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"You've got wits, you've got looks, you've got passion but are you brave enough to leave with me tonight?"

Across the country in LA:

He'd never been the hopeless romantic before he'd met her. He would never have flown 3000 miles for any other girl. He'd left that morning. Nine hours before he had been at home in New York, writing a note to Haley, telling her he'd be back in a few days. He'd caught a cab to the airport, and spent the 30 minute drive gazing out the window. An hour in the airport, 4 and a half hours on a plane. Staring around LAX Airport was like being stuck in time. It felt like everyone was moving so much faster, but he just a stood there looking for a familiar face. A specific familiar face.

There'd been that falling out. The day she'd left, moved onto something greater. He'd secretly wished she'd come back, realizing what she had left behind. He thought she was the one, he wanted her to be the one.

It didn't take him too long to find her. She was on the other side of baggage claim, she hadn't seen him yet, and he just watched her contently. He'd missed her more than anything. His mind flashed back to their last date, when she told him she was leaving. He was going to ask her to marry him that day, but he never got the chance, she had broken his heart 10 minutes too soon, or maybe right on time in this case. They talked on the phone for the previous month or so, but he knew their relationship couldn't survive on short phone calls alone. He knew she didn't like LA very much, or at all for that matter, he knew something was wrong when she told him to meet her at LAX the next day. She said a ticket would be at the airport. It wasn't like her to make demands, short notice at that. Something was wrong, and he knew it.

She looked over. Neither of them moved. She looked thinner, tired, and overall like she had fallen to the evils of LA. He started to walk over to her. She had luggage, where could she possibly be going now? As he approached her, he could tell she looked different. She was definitely thinner, and her skin was pale and not as vibrant, and her eyes were sunken. To put it simply, she looked broken. She hugged him, out of fear more than love. Pulling away from the hug she held back tears.

"I'm moving back to New York," she choked. "I…I just can't make the trip alone."


Back in New York:

"I'm sorry." Taylor walked into Haley's hospital room. "I didn't know how things were," she added.

"You didn't know."

"I know, but I should have found out. I honestly didn't know until I talked to her."

"Who?" Haley broke her gaze from the window.

"The girl in the waiting room."


"I don't know, she was sketching in the waiting room. She said she was friends with Nathan, but by the fact told her he loved her before he came to talk to you, I can guess it's more than that."

Haley leaned back and shut her eyes. She was too tired to cry, and she knew it wouldn't change anything anyway.

Taylor left the room, there wasn't anymore apologizing she could do. Her shoulder hurt as she reached for the nurse call button. She wanted to know when she could leave the stark white room. But for now, all she could dream was if it had all ended that morning, once and for all.

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