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Lion King Beybladers

Chapter 15

Kai had never known a night like the one played out that night. After so many years of being cut off from his far away family, Hilary had returned to him, almost as a blessing. He would never dismiss Max and Tyson's company, but the absence of another lion had slowly started to ache at him.

Kai and Hilary spent the night talking, catching up, laughing and playing like they had done so, long ago, as cubs. But there was something different now. Gazes were held, bashful touches shared, and they did not remember hugging as much when they were young. They both felt like a hole deep inside had suddenly filled, their lives not quite as empty as before, a new light now shone.

Eventually, they began making their slow trail back towards the nests Max, Tyson and Kai shared together, it was getting late. But their conversations carried on; there was still so much to know.

"I still don't understand why you stayed here, Kai, why didn't you come home? We needed you, I needed you..." Hilary mumbled sadly.

Kai looked solemn, "No one needed me, you say Scar is the King now, why would I need to be there if you have a King?"

"Scar as King has destroyed the Pride Lands," she pushed, "You must know that he let the hyenas take over?"

Kai was shocked, "He has?"

She nodded "We have no food, no water, we're slowly starving. That's why I'm here; finding help...and I've found you..."

"No," he cried, "I can't help..."

"But why? What are you not telling me, Kai? Why do you think you are so poorly suited for the thrown? Why are you so against taking a place that you were born for?" Hilary could feel her voice begin to rise, she couldn't help it, he wasn't making sense.

"You just wouldn't understand..."

"I would if you told me!"

"I can't tell you, you would never see me the same way again." Kai turned from her.

Growling slightly, Hilary ran in front of him once more, "Do you know what I see? I see a Prince, a great lion Prince, who would make a wonderful King."

Kai snarled, turning to walk away once again "You're beginning to sound just like my father..."

"At least one of us does!"

Kai froze, that was enough. He faced her.

"Look! If you think you can turn up and tell me what to do, you're wrong! You don't even know what's happened to me, what I've been through!"

"Because you won't tell me! Let me understand!"

"Forget it!"


Hilary watched with tears forming in her eyes as he bounded away, turning his back to her, to his pride and to his Kingdom. How had this amazing night turned so suddenly? Her head dropped. Why? Just...why...?

Kai felt foolish as he continued to run. Why was he running from her? Running from everything? A voice in his head was whispering to him, he was denying his place and abandoning all those who were his responsibility, but so many other voices raged, the death of his father, his part in it, Scar's words before he left, they all pushed him to run, his time away had made him a coward...

Eventually his run slowed, panting as he came to pace about the lush green field he found himself in, the stars glinted incredibly above. But he paid them no heed.

"She's wrong" he whispered, "She must be, I can't help them, I can't help anyone...I can't change the past..."

Bringing his head to the sky, he growled to the night, "You said you would be there for me, father! But you're not...and it's all my fault, you'd be here if not for me...all because of me..." Tears formed and fell like crystals down his furred face, "...it's all my fault..."

He lay, crying to the heavens, though his sobs did not fall on deaf ears.

"Well, well, well...Wat do we 'ave 'ere, den eh?" This was followed by a sharp chuckle.

Jumping slightly, Kai lifted his head, searching for the voice. He growled a warning, "Who's there?"

The voice spoke again, "Dat is dee ting, is it not? Who is and who isn't dere..."

"I'm telling you now," Kai said, lifting himself to his feet, "Show yourself now! Who are you?"


Kai stumbled backwards as what appeared to be from nowhere, an aging baboon was in front of him, his finger pointed to his coal black nose.

"I tink the question is whoooo, are you?" he cackled again.

Kai's brow furrowed, "You're a strange little monkey...leave me be..." he turned to leave.

"Not 'alf as strange as you, you do not even know who you are..." though Kai was not looking he could practically hear the smirk on the baboon's face.

"Ha, and I'm sure you do..." He threw thoughtlessly over his shoulder.

"I sure do...you're Dickinson's boy."

Kai froze, whipping his head round to stare at the monkey.

He grinned impishly, "Bye!" In a flash, he had disappeared the same as when he had came.

"Wait!" Kai cried, immediately darting to follow.

He ran, he wasn't sure which direction the monkey had gone, but something in his gut told him that he was going the right way, even though he didn't seem to be catching up with it, he continued the same path.

Finally, after crossing over a stone bridge, the baboon came into view, sat atop a large flat rock surrounded by the green grass.

Panting slightly, Kai crossed over to him.

"...so...you knew my father?"

"Correction, I know your father..."

Kai felt his heart pull, the old monkey must not have heard about the accident.

"Listen, I'm sorry to tell you but...he died...a long time ago..."

"Nope! Wrong again!" the baboon exclaimed, jumping up and startling the lion.

"I say he is alive! And I will show him to you!"

"My father's alive?" Kai exclaimed, 'Could it really be true?' he thought.

"YES! You follow old Grandpa, he show you de way!"

And off he went again. Kai blinked before gathering his feet and soon he was racing as fast as he could go, 'How could such an old monkey be so quick?' he wondered.

Rushing, the lion came across thorny bushes, he was hesitant. Then Grandpa appeared again.

"What are you waiting for? Come on!" He then led back into the thorns.

Kai winced before he pushed himself through the gap in the branches. Looking round, there was a small path that led though, but it was rather small. Breathing deeply, Kai forced himself forward, following the maniacal laughing he could hear echo from the baboon somewhere in front of him. The thorns grabbed and scratched at the lion's hide but he didn't stop; not now he was getting close.

There was a light through the bushes up ahead of him and he ran faster towards it. Finally bursting out of the thorns, he came to an abrupt halt as a flat hand appeared in front of his face.

