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Quick author's note: I just threw the usual syntax of 'switching the point of view with each chapter' overboard. It would have leaded to a huge chapter splitting which I didn't want. So you get both Wolfram's and Yuuri's point of view in one chapter, but don't worry, you'll notice when I switch ;-)

He kissed me. Yuuri kissed me.

Wolfram sang happily in his head. He only calmed down when Conrad reminded him gently to stay focused. It would only be moments now when they were within hearing and seeing range of the enemy.

Gwendal gave the order to stop and Wolfram saw that Big Shimaron also stopped their approach.

"Big Shimaron. We give you a chance to give up and return to your lands now. If you don't leave our country, your intrusion will be seen as a war declaration." Gwendal called to their enemy.
"There is no need for a war. Surrender to his highness King Belal and your lives will be spared." was the answer of the army leader.
"As if."Wolfram muttered under his breath. He saw Conrad nod once out of the corner of his eyes.
"New Makoku will never bow to Big Shimaron." Gwendal said with a cold gleam in his eyes.
"Then we have no other choice. Attack!"

Various war shouts were heard as Big Shimaron's soldiers drew their weapons and charged.
"Defend our land!" shouted Gwenal and their own soldiers started to run for a counter-attack.

"Let's see where my new limits are." Wolfram said quietly to himself. Then he continued loudly. "All the beings that make up the element of fire. Obey this brave Mazoku who summons you!"
A huge fire lion appeared charging ahead of the soldiers and crashed into the enemy's first line, knocking about 20 opponents out cold. Wolfram grinned satisfied. He drew his sword, urged his horse on and summoned another fire lion, knocking another 25 soldiers out.
His brothers and Günter were riding beside him, Gwendal and Gunter summoning their own elements, decimating their opponents.
They got into close range and were forced to send their horses away. Wolfram fought well, slashing and stabbing at opponents, unconsciously trying not to kill them. The further the fight got, the less casualties could be prevented and everyone was soon just fighting to survive.

Back at the camp Yuuri had entered the healing tent were Yozak and Hubert were forced to stay. Gisela was busy giving last minute orders to the few healers in the tent. Yuuri approached Yozak and Hubert, both who seemed eager to be let out to help, only staying to prevent to get Gisela's wrath upon their heads.

"Are you two alright?" Yuuri asked.
Yozak grinned. "Sure, but the sergeant isn't convinced of it."
Yuuri nodded pensively. He looked over his shoulder and saw Gisela bending over some equipment. He walked to the small space between the two beds and took with his hands the hands of the two soldiers.

"Heika?" Yozak asked perplexed.
Yuuri ignored him and closed his eyes. He could tell that Gisela had given both men a push in the right direction to heal, but he could also feel that he could heal them both completely. He concentrated and heard both gasp when he healed them almost completely.

"Heika!" he heard Gisela's shocked voice.
Yuuri stepped back and grinned at the two men. Yozak returned his grin as the two got out of the beds and retrieved their weapons. On their way out, Yuuri stopped Yozak for a second, by grasping the older man's wrist.

"Conrad will probably concentrate to make sure that Wolfram stays safe. So please look after Conrad for me." he asked almost pleadingly.
Yozak grinned once more at him. "I will, kiddo." he said and left after Hubert.

"Heika, you shouldn't use too much Maryoko. You may need it later more." Gisela said unhappily.
"I'm sorry, Gisela. But I think Conrad will need Yozak at his side and Hube is a very good fighter too."

Gisela just shook her head. "Heika, please promise me one thing. If you don't I will be forced to remove you from this tent." she said seriously.
Yuuri nodded and listened.

"Please do not overwork yourself, Heika. If someone tells you to stop using your Maryoku then stop. Please I cannot order you to do it, but you mustn't use too much, or-" she broke off, avoiding to look into his eyes.

Yuuri looked at her for a moment. "I can't promise you that Gisela. I can only promise you to stop when I feel it's ok to stop."
"Gisela, no. It's already hard enough that we even got into this situation. I'll need to help... to be usefull in some ways." Yuuri said, turning away.

Gisela seemed to sense that there was more Yuuri wasn't telling her. "Heika, what do you mean?"
Yuuri suddenly turned back to her. "Did I fail?" That thought had been nagging at the back of Yuuri's mind since he had seen the enemy's camp so near to his home.

Gisela blinked in surprise. "What?"
"I feel like I failed in my responsibilities as the Maou... I promised once that I would never allow a war. Everyone has already been through so much... losing loved once... fighting to survive... so I failed. I couldn't keep my promise..."

Gisela's expression changed from shock to angry in seconds and she said in her 'sergeant' voice. "Don't talk nonsense."
Yuuri jumped and unconsciously straightened like Wolfram did when Gisela used that voice.
Gisela's expression softened. "You did not fail us, Heika. Belal wants the world domination and will not stop until he gained it."
"That's what Wolfram said." Yuuri said a bit pensively.

