What do you do, when the only color is blue,

Through, your lover's eyes?

What do you do, if the only color is red,

Burning your eyes like a sinner on his death bed?

All I can say is I'm sorry,

I can pray for her forgiveness, until the finish,

On her heart sparkles a happy gold...

What do you do, when your lover's not with you,

Because you've become, a part of her,

Black stress?

All I can say, all I can do,

Is pray for her acceptance and forgiveness, I need to hear again,

The beautiful tone in her perfect voice again...

All of these colors, are not from another,

But only through the love of my life, I'll live in black and white,

Won't go through a night, and rest until I know that she's okay...

Lover, I miss you,

I'd die just to kiss you, one more time,

And embrace you through the worst of times, I'm sorry...

Without you, I'm brushless,

With no canvas, my life is no life without you or the rainbow in your smile...