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Summary: How different would Harry have been had he grown up in a different environment and how will the Wizarding World deal with their "Hero", raised as heir to a city bathed in darkness. Brought up to be feared and respected, tutored in the darkest arts and physical combat, Harry Potter is not the caring, innocent boy Dumbledore had hoped he would become, and he's ready to leave his mark on the Wizarding World. Dark Harry.

Authors Note: The story is rated M as it will contain graphic violence and scenes of torture. You have been warned.

Pairings: Set during Harry's first year, so none this time around.

Note: Chapter 6; I tried to get it up as quickly as possible after Chapter 5 to make up for the three year wait. Harry vs Dumbledore: Round 1, and some surprised visitors to Hogwarts cause quite a ruckus! Enjoy.

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Battles of Minds and Fists

The Great Hall descended into silence as the last of the students exited, most of them casting glances at Harry still sitting at the Ravenclaw table, his eyes fixed upon the Headmaster. The majority of the staff also remained; only Professor Snape had marched out, purposely not looking at Harry as he strode past with a look on his face that could probably kill.

Dumbledore had a muttered conversation with Professor McGonagall before dismissing the rest of the teachers. As they neared the door Dumbledore rose.

"Professor Flitwick, if you could wait in the entrance hall for Harry and show him to his dormitory afterwards please? This shall hopefully not take long."

A very small man with grey hair looked back at Dumbledore and nodded before following the other teachers through the main doors, looking back at Harry before he left. The grand door closed behind him with a bang and the hall fell into silence.

Dumbledore's footsteps as he approached Harry echoed in the silence, and he removed his wand quietly casting what Harry recognised to be some very advanced privacy wards across the hall as he walked. He placed his wand calmly back into his robes as he drew near before taking Hermione's now empty place at the Ravenclaw table.

Were the situation not so serious Harry might have laughed; the aged Headmaster looked thoroughly ridiculous sitting at the much lower table. He maintained his mask though, allowing no emotion to slip past.

Harry had known this would happen as soon as he returned. Jared had told him as much as he knew about Albus Dumbledore, supposed leader of the Light. He had to be very careful not to give away anything; the man might try something underhanded to find out where Harry had been the past ten years, and if Harry let slip any information of Karthul they were in trouble. Worse yet, if the old man realised exactly how powerful Harry was there would be many more questions raised.

"So," Dumbledore spoke finally, his voice quiet. "I assume you know why you were treated with shock tonight? Forgive me, but you seemed less than surprised by the situation."

Harry thought his words over carefully.

"Yes, I know why Professor. My adoptive family informed me of my station in the Wizarding World. I have known since an early age eactly who I am and of the Wizarding World despite not being brought up here."

Dumbledore nodded, threading his fingers together as he looked at Harry.

"You were not raised by muggles then, but in the Muggle world then?"

"I was not raised in the Wizarding world, but yes, my adoptive family are not Muggle."

Dumbledore nodded, and for a moment Harry felt a slight prod against his mental shields. Rage boiled in him as Dumbledore tried to use legillimacy on him, but the old man withdrew after only a moment, no doubt surprised by the boy's shields though neither of them made any sign of what had occurred.

"You do not have the scar?" Dumbledore asked, his eyes trailing Harry's forehead. The blemish was practically invisible, especially in the pale light of the Great Hall.

"My Father had it healed when I was five. It started hurting so he thought it best to be rid of it; it took quite a lot of work, the thing didn't seem to want to disappear."

Dumbledore smiled grimly as he whispered "No, I presume it would not have."

"You were searched for." He continued. "Our world as a whole searched and yet nobody could find anything. Perhaps you could tell me where you were these past years Harry, and of your adoptive family?"

"I'm afraid I can't do that Professor. I'm well aware of my position in this world; if people knew exactly where I was and who brought me up I would never be left in peace. As things stand I am clearly safe, therefore I see no reason to divulge anything as far as my private affairs are concerned."

Dumbledore sighed wearily, his eyes never leaving Harry's.

"That won't be possible I'm afraid Harry," He said, leaning forward. "You are far too important to this world for these things to remain a secret. The Ministry of Magic will demand answers; proof of your identity and information on everything that has happened in the past ten years. There may be repercussions for the actions of your adoptive family for removing you from your carers. I can help you Harry, but only if you can tell me everything."

Harry was annoyed by the overbearing presence of the man. It was clear he was desperate for answers, trying to make it seem that it would be in Harry's best interest to reveal them. He had felt several more sharp prods against his legillimacy barriers, retracting almost immeditely after, and though he showed no outward sign that he had noticed what the Headmaster was doing he had to grip the bench he was sitting on to keep from cursing the old man.

