Boring and necessary disclaimer: I don't own Kim Possible, Ron Stoppable, Rufus, Wade, Monique, Dr. Drakken, Shego, Bonnie, or any of the other characters. The story is my idea, but all of those belong to Disney, including their personalities.

Shego tossed in her sleep again. It had been decades since Drakken's Bueno Nacho plan had failed, and years since she was forced to quit due to aging. She was having the same horrid nightmare; Kim Possible's lines kept ringing in her ears, over and over, "You know what I really hate?" Every time that line was said, Shego screamed in her head, but the same scripted line came out, "That your date just melted?" Shego's nightmares had been repeating like this since she had retired. "No... You." When the kick connected to her chest, Shego sat up in a cold sweat. Her hands lighting up, she grabbed at her comforter and tore it to shreds. She had become accustomed to buying bedding at the Smarty Mart's bargain bin anyway, because what she didn't destroy in her sleep was lashed out at while she slept.

Shego got up and walked across her apartment to her little one-cup coffee machine. She lived in a tiny apartment, barely twenty foot square, but it had enough amenities for Shego's likes. She looked in the mirror and sighed. Slight wrinkles under her eyes, strands of grey hair, and a slowly growing belly; Shego was aging gracefully, but she was still aging. She sat on the edge of her bed and sipped at her coffee before glancing at the clock. "Four in the morning... I got more sleep than usual," Shego groaned. She started slinking around her room, doing the daily chores she became so accustomed to; dusting, vacuuming, and cleaning in general. When all that was done, she got out her model kits and rummaged through them, looking for one to catch her interest for the day. Without any real villainy to commit, all she had left was nail filing and the models. She just destroyed the models out of frustration later, but creating them was a Zen she learned to appreciate in her slow days.

Shego got out one of her ten year old fashion magazines; it had been the latest thing in its day, but now it was just an eyesore from her past. She couldn't even afford to get the new magazines to read anymore, and the old ones were memorized; and it's not like her aging body was in any shape to try and steal them anymore. As she pulled the pieces out of the model car set, her frustration at what her life had become almost took her to destroy it with her hands right then and there, but she stopped and took a calm breath. Slowly, and surely, she took the pieces out of their holding places, and set them carefully above the magazine. Pulling some glue out of a nearby drawer, she began to slowly assemble the model. She didn't look at the directions anymore; she bought all her models in bulk at Smarty Mart, and often that meant having twenty or more of every model. This was her tenth time building this car.

Shego smiled while she built, thinking back to one of the earlier models she built. It was an actual replica of Drakken's hovercraft. Somehow or someway, Drakken's toys became a popular theme with kids. They were quickly replaced when the Kim Possible action figure set came out though, and she remembered almost buying one of the dolls to take her claws to; the only reason she didn't was she didn't have the money in enough time to get one for cheap. They were collector's items now, because Kim Possible was nearing retirement. Shego sighed again; the heroine didn't seem to have the trouble deciding she did. Shego started to notice the lack of sound in the apartment, and was kind of frustrated by it. She walked over to a small, clumsy looking AM radio she had asked Drakken for as a retirement present. Not exactly asked, but Drakken still tried to make it a little nice for his old companion.

Shego tuned to whatever station would come in today; it was the news. Shego walked back over to the model and began again as the news continued halfway through the story. "... Fist has been apprehended once again by hero Ron Stoppable. Tell me Mr. Stoppable, what are your plans for the evening?" A husky, yet goofy voice came over the radio, making Shego cringe lightly. "I think I'll take the misses out for a bite to eat, and then we'll stop by my place for a little alone time." A few people laughed on the radio as Shego turned it off. She sat down on the bed and sighed. The last experience with the sidekick hadn't gone too well. Shego denied for a year that her body was giving out, but when he beat her, she knew she was far too old to keep going. Her body may have looked almost as good as it did twenty years ago, but it felt like it was twenty years older. Shego started to lay down again, as her back was acting up. She'd finish the model on the table tomorrow, maybe.

That's when the phone rang. Shego had made it a point very early on in her retirement to the phone solicitation companies she was never to be called, and even though Drakken had the number, she had given him a much less subtle warning about calling her. Suspicions high, she picked up the phone, "Hello?"

The next thing she heard disgusted her.

"Shego! I have it! I know how we can take over the world once and for all!" It was Drakken.

"Look, doc, I told you… Never, EVER, call me. I don't care what stupid idea you have for taking over the world, I retired. Now go take your rants to some new hired hand or something." Shego could hear Drakken's whimpering on the other side of the line

"But Shego..."

"But nothing... We had our chance when you took over Bueno Nacho, and you ble…"

"Ah HA! But that's just it! That's how we're going to take over the world!"

Shego blinked a couple times, confused.

"You're going to repeat the Bueno Nacho fiasco? But Possible and the sidekick have kinda become married, I don't see how that would work."

"But Shego, that's not what I'm planning... What I have in mind is much more devious. If you're interested at all in this foolproof plan to take back our rightful places in history, come by the usual lab." With a click, Drakken hung up. Shego followed suit, confused by the last thing he said. "... our rightful places in history... What did he mean by that?" She muddled this to herself over and over as she subconsciously changed into her jumpsuit and got into a taxi.

OKAY, that's chapter 1... I may write more tonight, so stay tuned!