He never thought he wanted this. He thought he would have been content with just his job and his friends. He can remember scoffing at his mother's wishes for grandchildren and saying that she was talking to the wrong son.

He had thought he had had it all, that he had all he needed until he first saw her. She had been standing with her back to him, leaning slightly over one hip. She was talking to someone nodding politely throughout the conversation, than suddenly she laughed, her lips cracking into a dazzling smile. Her head thrown back, her dark hair swaying to the beat of her laugh, she looked angelic. It was at that moment that he knew, it was love as cheesy as it sounds, it was gut wrenching, soul filling love.

He had waited bidding his time for the right moment, when it came she shot him that smile, the one that made him go weak in the knees, and threw her arms around him. She pressed her lips to his and in the moment he had thought that he had it all.

He knew, he didn't think he just knew, he had it all when he felt those tiny fingers wrap around his and he saw that smile, the same smile that made him go weak in the knees, on that sweet baby face.

"What are you thinking about?" she asked her dark hair was splayed like mist on the pillow, her hand reached out and her fingers started tracing the edges of his face.

"About everything, life, us," he answered while slowly rolling over careful not to disturb the sleeping form in between them. "She looks more and more like you each day," he continued as he gazed down at the little girl between them.

"She has her daddy's eyes," she said her hand now lightly rubbing circles around one of his eyes. Reaching up he gently grasped her hand. He placed a feather like kiss on each of her fingers before intertwining the fingers and leaning over the sleeping toddler and kissing her full on the lips.

"I love you," she breathed out and snuggled closer into his embrace.

"I love you too Ang," he whispered just before drifting off.