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"Well, well, well, isn't this a happy table?" Endymion mused to Serenity as they sat for dinner that night and Serenity had to agree with her husband.

Setsuna and Jedite were talking happily about their cooking lesson and planning a picnic for the next day. Michiru and Haruka were whispering to each other and laughing, throwing fond glances at Hotaru and Quatre who were also engaged in a conversation regarding their wedding. Quatre had proposed just before dinner started. Rini and Helios were staring lovey dovey at each other, not being able to take their eyes off one another. Duo and Ami weren't saying much, which was strange for Duo, not so strange for Ami, but his arm was around her shoulder and every so often he would kiss her forehead and she would smile with content. Makoto and Wufei were having an argument about the better style of fighting Taw Kwon Doe or Muey Tai Boxing, but anyone could see the argument was a ruse just so that they could stay entranced by each other. Minako and Trowa were also silent, their hands were clasped and Minako couldn't help beaming at him and everyone at the table. Rei and Heero sat side by side, as close to each other as possible, her hand was captured in his two hands, and their eyes kept meeting with a smouldering passion that only they understood.
"I'm just so glad everything has worked out, now we can all be happy, truly happy," Serenity said lifting her champagne glass to take a sip when she noticed Rei looking at her with a small smile of apology on her lips.
-I'm sorry Odango, what a fool I've been- Rei apologised via their mindlink feeling sheepish but Serenity wouldn't hear a bar of it.
-Nonsense, we've all been foolish once upon a time- Serenity reminded her graciously, and Rei felt pure joy at having a friend as wonderful and caring as Serenity.
-Yeah Rei, remember that time Usagi thought Mamoru was chatting up a another girl and it turned out to be a manikin?- Makoto jumped into the conversation and Rei broke out into a huge smile, while Serenity pouted but couldn't help but giggle.
-Or the time Ami freaked out when she thought Usagi got top of the grade until she realised they had put the scores up backwards- Minako interjected laughing.
-Or the time Mina went in that beauty pageant and forgot what her talent was- Ami now gave her recollection and the others started joining in, until all the girls a the table were giggling like crazy, while the men sat there confused and feeling quite out of the loop.
"They have got to teach us how to do that mind read thing," Duo said to the other men as he watched the girls converse and Endymion took a sip of his wine.
"If you want my advice, don't bother, just smile and nod," Endymion advised wisely and the guys all grinned and did as told.