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"Life is just a game, nobody follows the rules, and revenge is the only punishment for failure to comply to the rules set forth."

It was ironic. A dream she had only dreamed about for her whole life, finally come true. However, there was a catch. This catch was 6'3" with beautiful eyes, and a smile that could kill, at least when he wanted it to. His name was Chris, and he had played her heartstrings for over a month. He was her opportunity to breakout, be something other than the obedient girl she had always been. She wanted to follow him to New York, and oh did she ever wanted to accept the fact that the kiss had happened, and was real. It felt real.

However, she loved him. She loved him more than anything. And that him was Nathan. Her husband, her first Tree Hill love, and her rock. She loved him with all her heart, he was what kept her together in her time of weakness. However, she knew something left her unfulfilled, she knew something wasn't there. She wasn't complete without her music, something she felt only Chris could give her.

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