A/N: Another fanfic idea I've had for awhile but just couldn't find the time to write it down. It's a little differentthan what I imagined it to be, and was actually mostly inspired by a Law And Order: SVU episode called Doubt. It sort of explores the more emotoinal and physical aspects of Devan and Woody's relationship. Just remember, if you are not a fan, don't read!

Summary: Both Woody and Devan wok on a difficult case while trying to sort out their feelings for one another. Which one will they ruin first; the case or their feelings? Rated for violence, mild language, and sexual references (sounds like a horror movie, doesn't it?)

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Only For The Truth

Woody chewed his lip at the obvious implication. Yes, it was true he didn't have the most experience in the ladies' department, but that didn't mean he was completely uneducated. He was just a gentleman is all. Twenty questions was something that he was usually uncomfortable with because it meant having to explore secrets that even he didn't know the answers to, but because he was sharing them with her, it didn't matter as much. He thought back to the question; the last time he had been serious about a relationship.

Appling force to the left side of the steering wheel, he turned a corner, glancing quickly beside him at Devan. "Seriously committed? Three and a half years ago in Wisconsin. Planned on marrying her, too."

Devan raised an eyebrow and looked out the window impulsively. "What happened?"

Shrugging, Woody took one hand off the wheel to scratch the back of his head. "Didn't live up to her father's expectations. He said he didn't want his daughter marrying a rookie cop, and more importantly, a sheriff's son."

"Ouch," Devan said, her voice dripping with forced emphasis. "What did you tell your girl?"

Woody flicked his eyes to her. "Not what her father had said, which is a major regret now that I think about it. I just said I was leaving and I thought it was best if we left our relationship alone. That sounded really lame just then didn't it?"

Devan nodded. "Oh yeah. So what happened next?"

Turning another corner, Woody flicked on his high beam so he could see down the dark street. "Why do you care?"

"Hey," Devan began defensively, her voice rising, "I'm just trying to make a connection. So far I'm getting that you're a coward who doesn't like to hurt anyone's feelings."

Woody increased the speed of the car when there was no traffic or parked cars to distract him. "And that's a bad thing?"

Staring at him in disbelief, Devan gaped. "Uh yeah. If you do it that way you'll never tell the truth. You need to just say how you feel and not worry about the repercussions."

Woody shook his head. "Easy for you to say, Miss Ice Queen. Some people get off on caring for others, and not just themselves."

"Well excuse me for my analysis," Devan started sarcastically. "I guess you have a better grasp on the concept."

Woody rolled his eyes before dismissing the conversation and flicking his eyes quickly towards Devan. "What about you?"

The blonde blinked in confusion. "Excuse me?"

"What about you?" Woody repeated. "When were you last serious about a guy?"

Devan exhaled uncomfortably and glanced out the window at the passing houses. She shrugged and put on an uncaring voice. "A year ago in Washington. We planned to marry, too."

Woody turned another corner. "What fell through?"

Devan sat in silence. How could she put it delicately? She shrugged again. "His definition of commitment." She paused for a moment before frowning. "Exactly how far away is your place anyway?"

Woody smiled at her attempt to ease off the conversation. "Not far."

A streetlight flickered above them and Woody blinked at the sudden depletion of light. There was a scream outside of the car before a dull thud was heard. Glass shattered on the windshield as blood dripped slowly from the edges of the bumper. The car screeched to a halt just as the body hit the road. Devan stared in horror at the windshield before glancing over at Woody, whose hands shook on the steering wheel. He was breathing heavily and quickly, his mind not completely taking in the situation.

Devan opened the car door and stepped out, running to the aid of the victim. Female, twenties, dark bruises and dripping blood, no pulse. Devan breathed out through her mouth and looked towards the car, where Woody was still sitting. Eventually, he lifted himself from the seat and stumbled out of the car. His closed his eyes at the sight of the young woman lying still.

Devan looked at him with wide eyes. "You didn't see her."

Opening his eyes slowly, Woody countered with a stern voice, "Devan, I've been drinking."

Devan looked down at the body and paused, frowning. "I think we can explain away that with this."

She pointed to a large circular bruise around the woman's neck. She put her hand around it, though she didn't touch the neck. It was a handprint, and it extended all the way around the woman's neck. Devan scanned her eyes over the body. The clothes were torn and tattered and the belt threaded through the dark blue jeans was unbuckled. The bruises on the woman's face appeared to have been inflicted over an hour ago, their bluish tones free of any blood. The forehead had a deep cut in it though, and was possibly made by the force of the collision with the windshield. Devan moved her hand and looked at it. Blood stained the palm and the tips of her fingers. She looked down and noticed a gaping wound in the woman's lower abdomen, made possibly by a knife.

Woody met Devan's worried eyes. "Murdered?"

Devan looked back down with a thoughtful look. "Attempted."

A man rushed out from a small apartment building suddenly, his hand clutching a silver phone. His jeans were roughly put on and his white shirt was open and exposing his chest. It had blood on it. He looked at Woody firstly, then Devan.

The man swallowed and took a shaky breath. "I think I'm responsible for that."

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