Standing from his seat he fixed Dumbledore with a calm look.

"I'm afraid it won't be possible Headmaster, however important you might deem me to this world. What happened to me is for me to know, and though it may be revealed in time it will not be now. Let the Ministry come and ask, they have no right to know either. Besides, why does it matter that I never went to the Dursley's? They were never supposed to raise me anyway, according to my parents."

Dumbledore's calm look faltered for a moment, a sign of frustration washing over his face. He didn't seem to want to let his grandfatherly persona fall, but Harry was being deliberately secretive and he could tell it was driving the man mad.

"If that's all Professor, I'm rather tired. Besides, Professor Flitwick is waiting for me and I shouldn't keep him out there all night. Good evening Professor."

Harry calmly removed himself from the table completely. Dumbledore said something very quietly but Harry missed it and decided not to ask him to repeat himself. Without a backward glance he made his way toward the door, stopping only moments later when he felt a final sharp pain in his head.

Dumbledore had given up prodding his mental barriers. The old man was throwing everything he had at them, trying to break through.

Harry saw red in an instant. How dare he try to violate his mind like that? Using legillimacy against another person was illegal in the Wizarding World as far as Harry was aware. To break into someone else's mind, steal their thoughts and memories; it was low. Harry quickly put everything he had into maintaining his shields and preventing the man's attack.

Dumbledore was focussing on a single point of his shield, throwing his entire mind behind creating a hole rather than searching the walls for weaknesses as was a more common mode of attack. Harry had a plan, but it was risky; carrying it out would leave the rest of his mind unprotected to the man's attack should he change position, should he decide to change the focus of his entry. Harry was sure he wouldn't though. He seemed over-confident that he could break through Harry's protections.

Focusing, he quickly withdrew all defences over his mind other than from the area Dumbledore was attacking, leaving only a small part of the wall intact. With his shields down he had to hurry before Dumbledore realised what he was doing and took advantage, because it would take Harry time to reraise his shields.

Concentrating on the power he always kept available for his shields, most of it now unused, he began to feed it directly into the point of Dumbledore's intrusion. The power came fast and thick, and within moments had begun to overwhelm the old man's. Harry could tell he was surprised.

Dumbledore began to feed more power into his attack, and Harry realised the man had been holding back; if the headmaster put much more power into it Harry wouldn't stand a chance, the man was far too well versed in this branch of magic, much more so than Harry.

He slammed his gathered power quickly into Dumbledore's attack before the man could overcome him. Dumbledore was ejected finally but Harry didn't stop there. With a final large push he struck back, violently slamming Dumbledore out of his head completely and forcibly back into his own.

The man cried out slightly, drawing back as though smacked as Harry slammed him back and withdrew. When he drew his head forward again his eyes were bloodshot and a small trickle of blood ran from one nostril. Harry took his opportunity to build up his mental shields again, desperately trying to his his exhaustion as he strode towards Dumbledore.

"You listen to me Dumbledore! I don't know what the usual protocol is for this sort of situation but iI know enough to know what you just did was illegal!" Harry shouted. He was beyond angry now, sure that if he hadn't put so much magic into throwing back Dumbledore's attack things around him would probably be breaking right now.

Harry drew closer, getting inches from Dumbledore's face as he snarled.

"I have no personal feelings toward you at all really headmaster, but I had heard you were a brilliant wizard with a history that demanded respect. I would, but what you just did... if you ever think of doing something like that again I swear on my life and magic I'll disappear again, and when I come back I'll be the end of you!"

Dumbledore's pale face looked back at him, and though he was still slightly dazed he seemed to take in Harry's words. He still seemed ready to protest but Harry was already striding away, and anything he did say Harry ignored in favour of listening to his own head scream about what had just occurred.

Professor Flitwick had lead Harry through corridors that were now slightly familiar to him; the information he had drained from the Sorting Hat had been incredible if somewhat fuzzy. I would still take Harry time to ma out the entire of Hogwarts castle, as it seemed things had changed slightly from the time of the Founders' creation of the Sorting Hat, however he would pick it up quicker than anyone else.

He recognised the location of the Ravenclaw common room, though he barely listened to the riddle the eagle-shaped knocker provided or the answer Professor Flitwick gave; he knew there was a much easier way of obtaining entrance but he wasn't about to share it.

The common room was empty, though the fire still burned warmly and the stars shone both from the ceiling and the enormous windows in the room. Professor Flitwick gave Harry a quick explanation about his dormitory before bidding him a good night.

