SMST: The Return of the Guardian of the Force 9 – By DS Wynne

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Part 9

Last time: When the successful operation to capture a Yuuzhan Vong battle cruiser, it was now time to mount a rescue mission…to rescue an old friend…

Location: Occupied Dantooine.


Ranma Saotome, a Jedi Master in his own right, deftly dealt with the attacks with his lightsaber from the Imperial 'Vong elite. Apparently, the Supreme Leader had surmised that Galactic Republic would mount a rescue of the Emperor Anakin Skywalker. What was not expected was that it would be Ranma who would be the one who would do the rescuing. Ranma had wanted to avoid any resistance, while he rescued Anakin from his imprisonment. Unfortunately, the Yuuzhan Vong was not going to make things easy for him.

"I'm surprise that one of Usagi's 'lackey' is here," Xorg says, as he sits on his throne.

Ranma merely smirked.

"I'm here for the Emperor," Ranma replied. "You get in my way at your peril."

"Then, so be it," Xorg says, as he stands up, as he brings out HIS 'saber. "I doubt that you have the strength and power to stop ME"

SNAP! Hzzzz…

"Then you have NO idea what I am capable of!"

And with that, the battle was on.

Ranma took to the air, as did Xorg, as the two of them sliced the air. Each of them tried to get past their defenses, but to no avail.

"I have honed my skills in the ways of the Yuuzhan Vong, human," Xorg says.

"Then, that will be your weakness, Xorg-CHAN," Ranma replied, as he blocked Xorg's downward swing, which opened Xorg to a-

"Moko Takabisha!" Ranma yelled, as a chi-sphere leapt from his free palm, and slammed into Xorg's torso.

"Argh!" Xorg yelled, as he was slammed back.

Ranma then used this opportunity to perform several combination moves, mostly kicks, while the two combatants were still in mid-air.

"Oof!" Xorg said, as he fell in a heap.

"Told you," Ranma smirked. "You loose!"

"Never!" Xorg yelled, as he unleashed a psychokinetic force.

Ranma dodges the attack, leaping out of Xorg's line of sight. And then-


Xorg sees Ranma seemingly disappear, and then reappear behind him.


"Good-bye, warrior."

"What the-?"

And that's when Xorg literally fell to pieces.

Ranma sighs, as he checks his timepiece.

"The charges that Usagi and the others have set should go off just about-"


Ranma sees the fire and the force of the explosion heading towards him, so he picked up Anakin's unconscious form, leaped out of the building, shattering the window in the process, where a ship was waiting for them.

It was the Millennium Falcon.

"I got him," Usagi said, as she carried her old friend inside.

"The things I do for friends and family…"

Location: Byss.

"Well, I'm certainly glad that you are fine, Ani," Usagi said, as she sat on Anakin's bedside. He was still recovering from his ordeals at the hands of the 'Vong.

"I just want to thank you for helping out in this conflict, Usagi," Anakin, Sr. says.

"Yes, from the both of us," Padme says.

"Hey, I did promise that we would stick together…always."

Ranma enters the sickbay.

"Usagi, it's time," Ranma says.

"Got to run," Usagi says. "I have a war to conclude."

"Give 'em hell, Usagi," Anakin, Sr. says.

"With this guy around…how can I possibly loose?" Usagi says, as she thumbed Ranma's direction.

"Same old Usagi," Padme says.

And thus, the battle was on…

Location: Coruscant.

After breaking through the defensive line, which forced the Serenity to jettison the 'Vong hull…

"Sir! Enemy forces are converging on Coruscant!" yelled the Commander of the Yuuzhan Vong planetary forces.

"What?" yelled Primus. "How could have they gotten through our psychic screens?"

"Maybe it's because Usats shielded HER forces?" interjected Vergere. "I told you not to underestimate a Jedi of her stature.

The rebel attacks have become steady and hard, all in an effort to manipulate the tactics of the 'Vonf. Ranma Satome and Worf provided new tactical data based upon their conflicts with the cybernetic Borg and the insidious Dominion. Unfamiliar with those tactics, the Yuuzhan Vong was not expecting these latest assaults. Furthermore, on Ranma's advice, Admiral Ackbar would marshall the New Republic's remaining forces would tackle the edges of the Vong territory, while the Serenity and a few squadron of fighters would target Corusacant itself. Even if the attack failed, it would still provide a psychological boost to the Republic's morale.

"Luke, Janian, Han, Wedge, T'Sara and Anakin Solo- are you all ready?" asked Usagi.

"Ready!" everyone said in unison.

"Ranma, are you ready?"

"Ready and waiting," the Martial artist said, as he puts on his space suit.

"Alright. Worf, patch me in to the Vong."

"Right. You're connected."

"Thanks. Yuuzhan Vong: you have illegally invaded a sovereign sphere, and murdered her citizens. If you surrender peacefully, we can negotiate a ceasefire."

