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Jeans and Genes Chapter 10.

Endings and Beginnings.

By Starlite1.

It was over. Elizabeth watched as the final vestiges of Koyla's guerillas were congregated in the gateroom. Her soul felt numb. Yet now there were more important things to deal with. Breathing deeply, she forced herself to stand up, to put one foot in front of the other, to march out of her office and down the stairs and ignore the tightness in her chest.

"Ladies and gentlemen," She began, hoping that no one would detect the discrepancies in her voice, "You all know why you are here. You forcibly entered our home, attempted to harm us and caused a great deal of damage in the process. Normally this would be enough to warrant us exiling you on an unknown planet. Yet your circumstances cannot be ignored. You were acting under the orders of a twisted man, whose powers of manipulation were undoubtedly extraordinary. Thus, we offer you the choice: Return home to face your own people, or leave through the Stargate for a planet of your own choice. We shall give you what supplies we can spare if you choose to restart, but we ask that you make your choice now."

Surprise flashed over their faces. Obviously their expectations had been far less. Quickly, they converged together, arguments rapidly firing back and forth in the twanged tongue.

It didn't take long for Aymakia to step forward, "We have made our choice," She began, "We no longer belong among our people, and for us to attempt to return would be futile. Thus we request to be permitted to find a deserted world where we can spend the remanding days we have."

Elizabeth wondered over her choice of words for a moment, before speaking, "Very well, you would step forward, then we can use our database to locate a place where you can be safe." Elizabeth said, feeling her resolve strengthen slightly. With a nod, she began walking up the stairs, with Aymakia falling in beside her.

Halfway up, the younger women stopped, her hand going to her chest, her eyes widening before she collapsed.


"Hey." Elizabeth said gently.

Aymakia's eyes opened blearily, "Dr. Weir. I thank you. You have given the rest of my people a second chance. Their lives will never be what they were, but at least they shall have a chance."

Elizabeth smiled gently, "So will you."

Weakly she shook her head, "I think not. My time has come. Today is my day. I am only glad that I managed to help out."

"What are you talking about?" Elizabeth questioned.

But M'quair Aymakia Ha'yo did not hear. For behind the leader's shoulder was a face who she had never thought to see again. Shavannah looked down at her, his deep velvety eyes staring into her soul, awakening it from the hibernation it had been locked in for so long to bloom and swell with love once more. Callused fingers of light touched her face, caressing away the agony brought by the past months.

"Undami, it is time…" his voice called softly.

Her eyes widened, "For us?"

"We have all eternity…" With that his hand grasped hers, and she felt the bonds of her broken body fall away, just as she fell into his arms…

And she understood.

Elizabeth looked on in wonderment as the figure laying on the bed began to pulse with light, dissolving away to reveal Aymakia as she once had been. Gentle curls floated around her head creating a halo, her face became alive again, as energy encompassed the final vestiges of her broken body, exploding like a supernova.

As the light faded away, the lighting level returned once more to the dim levels expected of the night cycle. The constant thrumming of the machines on the other patients being the only break of the silence. Looking at the now-empty bed, she felt her heart break just a bit more

Quietly, she stood, walking out and holding back her tears every single step of the way.


For once, Rodney wasn't in his lab. After the past twenty four hours, he could not deny his own need for sleep. Yet his mind was far to active to allow him to rest. So he found himself sitting with his favourite pieces of Classical playing in the background. At least it gave him something to concentrate on other than the mind-blowing kiss less than eight hours ago…

Knowing his luck, she would never want anything to do with him again. If he was honest with himself, his chances were substantially less than zero. What had happened earlier changed nothing…

Or did it?

He had felt something, and it wasn't all him. Whether or not it was his imagination playing tricks on him was a completely different matter, but still…

There was a knock at the door. Pausing it just before the third movement began, he stumbled over the mounds of paperwork intermingle with heaven only knows what else to hit the controller. With its customary swoosh, the door opened to reveal the woman in question.