With silence Harry climbed the stairs toward his dormitory, pausing for a second to glance at the large, white marble statue of Rowena Ravenclaw in the common room. When he entered the room his housemates were already in bed, and Harry silently thanked the universe that he wouldn't have to put up with any questions tonight. He was sure the next morning would be hell though.

With a wave of his wand - too exhausted after his spat with the headmaster - Harry changed his clothes and climbed into bed, falling asleep almost immediately.

Harry was awake before any of his dorm-mates the next morning, and winced as he sat up. His head was throbbing, no doubt from the events of the previous night. Dumbledore no doubt felt much the same; he may have been more advanced in Occlumency and Legillimacy than Harry was, but the boy had caught him unprepared the night before.

The fact that Dumbledore could conceivably break through the barriers surrounding his mind worried him, and he quickly wrote a letter to his Father and summoned Kattalin to deliver it, asking for anything that might stop him. Harry doubted Dumbledore would try anything very soon. He was counting on the fact that Dumbledore wouldn't realise just yet that the power he had used to slam the old man from his mind was almost everything he had at his disposal. He was sure the man wouldn't give up after only one failed attempt though.

Changing quickly and quietly so as not to wake anyone Harry stole from the common room and made his way carefully back to the Great Hall. He managed not to get lost, much to his joy.

There were very few people there already, though Harry noticed all the teachers were. They were huddled in a group in front of there table, the Headmaster deep in hushed conversation with two men. A few of the people in the hall were shooting the group wondering looks, looks that turned to Harry when they noticed him make his way to the Ravenclaw table.

"Morning Hermione." He said pleasently, reaching to fill his plate.

The girl, who uncharacteristically had her head stuck in a book, almost fell off her chair in shock.

"Harry!" She almost squealed, causing near everyone there to turn in their direction. "You almost gave me a heart attack. I didn't expect anyone to be up this early, but I couldn't wait! We get our schedules today, and classes, and do you think..."

Whatever Hermione was about to say was cut off as Harry was grabbed roughly by the shoulder, lifted off the chair and spun round to face one of the men Dumbledore had been in conversation with. His fingers were stroking one of the spikes he kept strapped to his stomach, and Harry had to squash down the immediate instinct to strike back.

"Sirius, please let us take this to my office." Dumbledore said, walking up behind the man who had grabbed Harry so roughly. Dumbledore was accompanied by another man, greying blond hair and eyes that fixed on Harry as though trying to search his soul.

So this was Sirius Black and the lycanthrope Lupin.

His Godfather was staring at him and there was fury in his eyes. His black hair seemed to have gone rather wild, as though he'd run his hands through it many times and knocked it completely out of place. With an inward sigh Harry turned to him emotionless.

"You're hurting me." He said, flexing his shoulders against the large fingers that gripped them. It wasn't too painful in truth, he had felt infinitely more painful things during his life, but the man already annoyed him. This was quite a greeting he'd prepared for his long-lost Godson.

"Who are you?" He finally said, his voice a deadly whisper that Harry was sure would have chilled many. He looked back impassive though, appearing bored already.

"Harry Potter-Karthulus. And you would be Sirius Black, the Minister of Magic I assume. Quite a greeting; I had expected a hug from my Godfather, but apparentlytraditional welcomes are looked down upon at Hogwarts." He said, glaring over the man's shoulder at Dumbledore as he said the last words. The man had the grace to look ashamed.

Sirius Black growled low in his throat, and Harry had to wonder if Remus Lupin had mistakenly infected him.

Seconds later the man had drawn back his fist and punched Harry square in the face.

The palpable silence of the Great Hall was broken by a scream from Hermione, shouts from several of the teachers and a stunning spell from Remus Lupin.

Harry's head was spinning; the attack had come unexpectedly. He had slight memories of Sirius Black; fuzzy images and sounds from his younger years recovered from mediation and Occlumency practice. The man standing there screaming at Lupin was nothing like he expected.


"You'll do what?" Harry said icily, rising from the table where he had fallen. Hermione was at his side, though he hadn't noticed her move, as was Dumbledore. Harry ignored them both, rising fluidly. Black looked like he wanted to hit him again, but Lupin was holding him back.

"What do you know of how Harry Potter would act or talk? I was what, a year old when you last seen me, Padfoot? He said, hissing the name out as though it were fire on his lips. Black and Lupin both paled considerably

Harry raised his hand and wiped a small trickle of blood from his mouth; the punch had connected on his cheek but he had hit the table hard and apparently burst his lip. He didn't notice the pain but he almost let out a laugh at his hand.