Gisela smiled gently at Yuuri's somewhat wistful intonation. "Then maybe you should listen to him. He often knows what he's talking about."
That comment made Yuuri grin slightly. "Yes, he does... But now he is out there." he looked at Gisela imploringly. "Do we even have a chance?"
"I'm sure we have one."

They were interrupted by a healer who rushed past them. Yuuri turned and saw two soldiers, keeping each other somewhat upright, stumbling into the tent. Yuuri hurried to help the healer, guiding one of the soldiers to a bed.

He reached out to heal him, but the soldier grabbed his wrist. "My friend first. He is gravely injured."
Yuuri looked over his shoulder and saw Gisela taking care of the other soldier. He turned back and nodded. The soldier released him, leaving a bloody hand print around Yuuri's wrist and dropped onto his back losing consciousness. Yuuri stared in shock at the blood smeared over his wrist, before he shook himself out of his stupor. He reached out and started healing the worst wounds, not healing him fully as he did with Yozak and Hube, saving his Maryoku. If he wanted to survive he could not give everything away, like he would normally do.

Wolfram wasn't holding back his Maryoku at all. He took every opportunity he had to use his fire element as long as possible. There had been a few Houseki users among the enemy, but some humans had quickly disposed of them. Wolfram was very sure that there were more of them among their opponents, since he still felt slightly sick. Ignoring it as best as he could he shot a fireball at two soldiers in front of him.

He was suddenly thrown to the side by an invisible force. He gasped when he tried to rise, but found himself unable to, feeling the short paralysis.

Damn Houseki!

Conrad suddenly jumped over him, attacking the one, who had hit Wolfram, with a war shout. He didn't leave Wolfram's side until the paralysis had completely vanished. Wolfram looked up and saw Yozak protecting Conrad's side.

Gwendal was suddenly by Wolfram's side and pulled him onto his feet. Wolfram nodded to him when he noticed that he could move freely again. Out of the corner of his eyes he saw a very fast moving person running through the line of Big Shimaron and he recognized Hubert defeating soldier after soldier in mere seconds.

Wolfram quickly focused on the situation in front of him again. Stepping beside his half human brother, he defended Conrad's other side. Gunter appeared seemingly out of nowhere and together he and Gwendal joined them. Together, they were practically standing back to back blocking attacks and protecting each other.

The further the battle dragged on the more difficult it got for Wolfram to keep moving. His arms were getting tired and the once comfortable weight of his sword was getting heavier by the minute.
He clenched his teeth and continued slashing at his opponents, not caring if te merely injured them or actually killed them. He just wanted it to end as soon as possible.

Soldier after soldier had slowly been brought into the healing tent. The sound of fighting was steadily getting closer. Yuuri had soon understood to differ between the soldiers he treated and he had to set priorities who he treated first.

He was currently feverishly working over a soldier who still had a sword embedded in his chest. He recognized the young blond as one of Wolfram's troops, who he had already healed after the explosion in Blood Pledge Palace.

He slowly healed him and was just about to grip the sword to pull it out, when the soldier suddenly started to cough up blood, some of it hitting Yuuri's clothes. Yuuri tried to ease the soldier's breathing and rested his hand, which was still glowing in the faint green light, near the sword. He could feel the body convulsing under his touch.

"Gisela!" he shouted for help over his shoulder. He was fighting to save the young man's live but sensed that he was losing that battle.
Gisela was kept busy at another bedside and Yuuri was left on his own. He desperately tried to think of a way how he could help the soldier, when the body suddenly got lax under his hand. Yuuri clenched his fists as he realized that the soldier had died under his hands.

Yuuri stumbled back. His whole body suddenly felt numb, yet he couldn't take his eyes of the soldier who barely looked older than him. The face of the soldier suddenly shifted and Yuuri saw Wolfram lying dead on the bed instead of the young man. Yuuri closed his eyes tightly and shook his head, trying to get rid of the image.

When he opened them again 'Wolfram' had turned back to the soldier. Yuuri looked around. The tent had gotten full with wounded, most moaning in pain. The healers had the strain clearly written in their faces.

Yuuri made fists, his fingernails digging sharply into the balms of his hands. He looked down, trying not to see what was happening around him for a moment. Instead he saw his clothes, looking more red than their usual color. He clenched his teeth. Enough was enough.

I'll put an end to this, once and for all

He passed Gisela on his way out. "Gisela, please excuse me for a moment." he said without stopping.
Gisela first wanted to stop him, but when she saw the look in his eyes she didn't.

Yuuri left the tent and looked around. He spotted Murata overlooking the battle, his face clearly showing that things weren't going as well as they should. Yuuri turned when he heard the neighing of a horse.

"Ao." he said surprised and went over to his black stallion. Someone had obviously brought him along.
Yuuri sat up and let his horse gallop past Murata.
"Shibuya, wait! Don'!"
Yuuri reined back. "I won't sit back any longer, Murata!"

