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7: 36 - Grounds

"Come on! We don't wanna miss the bus!" exclaimed Ino as she and Shikamaru got out of the plane. Sakura immediately followed the two as she tossed her bag behind her shoulder.

She turned around slightly to see what Sasuke was doing. She saw him picking up his bag and Sakura immediately turned away. As she got out of the plane, a thought came to her again.

Why was I sleeping on Sasuke-kun?

It was bizarre for her. Surely, she did not sleep on his lap. His shoulder maybe, but his lap? That is unheard of.

Unless Sasuke placed her- wait, don't even go there. Sadly, Sasuke would never do that unless it was extremely necessary. Sakura looked forwards and saw Naruto pulling Hinata gently.

She smiled at them slightly. Seriously, she was happy for the two of them. Hinata had at last found happiness, and even though Naruto still doesn't notice Hinata like a lover, at least he treats her as something more than a friend, right?

Can Sasuke even treat her like a friend? He can't even touch her hand like Naruto does to Hinata.

Sakura looked down at the ground as she continued walking towards the group.

Why can't love just be easy for her? Why did she have to fall for a cold hearted bastard, as Naruto would always say?

Sakura looked up and saw Neji and Tenten who were talking to each other casually. She immediately looked away.

Now, will she and Sasuke be able to talk like that? Sure, they could talk. She would ask a question, and he would answer with a simple 'Yes', 'No', 'Hn' or most of all 'You're annoying'.

But come on, look at this. Neji says sentences. Not a word or a phrase. Why can't Sasuke be more like that?

Psht. Dream on Sakura...

Sakura still continued to walk slowly towards the chattering group, when she suddenly heard Ino's loud voice.

"Shika-kun! Hide me from Chouji! I think I called him fat again!" exclaimed Ino as she hid behind Shikamaru and hugged Shikamaru, using him as a shield. Shikamaru looked at Ino sleepily before grabbing his and Ino's bag.

Sakura looked away again, a sad smile forming on her lips.

Would she be able to do that? Sakura was even sure that if ever Ino did sleep on the plane, Shikamaru would be glad to let her sleep on his lap. It was obvious.

But for Sakura? Just a mere touch on Sasuke and he'll explode. Why can't Sakura just have someone for once? Hinata has Naruto, Tenten has Neji...and even Ino has Shikamaru.

Sakura could clearly see in Ino's eyes that she loves Shikamaru, only her crush on Sasuke is blocking it. Sometimes, life is so unfair, isn't it?

"Sakura-chan, come on!" exclaimed Lee happily as he bounded up the stairs towards the bus.

Sakura looked up and smile at Lee. However, there was always Lee. He's always a good friend, not to mention an expert at taijutsu. But something is missing. Sakura does not love him like that.

Sakura turned around and saw Sasuke a few steps behind her. She turned away before entering the bus, andsighed before she took a seat behind Hinata and Naruto.

Unknown to her, an eye was watching her carefully. He turned back to his Icha Icha Paradise before he stared at the Uchiha Prodigy, who took a seat beside Sakura.

This is gonna be harder than I thought..

7:39 – Bus

"Everyone, this is not gonna be a long trip. Our chaperone for this bus is your sensei, Asuma." said Kurenai and Asuma waved a hand at them. Ino and Shikamaru stared at their sensei strangely.

"Um sensei, why are you wearing a helmet?" asked Shikamaru. Asuma smiled before he puffed out smoke.

"It's for my own protection, I advise you wear one too." he said before he turned his attention to the wheel.

"At least it's not a psycho this time..." said Ino quietly. Shikamaru nodded.

The bus started to move and everyone sat down on their seats. Naruto looked out the window, then he started laughing as he pointed out funny things to Hinata, and Hinata would giggle occasionally.

Neji was reading a book and Tenten was reading over his shoulder. Occasionally, their heads would bump into each other, but not one of them would mind.

Shikamaru stared out of the window to watch the clouds, and Ino slept on his shoulder lightly.


Lee was seated between Gai and Kiba. Kiba was talking toAkamaru about how he was seated beside fuzzy-browed humans, and Gai and Lee were in a coversation about piloting a plane.

"Ooh Gai-sensei, could you please teach me?"