He was stunned at her appearance. In place of her usual graceful self was a woman lost and broken. Her shirt (or his at it once was) was still ripped and bloody, her eyes were filled with tears she stubbornly refused to let fall.

"Elizabeth?" He asked. With that single word her resolve crumpled completely. A silent sob wreaked her body, shocking him with it's intensity. Reflexively his arms went around her shoulders, pulling her into a tight embrace. Silently she sobbed, the events of the day crashing upon her likea Tsunami against the coastline. Gently he steered her to the bed, sitting her down and letting her head rest on his shoulder, her bitter, salty tears drenching his own attire.

Rodney couldn't have said how long he held her, but eventually she calmed down enough to choke out, "I-I killed him-!"

Rodney's eyes widened in surprise, "Don't give yourself all the credit. I was in there as well. It was Not your fault, understand?"

"It's just- I – I haven't k-killed anyone before." She whispered, her voice choked with emotion.

His hands gently stroked her hair, "It's hard to get used to, believe me. But don't forget how many he killed, how many lives he destroyed just to obtain his own goals. Just remember that when weighing up your own guilt. The fact that you're so horrified at this shows just what a good person you are. But we did what we needed to do, we saved the city as usual, and that's worth it."

She looked up at him, "That doesn't make it any more right."

Rodney was stumped. So he simply held her close, letting her grieve until she succumbed to the exhaustion.

"You know, Aymakia said something to me today." She began hesitantly.

"Mhmm…" He replied.

"She said that there was a bond we could use. One that binds everything." She began.

"Well, it worked, whatever it was."

"That's it though, she said it was a bond we could use. As in you and me. As in no-one else." She said in frustration, "You know what we did with the jumper?"

"How could I not? We saved Atlantis!"

"It's made me wonder what the bond was, because I can't do that with anyone other than you…"

"How is that significant?" He asked

"The bond? Could it be love?"

Immediately every fibre in his body tensed, "As in four letter word which can have nasty implications?"

She was too tired to be annoyed so she simply nodded, "Yeah, love. Whenever we did the transfer, I could feel it." She paused, gathering together her fortitude, "I think we have a bond that's more than friendship. Just how much more I'm not sure."

Rodney froze, the implications of her words hitting him-it hadn't just been him, "You mean- you and me?"

She shrugged, "Could be worth a shot."

"Right." He started, "I'm sure… I mean…-Oh buggerit!" He exclaimed, his lips meeting hers suddenly. Her eyes widened in shock, before she responded. It was a kiss completely different from the one in the gateroom. Instead of being tinged by their own desperation, it was filled with hope and eagerness. Both could feel the emotions flowing through their bond, communicating what mere words could not. Their tongues duelled languidly, enjoying every sensation.

When the need for air became a priority, they reluctantly broke apart, shuffling on the bed slightly to face the window, where the sun was just beginning to make its debut. The sky was just becoming light, with the few sparse clouds just tinged gold. Slowly the sun rose, creeping across the carpet to land upon the pair.

"A brand new day." Elizabeth said with a sigh, her head once again resting on his shoulder.

"Spread out at our feet, waiting for us to come out into it, and then hiding behind a corner with a pile of paperwork in hand." He sighed, his fingers interlacing with hers.

A slight giggle escaped her lips at his analogy, "This one seems more like a beginning." She declared, "Not just for the Vionull, but for us as well."

He smiled, a genuine smile that warmed her heart, "I like that idea. What do you say to going out and getting on with this day?"

She returned the smile, "Sounds like a good idea." With that she hopped off the bed, her characteristic grace fluidly returning to her. Grasping his hand, she hauled him up as well, and together they headed to the door.

"You know, we could both do with a shower…"


"And I certainly hope that breakfast is going to factor into this day as well…"

"Oh, I'm sure we can fit it in somewhere." She said, grasping his hand as they walked out into the corridor, ready to face the day and whatever it would bring their way.



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