Murata hurried to his side and pulled himself awkwardly up behind Yuuri who urged Ao on once Murata was seated.
"You already have used much of your Maryoku in the healing tent. You can't-"
"I can go on." Yuuri interrupted him, his voice dropping to a baritone.

Yuuri knew he probably would not remember what was going to happen in the next minutes.
Murata clinged to him as his aura flared and his hair grew longer. The Maou was finally out.

Wolram wondered how many more soldiers were left to come and if their own troops had deserted them to fight the whole army on their own. He could swear that most of the enemies were just concentrating on him and Conrad, probably because he was officially the current Maou and Conrad the 'key' to one of the boxes.

At least Yuuri's safe as long as we keep them busy.

He suddenly felt a familiar power surge near their camp.

Or not.

Yet he couldn't keep off the faint grin on his lips. The Maou was out and probably pissed like hell. They were saved.

He intensified his efforts and used his element. Creating a huge fire wall around Conrad, Gwendal, Gunter, Hube, Yozak and himself, he forced the several opponents around them to step back to prevent getting burned.

He used the loud roaring of the fire. "Yuuri is coming." he told everyone. They nodded and as soon as the fire wall vanished the intensified increased their attacks, barely giving Big Shimaron's soldiers a chance to counter them. Wolfram could see Yuuri's blue shimmering aura as his fiancé swiftly rode to the battle field.

Someone of their opponents noticed Yuuri several moments after Wolfram had seen him. "The Maou is alive! Kill him!"

Wolfram and the others were more or less forgotten as most of the soldiers ran to attack Yuuri. Wolfram watched Yuuri stop and getting calmly off his horse.

Wolfram's heart beat quickened when several soldiers shot at Yuuri at once, but Yuuri just held his hand up, blocking the many arrows and blasts, protecting himself and the Great Sage who had gotten off the horse after Yuuri. The soldiers around them stopped fighting, frozen in place, not knowing if they should keep fighting or take flight.

"You trespass in these lands without permission and start a war without reason. Your deeds cannot be forgiven."
The people at the front line started to shoot again, while slowly retreating at the same time. Yuuri didn't even raise his hand again as a blue shimmering shield appeared around him and the Sage.

"It is not my intention to take lives, but I have no choice. I'll kill you!" he threw his arms to the side and three water dragons appeared out of the ground, while a huge wated wall raised itself behind Yuuri. In the wall there was a Japanese word written. Wolfram briefly wondered why he suddenly knew that this word meant 'justice', before he saw everything through some kind of a blue shimmering bubble which Yuuri had erected around him. Glancing back, he saw that everyon who had been fighting on their side was surrounded by a similiar shield.

"Punishment!" The water dragons charged at the front line, before the wall broke into huge wave, washing everything not protected in its away along.

Wolfram was soon surrounded completely by water, only held at bay by the shield around him, hiding his view on the battle field completely. The water retreated after some moments and Wolfram saw many enemies picking themselves up and running away weaponless, since the wave had washed them away. He looked back at his fiancé standing tall a some feet away after having defeated a whole army on his own.

"With this a matter... has been... settled." Yuuri said before he fell to his knees, turning back to his usual self.
"Yuuri!" Wolfram shouted from within the still erected shield.

Yuuri almost immediately stood up, not having fainted this time and the shields finally vanished. Murata came up behind Yuuri, supporting him to stay upright, since he seemed to be a bit unsteady on his own feet.

Wolfram stood rooted to the spot for a second before he automatically walked to his fiancé. He didn't pay attention to everyone else who were walking a bit behind him, but kept his gaze locked on Yuuri.

Yuuri was looking around the battle field. There was a lost look in his eyes, making him appear like the 15 years old youth he truly was, belying the fact that he was the powerful Maou, who had shown his abilities just moments ago.

Yuuri's eyes finally met Wolframs and they lit up in gladness. Yuuri didn't look away again as he started to walk to meet Wolfram. They stopped only some inches apart from each other, silently making sure that the other wasn't hurt. Wolfram could see unshed tears in Yuuri's eyes. He slowly raised his left hand, cupping Yuuri's cheek with it. Yuuri raised his hand too, gently running it through Wolfram's sweaty hair, before he rested it on the back of Wolfram's head.

Moments seemed to melt into minutes in which they stayed like this. Wolfram slowly let his hand drop. His fingertips had barely left Yuuri's cheek, when Yuuri suddenly pulled him quickly forward to him. His mind took a moment longer to comprehend what was happening, but at the time it had caught up, he was long returning Yuuri's eager if somewhat awkward kiss. He felt Yuuri's arm around his chest, his other hand still resting against the back of Wolfram's head, keeping him locked firmly against his fiancé.

Wolfram let his sword which he still had been holding in his right hand and enclosed his love with his arms, pressing themselves even further together.

And it was in that moment, holding his fiancé and being held by him that a huge weight seemed to be lifted of his shoulder and he finally felt like a missing piece had settled back, making him complete again.


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