"It's not an easy thing to do, Lee. You have to be as strong and as smart I am." said Gai with his thumbs up. Animated tears dropped flew from Lee's eyes.

"Oh sensei, I wish I could be like you!"


Chouji, as usual was eating and Shino was staring at Chouji weirdly. Shino raised his hand and whisperedto his bugs.

"What? Yes, I know this boy eats a lot..." said Shino quietly.


Sakura looked out the window sadly as she stared at the view.

"Look Hinata-chan! Look at that ugly little bo- ITAI!" exclaimed Naruto as the boy they passed by threw a rock at him.

"Naruto-kun! L-let me help..." said Hinata gently as she tried to see where Naruto got hit.

Sakura giggled a little before she stared out of the window again. Occasionally, Sasuke would glance at her every now and then. Only one person was able to see this unnatural act of the Uchiha Sasuke. He turned back to his Icha Icha Paradies and giggled.

7:46 – BUS

"Come on Shika! Sing with me, please?" asked Ino as she pulled his arm. Shikamaru sighed and rolled his eyes. Ino laughed before she raised a finger.

"99 bottles of milk on the wall...99 bottles of"

Ino continued to sing loudly and Shikamaru's eye twitched occasionally.


Sakura tore her gaze away from Shikamaru and Ino before she turned back to the notebook on her lap. She opened it slightly before she took out a pen and began writing.

Sasuke turned his gaze slightly towards Sakura and noticed her writing, a slight smile on her lips. Sasuke turned his gaze down and saw a notebook with the word 'Diary' stamped on front.

His eyes immediately shot up in an attempt to push out the feeling of wanting to know what was in her diary.


"Ooh! This is a really great story Neji-kun!" exclaimed Tenten as she read page one hundred eleven with Neji. Neji smirked slightly as he turned his gaze towards Tenten.

Tenten looked up and met his white, pearly eyes. She blushed before she looked down, then she looked up and smiled at him.

"Go ahead, turn the page!" exclaimed Tenten. Neji complied and turned the page. Tenten squealed happily as she began to read quietly.

...and then Charlie opened the door, only to reveal a bloody Cloe, soaked in her dirty clothes. Charlie's eyes widened as he rushed to her aid as quickly as possible.

But even before Charlie could reach Cloe, Cloe was immediately stabbed with a dozen kunais, one straight to her heart.

Charlie's eyed widened and he turned around to see who threw the kunais. His chocolate eyes stared into Bella with hate. Bella laughed sinisterly.

"A mission is a mission Charlie. Even if your partner dies, you should continue it." said Bella slyly. Charlie glared at her with hate.

"Go to hell!" he shouted, but before he could even throw a kunai, Bella immediately pushed him towards the bed.

She reached for the buttons of Charlie's-

(Don't worry, rating won't go up because of this. Nothing happened anyway)

Tenten immediately stopped reading as she looked up, bewildered. Neji looked up at the same time and they stared at each other.

"Um...I didn't know you read porn, Neji." said Tenten quietly. Neji closed the book before he raised both of his hands.

"I don't!" he exclaimed. Tenten tried to smile slightly.

"Do-don't worry, it's perfectly fine...Even thought you'restill youngand all..."

"No seriously! This is just a book I grabbed from a desk in the airport." said Neji angrily.

"Yo-you stole it! My gosh, could you sink any lower?" asked Tenten, enraged. Neji's face froze before he threw the book out of the window.

"I didn't! Gai sensei handed it to me and told me to read it so I don't get bored." said Neji defensively, as he glared at Gai.

Gai turned around and looked at him.

"What do you mean, Neji?" asked Gai innocently.

"I-can't-believe-it! Neji is a...hentai! Die!" exclaimed Tenten angrily as she threw the nearest thing she found at Neji, which was unsurprisingly, her sunblock.

"What? Tenten, stop it! That sunblock is for your own good!" exclaimed Gai. Tenten did not listen.

"Stop it missy! Don't go turning your back and destroying your youth goodness!" he continued.


"I didn't know your cousin reads porn, Hinata." Said Naruto as he turned away from the funny sight. Hinata blushed before she stared up at him.

