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Entwined Forever

Chapter one

Sesshoumaru looked outside his balcony door from his futon. His eyes cold and void of emotion. He never felt, never lived no more. He only hated and despised. He had grown to a full inu male of one hundred and forty summers old. InuYasha was now one hundred and thirty two summers old, bound to a god tree and in love with a stupid ningen miko. Sesshoumaru was betrayed and all of this was the cause of the Shikon No Tama. That blasted jewel brought upon every soul havock.

No one was safe from this jewel of power. Sesshoumaru, for one, was not drawn to the blasted jewel, he was too powerful and could easily resist the urge to capture it for his own purposes. Of course it's origins and power intreagued him, but he did not fancy the idea of becoming stronger with such an object of destruction rather than peace. He still had honour and those that could resist the power had honour as well, but not his hanyou brother. He had betrayed him and left him for a pearl and a trator of a woman. Didn't he say he loved him? Didn't he repeat it always?

No. InuYasha was a liar. He was nothing anymore for Sesshoumaru. All he wanted now was to kill the pathetic fool that fell for such a trap. But also to kill him because he had broken his heart and stepped on his love like it was nothing. But still, after all he had done, Sesshoumaru still held some love like a lovesick puppy. How it disgusted him. That was the kind of person Sesshoumaru hated the most. That emotion, love, was just a weakness, it was for ningens. He was a youkai, Tayoukai to the west. He ruled over his ladns and many more.

His power was legend as was his control and destructive anger. No one dared challenge him unless they had a deathwish. Deep inside, he was sad that he had lost his love, his brother. He wished he could go backa and change things. Find a way to stop InuYasha from leaving him for nothing. He chuckled to himself. He sounded like a desperate housewife. How pathetic. Had their time together been that enjoyable? Had he fallen that deeply into the mistake that was love? He believed so. He did not regret his love for his brother, rather, he regretted feeling it and be wounded in the end.

But there was a lesson for this, never fall in love or you will be hurt deeply. He doubted he would find someone like InuYasha again. Sesshoumaru growled, closed his eyes and got up. Opening his deep golden pools, he watched as brids flew along in the sky, chasing the sunset. The songs of animals and the earth ringing in his accute hearing ears. The smells fromt eh greenery coming to his sensitive nose as he sniffed the air slightly. He walked on the balcony and put his hands on the edge. He closed his eyes as a small breeze greeted it's lord with a whispering greeting.

The delicious smell of nature waffting to his noze as he smelled the wind's scent. His deep golden eyes looking over the horizon, reflecting in his thoughts. No emotion layed in there, simply cold hard winter. The sun was slowly hiding it's bright fingers, licking over the edge of the moutains as Sesshoumaru's gaze watched it's every move as he would his opponent in battle. Grasping the edge of the balcony, Sesshoumaru swung his body over the edge and let himself fall the equivalent of tree stories high until his leather-clad feet connected safely and silently with the ground.

Crouching slightly, he pushed foreword with his feet and ran into the forest. His silver locks flying behind, trying to catch the scenery as it passed by at incredible speed. He dodged trees and bushes with incomparable grace. His keen sense of vision helping him in the dimming light as the missed obstacles. Small animal and lower class youkai running as doom ran through it's home appearing as a mere blur to all. Slowly, Sesshoumaru allowed his pace to drop as he neared his destination.

Sesshoumaru walked towards a glittering river, the full moon's silver rays casting shadows and dancing lights on the sparkling waters. He looked down and saw a blurry white clad figure looking back at him. He turned and sat on a mossy rock. As he closed his eyes, he allowed his spirit to lighten from it's tourment. His soul searring with the pain of loss and heartbreak. He let it all loose and gave his burden to the gods for this small moment in meditation. God knows he needed it.

He felt the wind whisper upon his ebony skin, searching for his attention. His hair playing and dancing with it as if they were mates. His kimono, jealous, lifted and dance around. His slow breathing even as he lowered deep inside his beeing. Memories flooded him, of him and InuYasha together. Their nights, lack of sleep and tender moments replayed in his mind. He remembered the first time he took him, his innocence belonging to him and only him. How he would feel protective of him.

And how he thought of proposing to InuYasha to become his mate, the night he ran away. Sesshoumaru growled then and opened his eyes. Deep fury reflected in there. The natural gold turning a liquid orange as bright as flames. His eyebrow knitting close on his forehead in anger as another growl escaped him. His fangs bared and his nose scruntched up in the action. His hair gaining a more furious dance as a non-existant breeze lifted it up and blew it.

His claws started dripping poison as his hands twitched to kill the one responsible for his fury. He wanted to see his head roll. No one turned away for the Taiyoukai of the West Sesshoumaru! If that pathetic miko wench had not already pinned him to a tree, he would have done it already. And if she wasn't dead from his brother's hand already, he would have spille dher blood for killing his love. His eyes soften then. His love...

Sesshoumaru looked down in shame. He still loved him and yet, he wanted to kill him. Looking up at the moon once more, his eyes reflected his determination. He had made a decision. It had been fifty years since his brother was to that tree and it had been seventy years since he gazed upon his face from up close. Little did he know, anothe ningen human had already taken the place of the former one and was slowly wiggling her way into his beeing. She posed as what, only InuYasha really knew.

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