Jeans and Genes.



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Chapter 1

Go stand in your rightful place beside your mate……

What do they want from us?………………………

Oh, no. You are much mistaken. You shall not be leaving this place…………

Look, we have thirty seconds to live Elizabeth, and I'll be damned if I'm gonna waste them………



Elizabeth awoke, shooting off the bed, the name of the man she considered her best friend ripping from her throat as she thrashed around in a blind panic.

"Calm down, lass!" came the slightly worried voice of her CMO. Somehow it pierced through the haze of terror, bringing her back to the room, and into the line of the concerned gazes of her closest friends.

"What happened? Why am I here?" she gasped out.

"You finally decided to get the ATA gene." Carson explained, turning around and fiddling with her I.V., "Of all the people who've reacted to it, I'd have to say that yours takes the cake."

"And that would be because?" Rodeny asked, his voice for once lacking the normal sarcastic tinge.

Carson delved excitedly into the description of the process, "The gene actually seemed to want to integrate into her DNA. In the others who had some kind of reaction, it was exactly the opposite. But because it progressed at such an accelerated rate, her body overloaded for a split millisecond. It was enough to knock her unconscious, and then nature, and the subconscious, took over. Rather fascinatin', actually."

"We got the point, Doc." Sheppard grumbled, "The question is: did it work?"

"Oh, aye. Even better than it did for dear Rodney here." he replied cheerfully.

"Actually, major, the question is: am I well enough to get out of here?" Elizabeth stated in annoyance.

Quickly noting something on the chart, he answered, "Aye, but for the next twelve hours, you're to stick to your quarters and forget about paperwork. Canna' be' askin' too much from ye?"

With a begrudging nod, she pulled herself off the bed. Grabbing her jacket off the bed, she turned to the doctor, "thank you Carson."

"Ye'r welcome anytime, lass." He smiled.

"Do you want me to walk you back?" Rodney asked, placing a discreet hand on the small of her back.

"Thank you for the offer, but I should be fine." With that she walked out of the infirmary.

As she walked down the corridors, it was as though her home was greeting her. Lights came on to illuminate the way to her quarters, a fact for which she was grateful, considering the late hour. Finally, she entered into her quarters. The fact that the lights once again turned on as she entered made a smile appear on her face.

Her room was comfortable and simply decorated, and fitted her like a glove. For the first time since she had awoken, she noticed the exhaustion that threatened to overtake her, Carson was right…That did take a lot out of me.

Quickly, she changed into her night clothes. As much as she was tempted to grab her laptop and get through some of the reports that needed attention, something told her that she would need every bit of energy she could get.


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