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Breakdown, I can't take this, I need somewhwere to go.

Peter looked down at his clenched fists, his face streaked with tears.

I need you, I'm so restless, I don't know what to do.

He needed Wendy. Everything had become dull without her.

We've had our rough times, been fighting all night, but now you're just slipping away.

He remembered they had fought before she left, and they had left on bad terms...

Give me this chance, to make the wrongs right to say: Don't walk away!

Peter flew out the door, as fast as he could to Wendy's room, pleading, please be there...

I promise, I won't let you down, if you take my hand tonight.

He came to her window, banging on it and waking her up. She was more beautiful than ever. His sorrowful face made her get up and walk over. She opened the window, and he flew in, tentativley.

I promise, we'll be just fine, this time, if you take my hand tonight.

She stared intensley at him, and a second later, was in his arms. Peter thought, thank God, she doesn't hate me! Wendy thought, Thank God, he's come back!

Without you I just go through the motions.

Peter thought of all the times when he went to tease the pirates, but his heart wasn't in it; Wendy wasn't with him.

Without you it's just not quite the same.

Wendy thought of all the times she'd been thinking of him, just wishing he'd show up and take her away from all the dullness, as she held him tight, she buried her fingers in his hair.

Without you I don't want to go out, I just want to say:

Peter whispered to Wendy, "Oh God, Wendy, I love you. I've been so...I can't handle being without you...oh Wendy..." Wendy whispered quietly, "I love you, Peter Pan..."

That I'm sick of these fights, I'll let you be right, if it stops you from runnin' away.

"Please don't leave me again, Wendy, last time, it hurt too much...I can't stay away from you," he then whispered, "You're the only one keeping me from dying."

"Promise you won't be stubborn anymore?" asked Wendy, already knowing the answer.

"I promise, but I'll be stubborn as hell if you don't kiss me."

So give me this chance, to make the wrongs right to say, don't walk away!

"Then I'll kiss you, and I promise I'll be with you forever..." Wendy murmured.

Take my hand, I promise...

She kissed him, moving her mouth over his, as he gently nibbled on her lower lip, pulling her as close as their skin would let them come, then he pulled away, smiling mischeviously.

If you take my hand tonight, I won't let you down...

He flew out the window, turned around, and looked gently upon his Wendy, and extended his hand.

Take my hand tonight.

She took his hand, smiling tenderly, and they flew away...to their home together...Neverland.

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