Chapter 18: Lovesick

When I woke up the next morning, it was as if god had left me a gift.

I could see that she had sat beside me the whole night and fallen asleep. Her head was rested on the arm of the couch, soft breathing escaped her lips. She was in a deep sleep and looked content.

Slowly, I sat up, careful not to stir her in any way.

She actually slept like that the whole time?

Her hair spilled over the seat, hanging like lavender-blue silk. I reached for it, tucking back a few strands behind her ear. She shifted a bit and mumbled a few incoherent words before settling back into place.

Kneeling down, I slid my arms around her body and lifted her up; gently placing her down on the couch, while she unconsciously held on to me, her arms around my neck.

As much as I enjoyed it, it wouldn't have been very comfortable to stand in this position all day, so I pulled her arm away. She grabbed at my arm this time, refusing to let go.

This woman...I wasn't sure whether or not she was awake, but either way I had to tell her for her own good. "Hey, if you're doing this on purpose as a joke, it's not funny. Even I have times where I can't control myself."

She didn't answer me.

"I'm serious you know. If...this is your way of seducing me, then I don't mind, it's just..."

Bending down, I held the side of her face in my hand closing in on her, our lips close to brushing one another's.

"...I don't think...I could control myself when it comes to you."

At that very moment, her eyes opened, staring into my own. She blinked several times, a sleepy look on her face.


I was speechless. After all the harassing I had done to her, what made this one any different? She was either going to scream her lungs out or worse, hate me.

"I...t-this isn't what it looks like, I-I just-!"

"Good...morning," she said with the most beautiful smile I'd ever seen.

My heart was ready to leap right from my chest.


Did she completely forget about what happened last night? I couldn't decide whether it was a good or a bad thing.

"Listen, about last night, I-"

"I know."

I stared at her in surprise.

"I...already know your feelings," she said, her cheeks pink. "A-And to be honest I'm not sure h-how I feel myself."

"O-Oh..." This was pretty embarrassing. To get turned down by someone I confessed to just yesterday.

"B-But-I'm not s-saying that I don't like you, but I d-don't know if I like you in that way either." She sighed and hit her forehead with the palm or her hand. "I-I'm sorry if this isn't making much sense to you, but...that's how I feel right now."

Just grit your teeth and bear with it Uchiha. "I...I understand."

She gave me an apologetic look. "I-I'm sorry, I really am..."

"Is that what you said to him?" Ino exclaimed with a look of disbelief. "You're like a heartless angel!" she cried.


She shook her head disappointedly, sighing. " are should've at least told him you'd think about it."

"I-I forgot."

"Nooooo! What are you doing?" I banged my fists against Ino's back, which seemed to have no effect on her at all. At the moment, I was being carried on her shoulder. She ignored me and continued running.

"Taking you to Sasuke's apartment of course," she answered casually.

"Stop it, stop it, stop it! I don't want to!"

"For Christ's sake, calm down. You're just gonna have a talk with him, that's all."

"If I'm going to just have a talk with him, then why am I wearing this?!?!"

Before we left home, Ino had stripped me of all my clothes and put on me a summer yukata. It was lavender with a blend of white. A slit ran up the side, revealing my leg. The top was big, so it hung out open and loose.

"I figured this way it'd be easier for him to slip it off and-oops!" she covered her mouth, pretending that she hadn't meant to say that aloud. "You didn't hear that," she grinned.

This woman, she's evil!

Picking up the pace, the blond began to run, in which I held onto her, frightened by the sudden speed.

"W-Why are you running so fast?"

Her expression was hard. "I just...remembered something."

"W-What is it?"

"Sasuke should be taking a shower right about now."

"Huh?" What does that have to do with anything? "U-Um would you know that?"

"I have my reasons-but that's not the point! If we get there on time, I can just toss you in and he'll be done by then," she muttered to herself. "It's perfect!"

"What are you t-talking about?"

