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A Hearts Promise:

Chapter 1: A New Beginning, an Old Problem (Revised)

"Master all is ready, just as we planned."

"Good, good… start the preparations for the final stages, and don't mess this up, we can't afford a screw up."

"Yes master."

A small shadow scurried through the darkness of the cave until it disappeared around the corner of a tunnel. Scarlet eyes followed the shadow until it was out of sight and then a raspy laughter started, bouncing off the damp walls of the cave.

"Soon, soon my plans will be set into motion and you will once again have no one to love anymore, you will be helpless to my power and then, only then will you know the extent of your purpose."

The scarlet eyes gazed down at a hazy image of a black haired women, she was gazing up out of the image as if she could see him, but he knew she couldn't.

He skimmed a clawed finger through the image and watched as the ripples of the water distorted her face, but still she remained flawless and beautiful.



Night was falling when sounds of battle cries and labored breathing stopped and an eerie silence settled over the valley. In a clearing two figures stood breathing heavily; glaring daggers at each other.

One wore all red clothing and his silver hair blew over his heaving shoulders with the soft breeze. The other stood calmly and stared back, his golden eyes challenging the other to attack once again.

Sango stood on the outskirts of the clearing watching the two staring at each other in a silent battle of wills.

'Well this is amusing, guys, sometimes I don't know what to do with them'

She smirked and slid her gaze to the half demon leaning heavily on his sword.

'He's gotten so strong these past two months, but he still gets tired out faster then he should because of his recklessness when he starts to get frustrated or mad.'

Sango sighed and started to walk up the slight slope towards the two demons.

"Hey, I think that's enough for today, Kagome probably has dinner ready for us by now, we should head back."

Inuyasha broke his gaze away from the other demon and looked at Sango in surprise.

"What are you doing here Sango? I told you to stay away from us when we're training."

Sango glanced at Inuyasha; then looked away heading towards Oborozuki, completely ignoring Inuyasha.

"Hey you looked good out there today why don't you head back and eat something, I know you have to be hungry after all that fighting." She said while gingerly placing a hand on his arm.

Oborozuki glanced down at her and then nodded and turned and started to walk down the slope. Once he was out of sight Sango turned back to Inuyasha, her brown eyes ablaze with fury.

"Just because of what happened between us a couple of months ago, don't think that I'm your property that you can order around!" She exclaimed.

Inuyasha looked at her stunned and then his golden eyes narrowed and he started walking towards Sango.

"I don't think of you as my property! I just don't want you by us when we're fighting! You're my mate! I have to pr…"

"I am NOT your mate; just because we had sex doesn't make me your MATE!" Sango yelled, her face turning a deep shade of red.

"I'm going to mark you as my mate!" Inuyasha matched her voice. Then, quietly "I know what your doing! You've been avoiding any close contact with me these past months. If I start to talk to you about me marking you, you always change the subject. You're not telling me something. I'm going to find out what and then I'm going to mark you!" Inuyasha said coming close to Sango.

Sango took a step back, wanting to clear her mind of the wonderful scent of him; the warmth radiating off of his body.

'I can't…stop Sango…you can't let him mark you! It will just hurt him in the end'

Straightening her back she set her jaw stubbornly and turned to leave. Inuyasha caught her arm and spun her back towards him.

"What's wrong Sango, why won't you tell me?" Inuyasha could see a flash of emotion go over her brown eyes and then she twisted her arm out of his grip and stared back at him with saddened eyes.

"Please don't ask me."

Inuyasha froze and gazed at Sango, his golden eyes radiating sadness, betrayal, and another emotion she didn't want to see in his eyes.

Inuyasha suddenly, dropped his hand and turned and left Sango in the clearing without another word.

Sango watched him leave; wiping the tears that slid down her cheeks.

She looked up at the darkening sky. Turning, she followed Inuyasha back to the camp.

'Inuyasha… you will understand soon'


A/N: Well that's the first chapter, I know I said its going to be a happier fic but I decided to change it, because Sango is torn between her two promises and she is now distancing herself from Inuyasha so she can avoid hurting him more in the end, which gives you a clue as to what she is leaning towards. Also this story takes place 2 months after the end of A Sorrow Filled Love. During those two months Oborozuki and Inuyasha had been training every day and the group is camped on the out skirts of Sesshoumaru's land. Also Kagome has been going home periodically and Sango and Inuyasha have been growing apart, because Sango is distancing herself from Inuyasha, so now whenever they talk it always turns into a fight. Well that's a summary of what has happened between the break. Also the bad guy in the beginning is NOT Naraku, even though he does have a connection to Naraku but he isn't. The next chapter should be up soon since school is ending next Wednesday so I'll have a little more time to write this story. I hope every one likes it please review and tell me if I should do anything to make it better.