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Chapter 3: The Video Game

"What do ya wanna do?" Kuki repeated in that annoying way, over and over again, which was like a fly buzzing around you. You tried to get it away, but it kept coming back.

"Nothing," I told her, over and over again, leaning back into the couch, flipping stations to find something on the TV.

"Wanna play a game?" She asked me, as though she was already bored within the first five minutes of the rest of the team departing from the treehouse.

"No," I said, for the millionth time in the short moments we were here, doing nothing for once in our lives. Although really, I knew I wanted to do something with her, but I kept the avoiding her act on, if I looked at her, or paid attention, I might be tempted to say yes.

"Plllleeeeeeeaaaaaassssssseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?" She asked me, and I knew she was giving me those puppy eyes, but I kept my focus on the TV, remembering to only say no to everything she said.



"I'm busy," I retorted, and I was about ready to say yes, to for one stop her annoying continuation of the same question, and for another, why not? Besides, she was my favorite Kids Next Door member. Maybe because we were the two stupidest members, or maybe because she wasn't bossy, and usually kept a good attitude.

"You can't even find anything on the TV!"

"Fine," I told her, after all, she did have a good point, which was the ONLY reason I was deciding to agree to do what she wanted.

She changed the channel so our game system would show up, and I should have known… I was getting stuck playing some dumb rainbow monkey game! Just how I wanted to spend my day off!

"Kuki… You think we could play a different game?"

"I thought you liked this game?" She asked me, since I had always gotten stuck playing it, and I tried to act as though I liked it, I didn't wanna be mean to her.

"I do… it's just that we play it all the time," I lied, and flashed her an innocent smile, and she looked through our drawer at all the games. There weren't much games that both of us would enjoy… in fact… there were none. I was into fighting… while she was into all that girlie stuff.

"What about this one?" She asked, holding up yet another rainbow monkey game, one that consisted of dressing them, and walking them around a town. It was pretty lame, bad graphics, bad entertainment, but it was easy, and I could live with it.

"Fine," I sighed, and picked up the paddle sitting by my feet. So far, being alone with her wasn't exactly as I planned. I'm not trying to say it as though I wanted to spend time alone with her… but it was nice without the other people around, just me, and my favorite member of the KND. (A/N notice how he says that… not his favorite person in the world, although we all know it is!)

She turned it on, and it began with that annoying rainbow monkey theme song, and she couldn't just skip it, she had to do the dance with them, and sing along to it, one thing I couldn't stand about her. But then again, she was a girl, so I guess that was pretty much what I was going to get out of her. Unless she could be like Abby, laid back and serious about everything, which was why I didn't like Abby.

Once the game had started, I picked out one of the dumb rainbow monkeys, and orange one, my favorite color, and she picked out a purple one. Then, we had to walk around the stupid cities, which by the way, they had like, two shops on a street, so you had to flip through a million screens to find the shop you wanted.

"You like this game, right?" She asked me, as though she really cared. It was either something she wanted, or I wasn't going to do anything with her.

"Yea, sure," I said, in a lame voice, and slumped down into the chair, to stare at the screen, and barely make my character move, I was going to fall asleep in the boring events of living a rainbow monkey life.

I was ignoring what she was doing on her screen, but when a screen popped up on my half of the screen that said, would you like to get married to Kuki, I stared at it in awe for a second. It took me a minute to realize it was only a game, but still. The point being, maybe she had that little desire burning up in her like I had.

I hesitated for a second but then clicked the yes button, after all, it was only a game. Kuki looked over at me, and I just barely looked over enough to watch what she was doing.

"Aww, thank you Wally!" She said happily, and gave me a hug from across the couch. I could feel my face turn hot, and I knew I was blushing badly. I turned to face in the other direction.

"It was just a stupid game," I said, stretching out the stupid as I said it.

"No, you answered a question, if you would like to merry me, and you said yes! Now… we can play a game, like we are having a wedding."

"You have got to be kidding me! I said yes, cuz I thought it was part of that stupid game!" I yelled at her, angry with her stupid ways of getting people into things they don't want to be a part of.

"I don't think you did, come on," she said, grabbing my hand, and dragging me off the couch. She drug me into her room, where she dug through her closet, and I stood there, with my arms crossed, tapping my foot on the ground annoyed.

"I never agreed to whatever stupid thing we're gonna do," I whined, but she said nothing, and just hummed along to the rainbow monkey song, while she dug through her closet, stuffed full of junk. She pulled out a tuxedo first, and threw it at me.

"There, go change into that," she told me happily, and I looked at it, then back at her pathetically.

"You've gotta be kidding me! I'm not going to change into this!" I complained. Although… I soon found myself standing alongside Kuki, in that dumb tuxedo, and her dressed up in a white dress, as though she was making this like a real wedding. She had a rainbow monkey sitting on a chair, pretending as though he was the one saying all that boring stuff before the people get married.

"Kuki… this is dumb!" I said, and began to walk away, but she grabbed me, preventing me from moving.

"You wanted to get married silly!"

I slouched once she got me back by her side, and I just stood there unhappily, this was a waste of the day! I would rather go on a stupid mission with the other three than stay here and play stupid games with her! Although… somehow, I was kinda enjoying it… but I didn't know why. Maybe just not having to work? That was the only thing I could think of… except maybe… it was because I liked to be with Kuki… alone, even though we were doing something I could care less about doing.

Just then though, I heard a crash, the ship landing of my fellow teammates. Back already? That wasn't possible! I tried to run from my position, I would be embarrassed for the rest of my life if I was caught like this!

I heard them all coming, and I was struggling against Kuki's grip, trying to get away, but she had a strong grip, it was impossible! They all came in, walking through the door, talking, but they shut up when they saw me like I was.

"Awww, Wally's got a giiirrrllllfrriieenndd!" #2 said allowed, in a baby voice. I got a grouchy look on my face, and continued to squirm, how come they didn't notice my squirming? It was obvious this wasn't to my liking!

"Looks like we shouldn't have left them alone," Abby said, and snickered as she walked by to go to her room. I growled, and made one final tug away from her.

"I DIDN'T EVEN WANT TO DO THIS!" I yelled as loud as I could, so that everyone would get the point.

"Numbuh four, you need to come to our missions from now on then," Numbuh one said, you could tell he was stressed from all the things going on, but he had to do missions 24/7.

"Maybe I will," I said, folding my arms, and he just sighed as he walked by me, he knew I didn't want to go, or maybe… he didn't want me to go…

I left Kuki's side, and ran to my room, where I could change back into my clothes, and try and forget about any of that even happening. Although… I kinda had a crush on her… she could be annoying, and I still wanted to impress everyone else in the world, I had to be the cool kid.

Once I was back in my clothes, I ran out to the living room, and plopped down on the couch, but everything that had recently gone on, was still stuck in my head. Abby was sitting down beside me, her hat pulled over her face, but she wasn't sleeping like she wanted us to believe. Her eyes were peering out watching the TV in front of her.

She was watching some teen soap opera, why was she always into teen stuff? Especially this boring, kissy, stupid stuff.

"Can I change the channel?" I pleaded, heading for the remote, but her hand shot out, and took it from my reach.

"If you wouldn't have been playing your stupid game with Kuki, you would have had it while we were gone."

I sighed, and leaned back in my chair, trying to get interested, but instead, I ended up falling asleep to the boring show…

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