Its funny how one thing led to another.

Just as we were running through the village streets, Ino tripped over a cat that had popped out of nowhere, and Naruto just happened to be there to catch me. Sakura-san was there too.

"Uh, I'm not sure what you guys are doing for fun, but you should be more careful," he warned. His azure blue eyes flashed with concern.

"What are you guys doing?" Sakura-san asked, looking confused.

Ino stood up and dusted off her pants. "We have to get somewhere, quickly," she signaled me with her eyes. "C'mon Hinata, hurry it up!"

I scrambled to get out of Naruto's arms which seemed pretty embarrassing when I just remembered that he had caught me. He set me down on my feet gently, his tall and thin frame strangely familiar.

Smiling, he reached out with both hands to pull up the shoulders of my yukata, covering me.

"You shouldn't walk around like that. You're too pure."

I blushed at the sudden comment, even if it was a little corny.

Sakura-san hit him on the head and grabbed onto his ear.

"If you want to hit on other girls, don't do it in front of me," she scolded. Smiling, she said to me "Thanks Hinata. I'll be sure to take care of him."

I smiled at her as well. "Good luck with that."

The both of them walked off and disappeared from sight.

Quietly, Ino snuck up from behind me and tapped on my shoulder. "What was that about?" she asked. "Did something happen between you guys?"

I shook my head. "Not much really, we just...cleared up a few misunderstandings."

Once out of the shower, I dried my hair thoroughly with a towel.

I'm never going to get sick like that again.

I tossed it aside into the hamper and went into the kitchen. I was hungry.

My mind begin to recall the thoughts that had happened last night and this morning.

Okay, so maybe I could've been a little less forceful, but can you blame me? I mean, she was right there in front of me, so close...

A good slap to my head woke me up.

Get a hold of yourself Uchiha! It's no wonder she's afraid of me, I must seem like a pervert or something.

I couldn't deny that though.

Pouring hot water into the ceramic cup, I watched as a tea stalk stood straight up, floating.

Scoffing, I set the kettle back on the stove. "What good luck? This is by far the worst day I've ever had."

Just then, a loud shatter came from my living room.

A burglar? If it was, they certainly had the guts to steal from me.

I ran in only to see Hinata sprawled on the floor with Ino on top of her, the both of them looking dizzy from whatever they just did.

Actually, what were they doing?

And why did they break my window?

Ino immediately stood up, and smiled at me sheepishly.

"Ah, sorry about your window, I'll pay for that later," she said. She jabbed her thumb at Hinata who still looked dizzy as she struggled to sit up. "Make sure you take care of her by the way. Bye!"

In an instant, she was gone in a poof of smoke.

My eyes went to Hinata who sat there, rubbing the side of her head.

She wore a lavender yukata that had no bounds to sexiness. Her legs were parted in an innocent yet seductive manner. The shoulders of her yukata had slid down as well, revealing smooth white skin and a beautiful collarbone, followed by her cleavage.

Oh god.

The blood came out so rapidly that I hadn't noticed it until the Hyuga let out a cry.


I held my hand over my nose, the blood seeping through my fingers.

She led me to the kitchen sink, forcing me to bend over while she tuned on the faucet. Cool water soon became warm water. She removed my hand and wetted a cloth, dabbing gently at my nose from where the blood came out.

For some reason it felt strangely good. Comforting.

Once she finished, she led me back to the couch and seated me down, tilting my head back.

"It's best to keep your head back like that so it doesn't bleed."

I couldn't see her face. Something I really wanted to do, especially when she sat so close to me, at least from what I heard judging by the distance.

"Uh...thanks." Man, could I get anymore pathetic?

"Uchiha-san." Her voice was soft and clear, like the sound of a bell.

"What?" Was she going to flat out reject me and say she never wanted to see me again? If so, I was ready to jump off a bridge. Anything but that, I'd rather she kill me herself.

"I...I thought about what you said and...I kind of realized that I wasn't being fair."