"The Minister of Magic assaulting a first year. I'm sure the papers will have a field day. But if that's how it's to be, then I guess you should really fetch the Veritaserum. Can I have breakfast while I wait, or would you like to hit me some more?"

Without waiting for an answer Harry spun on the sot and returned to his seat. The glass that had broken had repaired itself and he quickly continued filling his plate. Hermione sat beside him, whispering questions ferociously to him to make sure he was alright. He smiled at her slightly and nodded but continued in silence; he had noticed the look on Dumbledore's face the moment he'd agreed to take the truth potion. He would have to work this carefully.

It took twenty minutes for Severus Snape to return with the potion, which Sirius immediately snatched though some of his fight seemed to have died. Harry looked at him across the table where he now stood, still glaring down at him and gripping the potion phial so hard Harry was sure it must be charmed unbreakable.

"Would you like to test it or shall we just get on with it?" He said, watching the small gathering of teachers that had made their way to surround him. The Great Hall was slowly filling up with students, all of them looking in confusion at the events playing out at the Ravenclaw table. Whispers passed back and forth and the story of what was happening seemed to be told to everyone who entered. They were all trying to get as close as possible without being obvious about their interest.

Sirius decided not to test it as he shoved the bottle toward Harry, who uncorked it silently. Three drops would be enough to force the potion to take effect, but Harry wanted no dount left in their mind. Stronger doses of the potion only made it last longer, with no ill effects, so he gulped down half the bottle before passing it back to Sirius.

As it began to take effect his mind went into overdrive. He could not lie under the potion, such was its effect, but he did not have to tell the whole truth either. He had been trained under Veritaserum many times, and although he was not a master of it, he thought he could get away with giving as little away as possible.

When the questions were asked under the potion he would have only a second to consider them and produce an answer before one was given unwillingly. Steeling himself he waited.

He was checked by Dumbledore, Snape and Lupin in turn to see that the potion was working before Sirius came forward.

"Who are you?" Sirius asked roughly, his eyes burning still.

"Harry James Evans Potter-Karthulus." Harry answered in monotone. "I was born Harry James Potter, the Evans name from my Mother's side that is rarely used. I took the name Karthulus when I was adopted."

Sirius' face became paler and he stuttered a few times. Harry watched him look to Lupin, and he sunndenly looked very small. Lupin stepped forward to place a hand on Sirius' shoulder before turning his attention to Harry.

"Harry, who took you from the Dursley's when you were a child?" He asked softly. Harry could tell the man was a lot more grounded than his Godfather; his memories of Lupin were fewer but he thought he might like the lycathrope.

"My Father." Was his respose, delivered again in monotone.

"And who is your Father?" Lupin asked lightly.

"James Potter." Harry said. He watched the faces around him change; Dumbledore and Snape knew what was happening, and he was sure Lupin did too. Snape looked shocked beyond words and Lupin's eyes seemed to have frozen. Dumbledore though did not look surprised. Sirius was just looking at him confused.

"Who is your adoptive Father?" Lupin asked, slightly harder this time.

"The man who took me away from the Dursley's." Harry answered truthfully. People around them were starting to whisper.

Lupin straightened up and looked toward Dumbledore, who nodded at him silently. He could hear Snape whispering about impossibilities, but he kept his eyes fixed ahead.

"What's going on?" Sirius suddenly shouted. "You're all acting like there's something wrong, just finish questioning him before it wears off."

Lupin look at him, and put his hand on Sirius' shoulder again.

"Sirius you heard his answers. I don't think we're going to get much more information from him; he's been trained against revealing information while under the effect of Veritaserum."

The statemet sent shocked whispers through the gathered crowd, and Harry felt Hermione's hand grip his own sightly tighter; he hadn't even noticed she'd taken it.

Sirius wasn't about to be beaten though.

"What is the name of you adoptive father?" He said, his eyes burning again.

"Jared Karthulus." Harry answered. There was no point in trying to avoid that one; it was a direct question with a direct answer, but they wouldn't know the name anyway so Harry didn't worry on it anymore as he prepared for the next question.

"Where did he raise you?"

"In his home." Harry said. If he could smirk at their faces he would, but the potion wouldn't allow it.

"Where is his home?" Sirius almost shouted. Nobody was trying to calm him anymore, they all had their eyes fixed on Harry.

"Sector 8."

The answer inspired many confused looks, and Harry wished he could laugh.

"Where is Sector 8!?" Sirius was screaming now. He was getting angrier by the second, and Harry thought he looked ready to cry.

"Sector 8 is above Sector 7." He answered monotonously. Several people let out disappointed sighs, sure Sirius had got him that time. Sirius smashed his fist into the Ravenclaw table in frustration.

