Knights of the Cosmic Table

AN: I don't own the characters. I just had a most excellent idea and thought I would start the story. But anyway I need some assistance with couples. I was going to make this into a traditional Rei/Heero story like I always do but i am open to a vote! The only thing is, and I am about the ruin some of the story, but the Gundam Pilots are also the girl's brothers so obviously some couples can't happen.

Brother - sister

Wufei - Rei
Quatre - Minako
Trowa - Ami
Duo - Makoto
Heero – Usagi/Neo Queen Serenity (Thanks for pointing out I needed to clear up who that was trp0522, much appreciated and the couples you chose are my favourite couples!)

So pick your couples, but remember the above couplings are brother and sister so they can't happen.

Chapter 1 - Emergency

"Rei-chan, Rei-chan, wake."
Mars woke to find someone poking her in the side and needless to say she wasn't very impressed. Reluctantly Mars opened a sleepy eye to stare up at the one who dared disturb her slumber, to find her disturber was still dressed in her nightgown, her pale face glistening in the moonlight. Venus. Mars should have known only Venus; her best friend would dare wake her.
"What time is it?" Mars murmured and Venus blushed a little, knowing Mars hated being woken up before 9am. It was sort of like the unspoken rule. If you dared wake Mars before 9am you would live to regret it.
"It is 3am," Venus whispered and Mars closed her one eye much to Venus' dismay.
"Mina-chan, I love you as my best friend and comrade, but if you ever wake me up at this time ever again, I will personally chop off all your beautiful locks of gold hair in your sleep and then dump a bucket of ice over your head, goodnight," Mars said this softly, with menace in her voice as she drifted off to sleep once more but Venus wouldn't hear of it. Not right now. Something more important was happening and Venus dared to nudge Mars with her elbow inciting Mars to growl in her general direction.
"Rei-chan, Serenity has called us to the throne room," Venus prompted and Mars' eyes snapped open on the alert.
"At 3am in the morning? Something must be wrong," Mars sat up throwing aside her bed covers and getting to her feet beginning to pace her room.
"I'm worried," Venus said softly frowning and Mars threw on her nightgown and smiled wearily at her best friend.
"Don't freak out just yet, lets wait till we get there," Mars held out her hand and Venus grabbed onto it as the two raced towards the throne room hand in hand, like little children, always the best of friends.

Mars and Venus were the last to arrive, which was nothing out of the ordinary. They found Mercury and Jupiter already waiting for them and raising an eyebrow in their direction both shrugged their shoulders in confusion. So none of them knew why they were getting a 3am wake up call. It was worrying indeed. There was some commotion as Serenity came into the throne room, her face so white, and her blue eyes wide.
"Your majesty," the four senshi fell to one knee in Serenity's presence and Serenity came towards them taking Mars' and Venus' hands as though looking for comfort.
"My senshi, something terrible has happened, Small Lady disappeared, and Pluto said that she felt a shift at the Time Gates, we think Small Lady used her Time Key and went to a new time and place," Serenity said this sniffling as though she was about to cry and Mercury frowned not understanding why their Small Lady would leave.
"Why would she do such a thing?" Mercury pondered and Serenity looked to their genius and hugged her tightly.
"I don't know, but I need you all to go and bring her back, please," Serenity begged and Jupiter pinched Serenity's cheek affectionately nodding her agreement and Mars and Venus did the same. Mercury couldn't while Serenity still clung around her neck but from the look on her face it was obvious she too would be going along on this mission.
"Of course, we will leave immediately," Jupiter, said as Mercury untwined Serenity's arms and Serenity half-smiled.
"Thank you, all of you," Serenity said then opened a small satchel she had been carrying with her when she had entered and took out a small Time Key for each of them as she explained, "these Time Keys will take you to the Gates of Time, where Saturn will be waiting to guide you to where we suspect Small Lady has gone, Saturn will help you bring her back."
Mars reached over and pulled Serenity into a bear hug and the others all crowded around as they hugged each other tightly. They had always been the closest of friends and time had brought them closer than ever. When they finally broke apart there was more than a few tears in each of their eyes and they all hurried to brush them away. The four senshi stood in a square shape, Mars facing Venus and Mercury facing Jupiter and as an imaginary wind blew around them their nightgowns faded away to be replaced by their senshi suits. Red, Blue, Green and Orange, they were the colours of the inner senshi.
"Farewell Serenity, see you soon," Mars called out giving her Queen a wink and Serenity laughed waving good-bye to them.

"Time Key, take us to the Gates of Time," they each whispered and as Serenity watched her senshi's images faded away and she was left alone.

Serenity near jumped out of her skin as her husband came out of the shadows a reproachful look on his face and Serenity felt sheepish.
"I know I shouldn't meddle in their lives, but when Small Lady came up with this plan i knew we could do it for them, they have gone through so much for me, I want to give something to them in return, i want to give them happiness," Serenity explained and while he could understand her feelings, Endymion still wasn't sure this was such a good idea. To pretend their daughter ran away in order to take the senshi to a world where the men they loved, brothers and lovers from the Silver Millennium were now reborn was sneaky. Endymion was sure he remembered some things of their past that Serenity didn't and he knew the other girls well enough to know they probably wouldn't take kindly to remembering their past. It was so sordid and full of betrayal.
"But sending them to drag up memories from the past, are you sure that is a good thing?" Endymion pushed and Serenity bowed her head, leaning on Endymion's shoulder, her face one of sadness.
"My senshi were happy once, they will be again, by sending them to where their chosen others have been reborn, once again they will reunite," Serenity shared with Endymion dreamily and Endymion pulled her to him kissing the top of her head. Loving how much she cared about her friend's happiness.
"I hope so Usako, or you will have some very miserable senshi on your hands," Endymion informed her and Serenity nodded. That was true, but she wanted to give them a chance to find happiness. Whether they took that into their lives was their choice and theirs alone. She hoped they would make the right choice.

AN: A little short but nevertheless a beginning!