Kai's eyes wandered as he took in the magical place they had come to. There was a beautiful lake glistening brightly as it reflected the night stars and dazzling moon in its surface. Fireflies flicked around the edge, making it even more amazing to see. Kai had not known this place had existed.

Grandpa pulled back his attention by bringing a finger to his lips.

"Shhhh," he whispered, quite differently to his other energetic behaviour, he indicated to the lake, "Look down dere..."

Kai wasn't sure, but he did what he was told, he walked down to the edge of the lake, peering into its depths. Staring back at him, was him.

He sighed, "That's my reflection, not my father..." He said downcast.

"No," Grandpa said, "Look harder..."

Kai raised an eye ridge, but still proceeded to move his face closer to the water.

The liquid seemed to ripple and change and suddenly his reflection had reformed into a picture of another lion...his father?

Kai gasped.

"You see?" said the wise monkey, "He is alive, alive...in you."

A grumbling sound made Kai lift his head up, the sky above him had changed from clear to stormy, giant grey clouds moving in close just above his head. He watched in wonder as they formed a being, a being that could only be the great lion that had come before him.

"Father..." He said breathlessly.

"Kai..." The form of King Dickinson growled over the land below.

"Kai, how could you have forgotten me..."

"I'd never forget you, father!" Kai called, distraught.

"But you have, by forgetting about your Kingdom and your place in it, by forgetting who you are, you have forgotten me..."

"But father..."

"You have to look inside yourself...you have to realise what you must do...you are my son and the one true King of the lands..."

"But I'm not who I used to be! How can I back, now?"

"By remembering who..you...are..." The great King called as his image began to fade away.

"No! Father, wait! Don't go!" Kai bounded past the lake, trying in vain to follow the mystic clouds.

"Remember..." With the final word the clouds dispersed completely and the sky was clear once again.

Kai continued to stare up at the sky still searching for something he knew would not be there, but it didn't stop him trying.

He was snapped from his thoughts by a voice.

"Well, just look at dat weather, hm?" Kai had almost forgotten about Grandpa next to him, "T'was very peculiar, don't you tink?"

"Yes, things are changing..." Kai whispered.

"Change is good," Grandpa answered brightly.

"But it's not easy." Kai continued, "I know what I have to do, but I will have to face my past, I've been running for so long..."


"OW, What on Earth was that for?" Kai called, rubbing his head where Grandpa had just hit him with his staff.

"It doesn't matter! It's in the past!" Grandpa cried, he seemed to be enjoying himself greatly, much to Kai's annoyance.

"But it still hurts..." The Prince grumbled.

Grandpa nodded, "Yes, the past can hurt, but the way I see it, is you can run from it or...learn from it."

The monkey swung his staff again, but Kai was quick and ducked out his reach.

"HA! You see? You must learn! Now what are you going to do?"

Kai smirked, "Well first, I'm going to take your stick..." And his jaws clamped around the staff and he jerked it from the monkey's hands and threw over his shoulder.

"NO NO NO! Not de stick!" Grandpa called quickly fetching it. Looking back the lion was gone. He searched and saw his great form running to the distance.

"HEY! Where are you going?!"

"I'm going back!" came the cry.

Grandpa grinned widely, "YES! GO! OFF WITH YOU! WOOOOOOOOHOOOOO!!"

Cackling wildly Grandpa jumped to the air waving his staff madly to the skies.

"THE KING HAS RETURNED!" His cry echoed over the land.

Hilary trailed miserably through the jungle. The sun was beginning to rise in the distance and she still hadn't found Kai. Maybe she shouldn't have been so hard on him, things were obviously done differently out here...but he was still the King. Why was he against it all of a sudden?

Looking up she came across the sleeping forms of Max and Tyson. The two were sleeping with Tyson on his back and Max curled up in a ball on Tyson's belly.

Quietly she moved up to them putting her face close. Gently, she nudged at the meerkat.

"Hey, hey Max, wake up"

The meerkat stirred gently, groaning. He rubbed at his eyes and looked blurrily up into something in front of him fuzzily, but becoming clearer until...

"AAAAHHHHHHHHHH!" He screamed as the lioness came into view. His scream awoke the sleeping Tyson, who screamed along with him.

"Whoa Whoa!" Hilary called over the noise, "It's okay! It's me!"

The two breathed heavily as realisation dawned on them. Climbing back onto Tyson's stomach, Max looked up at the lioness, annoyed.

"Don't ever sneak up on us like that! Carnivores...sheesh..."

Hilary rolled her eyes and ignored the comment, "Do you know where Kai is?"

Max frowned, "Wasn't he with you?"

"Did something happen?" Tyson asked

"You could say that, now I can't find him, do you know where he is?"

"You will not find him here..." Came a cheeky voice above them.

Looking up they looked confused as a baboon lay lazily in the tree above.

Smiling crazily, the baboon bowed, "The King has returned..." He informed.

Hilary's face brightened, "He's gone back..."

"What on Earth?" asked Max, looking to the tree where the monkey had disappeared again, "Who was that monkey?"

Hilary ignored him again, "Kai's gone back to Pride Rock to face Boris!" she said excitedly.

"Who's Boris?" Tyson asked, confused.

"It's his Uncle..."

"The monkey is his Uncle?" Max asked, frowning.

"NO! Kai has gone back to Pride Rock to challenge his Uncle Boris and take his rightful place as King!"

"Oooooh!" Max and Tyson echoed together.

"And now we have to go and help him, now!"

With that, she jumped off, on her way out of the jungle, she could vaguely hear the two others following close behind her.

Hilary felt like roaring as she felt energy like no other run through her veins, it was finally time to take back the Kingdom...

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