TITLE: "And LA Stood Still"
AUTHOR: Marie-Claude Danis
EMAIL: mc@jian.ca
SITE: http://verticalcrawl.com/fic
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DISTRIBUTION: My site, list archives. Just ask.
PAIRING: Spike/Wesley
SUMMARY: On a quiet Tuesday night, the power goes out.

NOTE: Once again a very quick, mainly to cleanse my palate so that I can buck up and write more S/X. Ha.

* * *

I stared hard at the ceiling above me, blinking at the oppressive darkness I met instead. I squinted, imagining I could see the grainy plaster surface - to no avail. I felt the bridge of my nose wrinkle and my left eye twitch in idle frustration. I squeezed my eyes shut, then opened them wide again, starting over.

There was a low chuckle in my ear. "Wesley... *what* are you doing?" he whispered sleepily against my shoulder, unmoving.

I smiled at nothing, keeping my voice down as well. "The electricity went out. Look."

He barely lifted his head from the pillow we shared and moaned comfortably, settling back against me. "Haven't been sleeping?"

"It's eerie. There's no sound." There really wasn't. It was a bit past 3am; too late for weekday partiers, too early for commuters. When the power had gone out, the whole city had seemed to go quiet, like nature itself held its breath. It was eerie, but comforting.

My lover stirred against me and ran a lazy hand on my stomach, soothing. "Come to sleep..."

I smiled. When had this creature of the night become such a homebody? Sleeping at night, wanting toast and coffee come morning as he padded about the kitchen in boxers and a t-shirt, hair in a dark blond mess. At some point he had begun molding himself to me, and I'd barely noticed. I made a mental note to return the favour.

I turned to my side and his head tucked itself under my chin, his nose and mouth coming to a safe rest in the hollow of my throat, near the hem of my t-shirt. I secured a strong arm around his back and took his body closer to mine. We fell into our customary position, limbs going to all the right places. I exhaled deeply, sleep tugging at me already. Nose burried in impossibly soft curls, I closed my eyes and smiled at the familiar darkness, slowly following my William into a deep, peaceful sleep.