"..." What exactly was I supposed to say?

"I-I'm not sure why but...sometimes, when I'm with you my starts beating...really fast."

I felt a small surge of happiness run through me.

"But when I was Naruto, this happened too."

The happiness quickly disappeared at the mention of his name.

"S-So I think, maybe...I do like you after all."

I had my doubts though just now, especially when she mentioned his name. "Are you sure that you're not just using me as a replacement for him?" I asked a little too bitterly.

She gasped. "O-Of course not! Why would I do that? I don't like Naruto anymore!"

"That's what you say, but you're probably still in love with him without even knowing it yourself. It's usually said that the body remembers more than the mind does."

I really didn't understand. Why did I feel so pissed off? Because what I said sounded like the truth? Then again, I didn't know what the truth was. I was probably venting out some of my anger, that's it.

"I already said that's not it!" she cried angrily.

"What do mean 'that's not it'? Didn't you just tell me earlier that you didn't know how you felt about me?!"

That was it. I had enough of it. She was driving me crazy, everything about her. Maybe the romance that I had been chasing for so long was actually a waste of time.

"Do you know how long I've been in love with you?!" I got up and immediately pinned her down on the couch, my leg between her thighs. "There are times when I see you that it makes my heart beat like crazy! I can't stand it!"

Breathless, my eyes went down to the small figure beneath me.

Pale lavender eyes stared up at me, angrily, welling with fresh tears.


"How do you think I feel? Someone I've hardly talked to suddenly comes into my life and says he loves me. And he's also my ex-fianc├ęs best friend."


"It's not exactly easy for me either! I have to worry about hurting your feelings and being abandoned again! I don't like it. I can't stand the thought of it happening again!"

My heart wrenched in guilt at the sound of her voice. Okay, so I wasn't making it any easier by suddenly pushing my feelings onto her. Was that why she held back in forming a relationship with me?

"What do I have to do?"

Her voice brought me back to reality. "Huh?"

"What is it that I have to do to prove to you that I like you?"

What did she-? I leaned in closer, not believing what I just heard. "Um...can you repeat that?"

By the next second, she had her arms around my neck, pulling me down, her lips pressed firmly against my own. Her tongue slipped in, hot and wet. She took the initiative to explore every corner of my mouth, our tongues entwining with one another. Slowly, she pulled away and I'd found myself craving for more, even if it meant suffocating.

I...I thought she was gonna eat my tongue!

"Why did you-?"

"Do you...believe me now?" she asked, licking her lips. "I-I wouldn't just kiss anybody," she blushed.

I swallowed down the lump in my throat. The fact that such an innocent-looking person had kissed me like that, it was...a real turn on.

" you mean it? About liking me that is." I fought back my blush, not wanting her to see that I was embarrassed as well.

Her lips formed into another one of her beautiful smiles.

"Yes," she answered. "I'm...sorry for making you wait so long."

Oh god. Was it possible for me to be this happy?

I leaned down to kiss her once again. Her lips were sweet, like vanilla.

" you."

"I know."

"I really, really, really love you."

Giggling, she brushed back my bangs with one hand and sat up to place a kiss on my forehead.

"It's...a little too fast for me, but...time will erase that."

I had the horrible urge to embrace her right there and then, but I held myself back. I'd have to wait until she fully accepted me, body and mind.

For me to be so close to her, that was enough itself.

"Sasuke," she whispered.

I looked down at her, surprised that she had said my first name without a suffix.


"I...can hear your heartbeat," she smiled. "It's really loud."

I buried my red face into her torso.

"Shut up," I muttered. "You talk too much."

"But that's what makes you so cute."

I held onto her, despite the fact that I was heavier. She didn't say anything though.

"If you cheat on me with another guy, I'll kill him."

"That's what I should be saying."

"I wouldn't though."

"I know. Cause you love me, right?"

She hit the mark.

"Yeah...I do."

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