"A Second Chance"

Author's notes: This story is a sort of sequel to "As Purity Lay in the Arms of Evil", other than "As Evil Lay in the Arms of Purity" and "Obsession Possession" and can be considered a sort of prequel to "Tekken 5: The Kazama-Mishima Connections, "The Kazama-Mishima Connections 2" and "The Kazama-Mishima Connections 3" so I suggest you read those fics since it may have something to do with this. This fiction is from Jun Kazama's point of view. Some characters, situation and information may be fan-made. Rated NC-17

Disclaimer: Jun Kazama, Jin Kazama, Kazuya Mishima, and all Tekken characters referred in this fanfic are the property of NAMCO. This is only a fan fiction from the imagination of an obsessed fan. No copyright infringement intended.

Chapter 14: Promises

Oni-chan was strangely quiet on our way to the dojo. We had ridden the taxi in relative silence. I tried to make small talk but he answered with a grunt or with a simple yes or no. He wouldn't even look into my eyes when I tried to catch his gaze. He'd just continue to face forward, his face, hard and unreadable. And to think he had been joyous back in the airport.

"That's how business goes, Oni-chan," I said in a small voice. "Sometimes things are up, sometimes, down. We'll just have to go with the flow."

"What?" Oni-chan snapped out from his reverie and stared at me as if I had just appeared out of thin air. "Oh...oh, that. Uhm...it's nothing to worry about, Jun-chan. I was just...it's nothing. Don't worry," he patted my hand.

"Then, why are you so quiet?" I pursued.

"I'm just musing...thinking what it would be like to become a surrogate parent again," he inserted in a jolly way. "You won't need to worry. I'll provide him or her with the best possible care and education. I'll do my best to raise him. I..."

"You'll be a wonderful father, Oni-chan. I was witness to that," I nodded with a forced smile. Once again, I was reminded that I wouldn't be able to keep my own child.

When we finally got to the dojo, I hesitated by the gates. I stared at the large oak entrance, with a hanging sign in hiragana marked 'Kazama Dojo'. The fluorescent lamp began to flicker, bringing in the same feeling of trepidation and melancholia I had felt back in the airport. In a flash, I made a grab for my brother's wrist and tightened my fingers around it, making him turn around.

"What is it, Jun-chan?"

"I...I just can't believe I'm here..." I shook my head and blinked my tears away. I then gave him a penetrating stare. "Oni-chan...you have to promise me."

"Promise you what?" Oni-chan set down my luggage and moved a little closer to me.

"Promise, me Oni-chan," I stated vehemently, "Promise that whatever happens...no matter how much I cry or beg...you must take my child into your care. Don't...don't give in to my pleas. When the time comes...if need be...take him or her away forcefully!"

"Jun-chan! Calm down!"

"I have to say this now, Oni-chan," I tightened my grip on his wrist, "Because if I don't...You know I can't, or rather, mustn't raise this child. Promise me, Oni-chan. And promise me that you won't tell him or her about the truth until the right time comes."

"Alright, alright. I promise. Now, calm down," Oni-chan wrapped his arms around me and stroked my hair in the same fatherly way as he did back when I was a little girl. This time, I couldn't stop the tears from flowing down my eyes. "Boy. Those hormones are really getting to you..."

"It's not just the hormones, Oni-chan!" I refuted.

"Okay. Don't worry. I'll...keep that promise," he pulled back and looked at me with the same frantic eyes he had in the taxi. I questioned him silently with my own eyes but he turned away and took my luggage up the steps and into the dojo. I followed him slowly.

It had been a very long time since I had last set foot in this dojo...around five years ago. Nothing has changed much. There was still my favorite sakura tree beside the gate. There was still that same cobblestone paths leading to the dining hall, the sleeping quarters, the training grounds, and everything else; although tonight, it was particularly quiet. Usually, there would be several students scurrying about the grounds.

"I ordered the students to sleep early," Oni-chan answered as if he read my thoughts. "Jun-chan...if it's possible, I really wouldn't like anyone to see you in the next few months. The servants and students can be convinced not to say anything, but I'd much rather be careful. Things can be revealed by accident."


"I'll see to it that you get some exercise though. Our family quarters are private and its large enough now. You can walk through the halls every morning without anything or anyone bothering you."

"Yes. Thank you, Oni-chan."

We soon entered the family quarters and it proved to me that my brother was right. Some new wings had been added since I'd been here last. There were some new furniture and even some new hallways and rooms.

"Jun-chan...Can you tell me a bit about the father of your children? Ka...Kazuya, was it?"

I blinked at the back of Oni-chan's head as we walked slowly along the long hallway. Not once had he asked about Kazuya...as if it angered him to know who exactly it was that took me away from the threshold of purity. And now...

"He's not perfect, if that's what you're asking," I answered truthfully. "But I love him and he loves me. He's loyal to me as I am to him. He--"

"That's all I need to know," Oni-chan suddenly cut me off as he stopped in front of a large sliding door. He put his fingers on the handle but didn't open it. There was another eerie pause before he finally turned to me. In the dark, I couldn't see his face clearly...but I thought I could detect a tight smile on his lips.

"This is where you'll be staying," he said, "And other than it being one of the grandest rooms here, I have an inkling that you'll thoroughly enjoy your stay."

Oni-chan's behavior was so peculiar, I couldn't help but be more than a little curious about it. Before I could ask him though, he opened the door to what would be my room. The sudden blast of light from inside stunned me for a moment, causing me to squint but when I focused clearly, my mouth fell open.

No. I didn't notice the new and antique furniture. I didn't notice the large four poster bed (not futon) with the softest cotton covers and fluffy, cloud-like pillows. I didn't notice the large portrait of me, Oni-chan and our parents plastered on the wall. I didn't notice the sheer curtains that somehow brought warmth to the room. My incredulous eyes were focused solely on the person at the center it all, smiling impishly at me the way he always had.

"Hello, Jun."


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