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Entwined Forever

Chapter Five

He sighed as if he was being tortured and unsheathed the rapidly pulsing Tensaiga. In two quick slashes, Kagome took one large breath and looked around wistfully. Sesshoumaru watched as the damage he had done upon her body disapeared slowly.

He saw the look of remembrance and the one of confusion come right after, strike across her face. She looked to the floor then up his feet and legs until she came to his face. Sesshoumaru didn't let her speak. "Live." Was his simple command as he turned and walked away calmly with his charge. He knew she was looking at his back as mist covered his feet and he departed to the dark sky, through the cold, unforgiving rain. He had done a good deed that he knew he would later regret.

Kagome sat in the rain for as long as she could remember, letting the rain soak her. She could remember most of everything that happened, not understanding why the man that killed her, brought her back. She looked down at her lap, her hands folded on her thighs and the rain slipping over her skin. A chill ran down her spine and she noticed that her whole body was shivering from the cold. "I better get out of the rain or I'll catch a cold. InuYasha wouldn't like that we..." Kagome broke off sobbing. 'But InuYasha is gone now!' She looked away to one side as more tears fell down her face silently.

She didn't know exactly what was happening, she was confused, her thoughts were all jumbled. But most of all, she had a lot of unanswered questions. Kagome sighed and got up then looked to the sky. Her eyes lay closed with her lashes sleeping against her cheeks, filled with water. A small sob went past her lips as she opened her eyes to the half moon in the sky. It's light making her face light up, her alabaster skin glowing slightly, accented by the water droplets. "Will you come back?" She said then turned toward the village, picking her bag up in the process.

It took her longer than it usually did to get to the village but when she got there, she noticed that Miroku and Sango were standing at the outskirts of the village with their weapons at the ready. She finally noticed that her clothes were half torn and that she was dirty all over, with leaves sticking out of various places. She couldn't help it anymore, she ran towards her friends, sobbing and panting, dropping her bag behind her.

Sesshoumaru finally arrived at the castle, with InuYasha still passed out in his arms. He jumped to the balcony of his room and went through the double sliding doors and put his mate in his bed, pulling the covers over him. By tomorrow, he should be up and about. 'That is, if the fool does not decide to wake up in the middle of the night.' He thought to himself and glanced at the moon outside. Sesshoumaru sighed and walked toward the door that led to an indoor hot spring and summoned some servants to get a change of clothes for both him and InuYasha and prepare the bath salts and soaps. They were both grimmy and wet to the bone, the warm water of the spring would help them.

Once the servants had departed from his personal quarters, Sesshoumaru took upon the task of bringing InuYasha to the hot spring and undressed him. He made sure that a servant took his kimono for cleaning and drying while his own got burned. Silk was irrecuperable though InuYasha would be wild with anger if he found out that Sesshoumaru had his favourite attire burned. 'Not that it could be burned anyway.' He thought idly. Getting him into the spring was somewhat of a troublesome task since the rocks were slippery from the moisture in the air, but once inside the warm waters, all he had to do was choose a rock and sit InuYasha across his lap.

He had grown quite a bit since the last time he saw him naked, Sesshoumaru noticed with a small smirk. He would be glad to ravish his delicious body once more. The thought of InuYasha finally being his made Sesshoumaru very pleased with himself. Although unwilling, InuYasha would have to learn his place. He brought his hand to InuYasha's neck where the puncture wounds were now scarred over for the rest of his life than touched his own neck where InuYasha would bite him should he ever accept the alliance. Sesshoumaru tightened his grip in the Hanyou's hair, he would bite him. He didn't want to lose him again. He just got his love back, he wasn't about to lose him another time.

He lowered his lips to the one's of the younger male, who in turn, chose this particular moment to wake up. InuYasha mumbled something incoherent over Sesshoumaru's lips then uncountiously wimpered when they were no longer making contact. He ventured his eyes open a bit and saw a white blurry vision. It took him a moment to recollect the past events and when he did, InuYasha jumped away from Sesshoumaru, not really noticing where they were and that they were naked. Together. And alone. When it did hit, InuYasha could feel a blush come over his cheeks as he ducked lower into the water, not really understanding why he was bothering to do so anyway.

The loss of Kagome hit him fully as flashes of her bloodied frame lay under the tree, seeming to bear the entire world's misery in her gaze. She had looked almost accusing up at him. InuYasha brought his hand up to finger the scar where Sesshoumaru had marked him. He remembered fantasising about it for almost the entirety of his life. But now, it felt like the mark of Satan himself. Even bearing Naraku's mark wouldn't have been so bad. He looked back up with a pure look of hatred, accusing his brother for everything wrong with the world. It was his fault that Kagome was dead. He snarled at his brother as he started scratching at the wretched mark on his shoulder, wanting nothing than this to be a nightmare he was about to wake up from.

The water around InuYasha started to turn pink as he kept clawing at his shoulder, trying to make it all disapear. He felt tears run down his cheeks as desperation took over him. Why did this have to happen? Kagome was so full of life, she was so young, she didn't deserve to die like this. She even saw them together. What was she thinking back then, when she saw Sesshoumaru kiss him? Was she repulsed? InuYasha dropped his hands at his sides, knowing full well that he couldn't just make it disapear. Life was cruelly taken away from Kagome, she didn't do anything to deserve this fate. Why did it have to end like this? InuYasha felt the water shift and heard a small growl then looked up to see Sesshoumaru's red angry gaze looking down at him. His lips were pushed back, revealing elongated fangs. InuYasha knew he should just submit since he was the one with the mark, but he didn't.

Sesshoumaru had seen enough. His mate did not accept his mark, let alone appreciate it. InuYasha would have to learn his place the hard way it seemed. When he saw the look he had sent him, Sesshoumaru felt another pang into his heart and decided to turn the hurt he felt for anger. He successfully managed to make his blood beast rise, making his eyes turn deep crimson. He didn't care what it took to make InuYasha understand his place, but he would have to work hard and he knew it. When he saw that the Hanyou did not show submission in the inu way, Sesshoumaru became furious. He didn't even smell fear coming from him, only hatred and defiance. This made his body grow hard.

The thought of ravishing InuYasha was quite tempting, but he wasn't looking to break his spirits. 'At least not yet.' He thought. He saw InuYasha raise a bloodied hand and curl it into a fist, ready to strike. Sesshoumaru caught the wrist in his hand twisted, making the Hanyou wince and pull back. Sesshoumaru went to grab his throat but InuYasha ducked and swam farther away to the side. Sesshoumaru simply jumped and gracefully landed on the younger inu. He pinned his hands behind him, turning his back to him in the process. Sesshoumaru none too gently slammed his brother into the rocks, his face hitting the rocky floor around the spring.

Sesshoumaru started licking at the drying blood running down the writhing Hanyou's shoulder then bit into the flesh, as if making sure the mark wouldn't leave. Instantly, he smelled a little of arounsal coming from his mate. 'Looks like my little pup can't help the reaction the mating bond creates.' He thought, almost smirk outwardly.