day of work and not have to cook dinner. The only other downgrade was the fact that Joshua wanted a family and that for Riza meant the end of her military career. Oh the sacrifices that one makes to like.

To like? Not love? Now why was… oh right she loved Roy, not Joshua, but she couldn't let it show, it was too late to back out now. She'd committed. Riza tucked the ring back into her dress and then headed for the alter, just as the music was cued. Her eyes scanned the crowd of uniforms and lovely dressed persons, searching for Mustang. She saw everyone from work and some faces she didn't know, Ed and Al had managed to show up. After all Winry was a bridesmaid. No matter the church was packed, but for here it seemed so empty. Riza climbed the couple steps up the alter to come and stand at the side of Joshua Yong in his dress uniform. She took his hand and plastered a smile on her face.

The priest began the ceremony like the thousands he had performed before, addressing the congregation and then the bride and groom. Riza's stomach tightened when he asked aloud,

"If there are any objections, speak now or forever hold your… peace." He paused slightly as the soft slam of a door sounded through the church. Riza turned and saw Mustang standing in the back of the room with his dress uniform on and his cover in his hands. The priest cleared his throat and asked again,

"Are there any objections?" Riza saw Roy shift from one foot to the other, but say nothing. The priest seeing the exchange nodded and continued on with the ceremony…

"I do…"

"An do you Lieutenant Riza Hawkeye take Brigadier General Joshua Yong to be your lawful wedded husband, for richer or poorer, for sickness and in health…" Riza tuned out the rest of the words, as she silently pondered why Roy hadn't burst in gloves blazing, flags flying and swept her off her feet. Was it possible that he had truly given up? Was it possible that he didn't care any…

"Darling." Joshua whispered.

"Huh? Oh, yes, right, of course." Riza nodded and the priest smiled.

"Then by the power vested in me by all that is under the Heavens I now pronounce you husband and…"

"NO! Don't say it!" Roy shouted as he ran down the aisle and jumped up beside Riza on the alter. He fell to his knees and grabbed her at the waist tightly. She rested a head on his head. His eyes looked up at her pleadingly.

"Riza look at me! Is this what you want?"

"What is?"

"Is it? Is it really? Do you want to go through with this?"


"Is it? Yes or No!"

"Yes, I want to…" Mustang pulled back from her and stood up abruptly. He gave a curt nod and then saluted Yong.

"I apologize for the interruption sir. I just needed to know."

"Of course." Yong nodded still smiling. Mustang turned and walked out of the church confidently. Riza stood there in shock for a minute and it was the elderly priest who retrieved her focus.

"You may kiss the bride."

"Finally." Yong leaned down to meet her lips, but instead his lips met cold metal.

"I don't think so."

"Riza what are you…" Yong muttered.

"That's all your going to kiss this time around. Now your going to let me walk out of here and go with Mustang, aren't you?

"No I won't stand for you to go to that bastard."

"Watch it!" Riza clicked off the safety before continuing.

"If you insult him one more time… be careful he's going to be the next Furhur. It's treason then. Now what are you going to let me do?"

"Walk away."

"That's right, take your ring off my finger… that's a good boy…" Riza kept the gun pointed at Yong as she backed down from the alter and then clicking the safety back on she bolted down the aisle out the back of the church, slipping Mustang's finger on her ring as she went.

The rain hit her full force as she took the steps two at a time down to the street. She prayed she wasn't too late for him; after all he left pretty quickly. As she scanned the street she pulled her veil off and tossed it down beside her and her long hair cascaded behind her and then plastered to her shoulders from the downpour.

A dull roar started at the far end of the street and then through a mist a motorcycle appeared and stopped in front of her, with Mustang sitting atop it.

"I apologize Lieutenant! You would you believe there wasn't a damn place to park for a half mile."

"It's perfectly alright sir! Just get us away from here!"

"As my lady wishes." Roy smiled and Hawkeye leaned over the bike and kissed him soundly, before climbing on behind him and wrapping her arms tightly around his waist. Mustang rested a hand on her left one that was on his stomach and smiled when he felt the ring on her finger. He revved the engine a sped off into the rain, leaving all the complicating emotions behind and racing into the future.

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