Not without you

It was in the middle of the night and he was dead tired. Yet Yuuri couldn't help but wander through the silent corridors of Blood Pledge Castle. He simply couldn't sleep in his own bed for something was missing.

He sighed and trudged on, hoping that the walking made him tired enough though that he wouldn't notice anything anymore. It worked obviously better than he thought. He had unconsciously stopped infront of a door. Looking around he recognized the corridor and that door, espicially the chamber which was behind it.

Wolfram's room

The room which was scarcly used since he had arrived in New Makoku and became the Maou. What was he doing here? He knew that Wolfram was resting in there, so shouldn't he take the opertunity and enjoy a large bed all for himself alone? Had the fact that Wolfram was injured because of him drawn him to the other boy's room? But he knew that Wolfram was going to be alright. Gisela had treated him after they had brought him back and than she had assured everyone that Wolfram just needed some rest and would soon be back to his usual self.

He slowly opened the door without a sound and let himself in, before he closed it behind him again. Looking across the room to the bed he could only make out Wolfram's blonde mane sticking out of the covers. He silently crossed the small distance and sat down on the chair beside the bed. Wolfram was lying on his back, his face turned slightly to the side to where he was sitting.

Yuuri gently lifted the covers, exposing Wolfram's pink nightgrown and with that the bandages running over his shoulder. Yuuri knew that the bandages also ran across the young Mazoku's torso without seeing them.

My fault.

If he hadn't been so eager to try to solve the mysterious thefts in the village Wolfram wouldn't have gotten hurt. Just because he had to run into that building where he had seen someone moving stealthily. The thief inside had unfortunately expected them to barge. Wolfram had stormed in directly after him. The thief had attacked Yuuri, but Wolfram had pushed his fiancé aside which had cost him a precious second which he would have needed to draw his sword out in time. The thief had managed to cut Wolfram deeply diagonally across his torso up to his right shoulder. Conrad had been too surprised by Yuuri's sudden barge into that empty house and had taken a few moments longer to follow. He ran into the house just in time to see Wolfram fall after getting cut and to see the thief slowly advancing toward's his king.

Yuuri shook his head. The situation had been quickly solved after that. Conrad had knocked the thief out and Yuuri had immediately run to Wolfram's side to heal him. After that Conrad had picked his younger half brother gently up and had carried him back to the castle. There Gisela had examined him and bandaged his wounds before she declared that in order to not disturb the wounds Wolfram needed to sleep alone in a bed. Since their shared one was orginally Yuuri's she had Wolfram moved to his old room.

So again, what was he doing here? Yuuri yawned, folded his arms on the bed and rested his head on them. Whatever the reason was, he was too tired to think about it. Before he fell completely asleep one last thought crossed his mind.

I don't know when it happened, or how or why... but I can't sleep without you