"Hello, old friend," said a familiar voice.

"That voice-!"

"Yes. It is I, Vergere. I took the opportunity to secure us a line. It's been a long time, has it not, Usats?"

"It has."

"Why not come down, so we can chat? It's strictly on the level."

"I'm sure. Very well."

"And don't worry about the Yuuzhan Vong not getting your message. They won't be surrendering regardless of your overtures. But I'll pass along your message."

"I'm glad, Usats out."

"Usagi-" began Tom.

"Don't worry, I'll be fine. Worf, you have command of the Serenity."


As Usagi goes to the transporter room, Jacen Solo stops her.

"Usagi, I heard what's going on. Are you going to fight Vergere?"

"I hope not."

Usagi soon beamed down to a decrepit park on Corusacant. It was, perhaps, one of the few places that was not paved over with cement. There, sitting on the lawn, in meditation, was a bird-like creature. The female opened her eyes to face Usagi.

"Hello, Usats."

"Hello, Vergere."

"I actually sense nothing from you. You certainly have improved."

"I can tell, based upon YOUR aura, that you improved as well."

"Ah, well, enough of that. Its time to see which Gray-side Force user is truly its master."

SNAP! Hzzzzzz …

"If you say so," Usagi replied.

SNAP! Hzzzzzz…


The two began their dance of dueling light sabers.

Ranma had teleported to the other side of the Corusacant. Then, he put his hands into a triangle formation.

"Solar FLARE!"

Channeling his chi, Ranma continually blanketed the entire planet in a blinding light. He knew that the Vong will recover quickly, but it will be enough to allow the right people to get into the command quarters.

Janian, Jacen, Lowbacca, Anakin Solo, and the rest of the Young Academy graduates stormed into the headquarter of the Yuuzhan Vong. The last time such a thing occurred, they were unprepared. Now, thanks Usagi's return, they had a better shot, especially since most of the Vong forces were off-world. While the New Repubican forces engaged the fleet, Ranma would personally target key centers.

"Kaaaaaa-" began Ranma began, as he channeled his chi, "meeeeeeeehaaaaaaameeeeee-HA!" Ranma began releasing volleys of destructive energy balls.


Meanwhile, Vergere had multiplied herself to get the best of her foe. Now numbering a hundred in all, Vergere was trying to overwhelm Usagi.

"It looks like it's all over for you," one of the Vergeres said. "I win."

"It's not over, 'old friend'." Usagi replied, as she snapped her two light sabers together. With that, Usagi spun around in a whirlwind kick. Her kicks began knocking the duplicates about, giving Usagi some breathing room. Then, she went straight to one Vergere, and presented her weapon to her throat.

"As you were saying?" Usagi said.

"Huh. I stand corrected."

And with that, the Vergere duplicates disappeared.

"I'm impressed, Usats."

"So am I," Usagi replied, as she deactivated her weapon. "If you wanted to test my skills, there are easier way for you to do so."

"Yes, but it wouldn't be any fun."

"Huh. Come, let me buy you a cup of coffee…"

The operation to kick the Yuuzhan Vong off of Corusacant was a complete successs. Between Leia and Usagi, who was a trained diplomat back on Earth, negotiate peace agreement (which includes giving them the ancestral planet that Luke had managed to find). If not, Ranma is more than willing to cripple that race's space-faring capability.

At the same time, the Galactic Republic and the Imperial Remnant are opening negotiations, though no one was under any illusion that the remains of the late Emperor Palpatine would NOT be used for nefarious purposes.

Still, for now, peace in that galaxy was achieved.

A month later, in the newly restored Jedi Order Hall…

"Wow. So this is where you became a Jedi?" asked Tom.

"Indeed," Usagi said, as she straightened out her Jedi robes. "This place certainly takes me back."

"So, how long will this thing be? B'Lanna wants to go back to Federation space as soon as possible."

"Don't worry about it, dear. Hoshiko had set our transwarp tunnel to redeposit us back home as if only a day has passed there. But I definitely want to be here for the first session at least."

"Plus, we are technically in the past."

"Right. Well, I better get going. Luke wants to initiate our first meeting."

"Well, have fun. Worf and I are going to down some brews."

"I figure you might. Well, have fun."

As Usagi entered the great Hall, the most senior Jedi Masters took their places, including Master Ranma, Mistress Ami, Master Vader and Mistress Midori (aka "The White Siths"), Master Luke, Princess Leia, and Mistress Vergere (who decided to side with the angels for a change). As Usagi took her place, she could see Jacen, Anakin Solo, Janien, Lowbacca and her daughter T'Sara present as well. She was glad that at least one of her children took the lessons of the Jedi to heart.

"And now," began Luke, "I call the Jedi Council to order…"


Author's note: I wanted to have more, but I have not received enough input. So…that's that. Later!