"Were you raised in the Muggle World?" He asked, quieter this time.


Sirius' head snapped up; he had clearly been expecting Harry to say yes. They had searched, but the Muggle World was a mystery to most Wizards. It was the only place they would expect him to be, and if he wasn't there they must assume he had been right under their noses the entire time.

"You were raised in the Wizarding World?" Sirius asked. His voice was on the verge of breaking now.


Confusion once again swept the hall. Remus looked to Dumbledore again, who only shrugged. It was Snape who spoke next.

"Potter must be stupid, just like his Father. If you weren't raised in one you were raised in the other, which was it?"


"It's impossible to be raised nowhere Potter, how can you be raised outside both worlds?" Snape snarled, standing beside Remus now and glaring down at the boy as though he would like nothin more than to curse him into oblivion.

"Your viewpoint is limited."

Several people laughed as Snape turned an impressive shade of puce. He had just been insulted by a first year under the effects of Veritaserum.

"How is our viewpoint limited?" Remus said softly before Snape could curse Harry.

"You see this world divided in two. Just because you do not see more does not mean more do not exist." Harry said. He was giving slightly more away than he had originally intended, but their questions were becoming harder to answer while steering from the truth.

"And you were raised outside the two we see?" Remus asked again as silence descended.


"What country were you raised in?" Lupin asked. Once again the answer was waited for with silence.

"None." Harry said; that one had been easy. Although Karthulus was a nation the island it was built upon belonged to nobody; Karthulus had not claimed it as it would only increase the risk of exposure, and since the island was completely hidden by magic nobody else had claimed it either.

The Veritaserum was beginning to ware off, he could sense. Apparently the same was obvious because Snape informed Lupin, to which the older man nodded.

"Where can we find Jared Karthulus?" He asked, and Sirius bore his eyes into Harry, gripping his wand so tight his knuckles were almost glowing white; Harry had not noticed him remove it from wherever it was stored, but he was sure that if his Father had been there now Sirius Black would have done everything in his power to curse him.

"You can't." He answered.

"Can you take us to him?" Lupin asked, his voice sounding as though he were starting to lose hope.

"No." The wards around Karthul would not allow those not keyed in to them to enter, and Harry did not posses that kind of power over the wards. As far as he was aware Jared was in Karthul, and therefore he could, in all honesty, take them to him.

The effects of the Veritaserum were almost completely gone now, but Sirius looked up as though a question had sprung to mind, and Harry - as well as the rest of the hall if the intake of breath was anything to go by - were shocked by it.

"Are you or Jared Karthulus associated in any way with Voldemort or his followers?"

Harry's eyes widened slightly, even through the potion. They actually thought he was a Death Eater?

"My Father collects information about him but is associated with him in no other way." Harry said simply, and many people let a breath out as though relieved. "I am connected to Voldemort by the curse that failed, and prophecised to kill him or be killed by him by the prophecy made by Sybill Trelawney."

The room froze.

Dumbledore, Snape, Lupin and Black were looking at them as though he were an alien. The rest of the room were varying between different states of shock and disbelief.

"How did you know about that?" Dumbledore asked quietly.

Harry smiled slightly. The potion had worn off and he had managed not to give too much away; they knew his Father's name, which was a minor irritation but nothing to be worried over. Also, the prophecy he had wanted in the open; he needed to get a message to Voldemort somehow, announcing that he was going to try and kill him to the entire of Hogwarts seemed like as good a way as any.

"The prophecy was made about me, Dumbledore." Harry said, and they realised at once that the potion had worn off. "We went to great lengths to discover the reason behind Voldemort's attack, and the curse that failed. It would be impossible to bring him down without the proper information."

"You broke into the Department of Mysteries?" Lupin said, slightly shaken.

"No. And neither did my Father. You can check it under Veritaserum if you don't believe me." Harry said, glaring at them. "Are we done? Only, it's supposed to be my first day of school."

Lupin nodded weakly. Nobody had moved; everyone in the hall was packed as close to the Ravenclaw table as they could get, but they all took a step back when Harry rose from his seat. Hermione rose with him, looking at him to see if he was alright, but he only motioned to her slightly and they walked from the hall together. Harry took only a few moments of pause at the door.

"Oh, and it was nice to see you again too, Godfather." He said loudly enough for everyone to hear and with a sarcastic ring to it that could not be mistaken.

The doors banging behind him in the Great Hal echoed through the silence, broken only by the sound on Sirius Black falling into a seat at the Ravenclaw table with a sob.

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