"A Second Chance"

Author's notes: This story is a sort of sequel to "As Purity Lay in the Arms of Evil", other than "As Evil Lay in the Arms of Purity" and "Obsession Possession" and can be considered a sort of prequel to "Tekken 5: The Kazama-Mishima Connections, "The Kazama-Mishima Connections 2" and "The Kazama-Mishima Connections 3" so I suggest you read those fics since it may have something to do with this. This fiction is from Jun Kazama's point of view. Some characters, situation and information may be fan-made. Rated NC-17

Disclaimer: Jun Kazama, Jin Kazama, Kazuya Mishima, and all Tekken characters referred in this fanfic are the property of NAMCO. This is only a fan fiction from the imagination of an obsessed fan. No copyright infringement intended.

Chapter 1: Delinquent

A loud rapping reverberated through my small cottage in the remote forests of Yakushima followed by the wailing and angry screams of an all too familiar childish voice. I put down my needlework and shut my eyes tight, hoping it was just the wind or that it was simply my imagination. But the screams continued.

"Let me go! Let me go!"

"Shush, young man! You're already in big trouble as it is!"

"I'll bite you again! I swear I will!"

I rushed towards the den and quickly opened the sliding door. Now, for the last few years, I've become used to the constant sight at my doorstep but this time, I felt like my jaw had hit the floor. Standing on the porch, a red-faced Mr. Hikimori, was holding an even more red-faced little boy by the ear. Thick ropes wound their way tightly around the boy's small body but though he looked practically like a prisoner, his eyes, so much like his father's, still held that fiery defiance.

"J-Jin!" I regained my composure and pulled him towards me. "What did you do this time!"

"I'll tell you what he did!" Mr. Hikimori, one of Jin's nursery school teachers, interrupted, showing me a reddish mark on his arm. "Your son just bit me! Before that, he punched two of the students! He wouldn't stop and so we had to tie him up!"

"Jin, is this true!" I asked sternly, cupping his face to make him look at me but he simply shifted his eyes away.

"I suggest you implement a harder method of discipline on your son, Ms. Kazama," Mr. Hikimori handed me a piece of paper. "The other parents are complaining of his behavior so we had no choice but to suspend him...again."

I pressed my lips together and took the suspension papers: the second I've received this month. Mr. Hikimori pivoted sharply and hurried down the dirt path. When he disappeared between the trees, I opened the paper: a three day suspension.

"Kami..." I shook my head and threw the paper on a nearby table. I led my four-and-a-half year old son in, quickly untying the ropes that were beginning to chafe his skin.

"My God, Jin!" I reprimanded. "Why did you go and do that!"

"They started it!" Jin declared his usual excuse.

"That's not the point, Jin. The point is you punched two little boys."

"They weren't little, Mama. They were big!" he spread his arms wide emphatically. "They were already six and seven!"

"Six and..." I almost choked. "Jin, you know I don't like it when you lie."

"I'm not lying, Mama," he shook his head. "You remember Kutaro and Mito?"

"Them again?" I sighed. "They're Mrs. Takano's kids."

"Them," Jin walked past me and spun around, doing some signature Kazama moves. "I gave them a left, and a right, and a kick here and--"

"Jin, I didn't teach you the Kazama-ryu to bully the weak."

"They were the bullies," Jin argued, his face screwed up in the same annoyance as his father's that I had to look away. "I was just playing when they called me something bad."

"Something bad?"

"They called me a bas...tard. Yeah, a bastard," he nodded in confirmation. "I don't know what it means but it sounded bad. So, I got angry and punched them. Even Mrs. Takano called me a bastard child. Mama, what's a bastard?"

I felt a knife pierce through my heart. Tears burned behind my lids but I dared not allow them to fall. Instead, I pulled Jin to a tight embrace.

"Jin, just promise me you won't do that again," I whispered in a shaky voice.

"I don't want to promise, Mama," Jin retorted softly. "You said we should always keep our promises. I don't want to promise because I'm not sure if I can keep it."

Another knife drove unmercifully through my heart, though this time, for a different reason. I held my son in arm's length and ran my fingers over his flaring black strands. Such wisdom for such a young age...all because of the vicious and judgmental people around us.


"It's still early," I pretended to look out the window in surprise. "There's still time for your first punishment."


"Berries," I smiled and handed him a bucket. "Pick up some berries but don't wander off too far. Fill this bucket to the brim and come back by sundown."

"Mama..." Jin started to complain but I pushed him along.

"Surely you don't expect me to make things light for you in the next three days," I chided. "Off with you. And remember: don't go too far and come back by sundown. Don't go by the cliff or the lake, alright?"

"Alright," he rolled his eyes and made his way outside the cottage. When the sliding door drew to a close, the first tear finally made its way down my cheek.

Chapter 2