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This is just a tryout story but I hope its ok,

Basically, in this story, all the blade breakers have been turned into animals, and are playin out the roles of the Lion King cast. Hope it aint to bad. If this goes well, ill do a sequel (lion King 2) with some of the parts changed around.

K, read and c wot u think, bye dudes!

High above the great lands of the African plains, the bright sun rose. Another day had begun its journey. There was a soft breeze, gently blowing the small patches of grass in a lazy motion, making the smooth water of rivers and lakes ripple pleasantly. The mountains that surrounded the area glistened in the morning sun, making them seem more beautiful then at any other time of day.

Yes, the morning was incredibly wonderful, but what made it even more special was the day that this particular morning came to rise on.

Every creature that lived in the plains knew what day today was and now that the sun had risen, the time had come for them all to begin the journey to the great and wondrous home of the royal ones, Pride Rock.

All the creatures was to attend. There was zebras, giraffes, monkeys, leopards, cheetahs, elephants, rhinos, hippos, antelope and more types of birds then you could of counted. Every one headed towards the same destination.

Soon enough the large rock came into view, in all its pride and glory with the sun rising behind it, giving it a glow of greatness and strength.

Quickly, all the animals formed an enormous crowd at the foot of the rock, each creature unwilling to take their eyes off the marvel for even a second except some who bent low to bow to the grand creature sitting with his head high at the tip of the protruding rock.

The great lion king sat in all his glory, his mane blowing in the wind. His name was King Dickinson.

Souring swiftly through the air came King Dickinson's faithful servant, a toucan bird whose name was Daichi.

Honourably, the small bird bowed to his King, while the King nodded in reply.

While King and servant greeted each other, a path was being made through the crowd of animals as a wise and elderly baboon made his way towards Pride Rock.

The monkey, whose name was known only as Grandpa, began his climb up the front of the rock.

Reaching the top, the monkey stared at the King as the King did the same.

Then without warning, the baboon stood upon his back legs and embraced the lion in a friendly hug.

Upon letting go, the two turned to look into the cave of the rock, where the King's beautiful wife lay. The first thing you saw when you looked at her was the tiny brown bundle, curled up inside the queen's front legs.

The King and Grandpa walked over to her and the king nuzzled her face with his own. Then the lioness gently licked the bundle, awaking it.

The tiny lion cub poked his head out of his mother's fur and looked up into the eyes of the three around him, his own eyes full of cute confusion.

Grandpa moved forward to lean over the cub, shaking his walking stick with the maracas on it in front of the babies head. Then, he cracked a piece of fruit, and smeared some of the contents onto the small forehead of the cub. He finished by sprinkling a small amount of sand on the cub's face, causing it to sneeze in an adorable manner.

Finally, Grandpa picked the cub up out of the lioness's front legs and paws and began to carry him out into the bright light of the morning that didn't reach inside the cave.

The King and his queen followed closely behind.

The baboon carried the lion prince all the way to the very edge of the great rock and paused for a time to enjoy the morning and to allow the King and Queen to catch up.

Then, in one quick motion he pushed the cub high into the air.

Down below them, an enormous cheer rang out through the crowd. The cheer contained roars, bleats, stamping hooves, tweets and the thunderous noise that belonged to the elephants alone.

As it dyed down, every one of the creatures honourably bowed down to the young royal cub, showing their respect to both the prince and his parents.

Eventually, Grandpa brought the cub back down turned around and brought the young prince back to his parents.

He gently handed him to his mother and watched as she took him back inside.

Then he turned to the King, "Be proud, Dickinson, I can feel it inside my bones that your son will make you very proud, Have you named the boy, yet?"

King Dickinson turned toward the baboon and said, "Indeed we have, we made our decision this morning. My son, the prince and future King of this land has been named Kai. Yes, Kai will make me proud. I know it."

With that, the great lion king left the baboon and joined his wife who was caringly nuzzling her young son, and future king.

Well, how was it? I hope its ok, I tried my best.

I didn't name the queen coz I had no idea who she could be, I would be nice if u guys gave me some ideas. I also need to no who kenny and Ray could b, could u help me there 2, plz?

Oh and all you dbz fans can have a laugh coz Kai will eventually b King Kai.

Thnkx and c ya dudes!