(As any avid reader of books can tell you, the death of a character in a story can have just as much impact on a person as the death of a real person. Aerith Gainsborough is a character from Squaresoft's 'Final Fantasy VII' on Playstation/PC. I reached the part of the story where she dies about the same time as Princess Diana's death, but since I had never heard of Princess Diana, Aerith's death was much more significant…at least to me. This probably makes me an unbelievable nerd, but I don't really care.)

Aerith Gainsborough

I see her kneeling in prayer

As once she knelt tending flowers

I see her in the church's garden

Where there is life amidst death

I see her laugh when she is happy,

Among those lucky few who are her friends

I see her cry when she is sad

And feel her sadness ten-fold

I see her helping those in need

Giving more than she can afford

I see her protecting the weak

Against those who would subjugate them

I see her knelt, again in prayer,

I cannot look away

I see fate's cruel sword claim her light

Leaving me alone in darkness

I see her body, cold and dead

She gave her life for the world

I see her fall into the depths

And then I see no more.

What's that you say?

Princess Diana died?

Well, that's sad too.

I guess I didn't see that.