"He doesn't...The book that- Gai-sensei ga-gave him was Kakashi-sensei's. He j-just doesn't know." said Hinata quietly. Naruto's eyes widened as he stared at Neji who was glaring at Gai, then at Kakashi who was trying to hold his giggles, then back at Neji.

"Awww! I get it!" said Naruto as he laughed uncontrollably.

"So, Neji doesn't know that the book Gai gave him was Kakashi's and now he's in trouble?" he asked. Hinata nodded.

Naruto continued laughing.

"Um, sh-should we tell them?" asked Hinata.

"Nah, leave him there..." he said. Hinata blushed.

7:55 - BUS

"21 bottles of milk on the wall...21 bottles of milk..." continued Ino. Shikamaru opened his eyes as he stared at her desperately.

"Ino...please stop!" exclaimed Shikamaru lazily. Ino stopped and looked at him.

"I'll stop,if you give me a good reason!" exclaimed Ino happily. Shikamaru stared at her angrily.

"Fine, because your singing sucks and it's too troublesome!" said Shikamaru angrily. He wanted to sleep so badly. But then, it was after a second that he noticed what he said and instantly regretted it.

Ino closed her mouth and stared at him.

"Wh-what did you say?" she asked tearfully. Shikamaru raised two hands and held it in front of him.

"I- I didn't say anyth-

Ino's eyes welled up with tears and she sobbed quietly so only Shikamaru could hear.

"That's why-Sa-Sasuke-kun doesn't li-like me! Because no-nothing's good about m-me! Besides the fact that I have this incredibly sexy body, nothing else is good about me!" sobbed Ino angrily. Shikamaru looked around desperately.

"Well, I th-think you're pretty." said Shikamaru quietly. Ino's head immediately snapped up and she stared at him incredulously. Shikamaru had to give himself snaps right now.

He finally told Ino how he feels.

When suddenly, her next act caught him by surprise.

"Oh Shika-kun! You're such a great friend! You always know how to cheer me up!" said Ino happily as she hugged him. Shikamaru's stomach fell. She still did not get it.

A friend? Yes, a friend...that's all he's gonna be...for now anyway.


Sakura smiled happily as she saw what happened behind her. She turned to her diary and started writing again.

Just right now, I saw Shikamaru try to tell Ino how he feels...Yet Ino took it as a wrong message and still thinks Shikamaru is just a friend...Hmm, I wonder, will that ever happen to me and Sasuke-kun? Probably not.

Sakura sighed before she continued writing. Sasuke's "I need to know what's in her diary" instinct went into work mode and he tried to look at what she was writing from the corner of his eye.

He saw a couple of words...

Not entirely wise Sasuke...Ooh, not entirely wise.

Sasuke's stomach dropped and he could feel it do a somersault. Sakura feels something for Shikamaru? Impossible! She would never replace him for a genius with an I.Q. of 200, right? Shikamaru is just too lazy, even though he's really smart and could even compete with Sakura, and even though he likes watching clouds, like Sakura does, those two does not suit each other!

I mean, I'm better than a lot of ways...Damn it!

Sasuke clenched his fists, but immediately stopped.

What? Why do I even want to read her diary? So what if she likes Shikamaru? It's not like it bothers me or something...Hn...

Sasuke heard Sakura giggle slightly and he stared at her out of the corner of his eye. He saw her looking at Shikamaru, before she started giggling again.

Sasuke glared at Shikamaru, before he stopped himself.

Stop it!

His gaze landed on Sakura, and he noticed a glint in her eye. A glint that would usually appear whenever she would ask him out on dates. He tore his gaze away from her and glared at the floor.

Now, that glint in her eye would only appear whenever she thinks of Shikamaru...So what?

Sakura smiled broadly, her eyes glinting as they used to whenever she was excited or giddy. She was extremely happy for her bestfriend.

Oh, I could already see Ino looking at Shikamaru in a new way. Like, she's starting to like him slowly. Finally, my bestfriend would feel what it is like to love and what it feels like to be loved. Only in a matter of time...I mean, Shikamaru won't take that long. He's smart, and soon, he will find a way to tell Ino.

Sasuke stared at her out of the corner of his eye, and even though he tries to deny it, he was starting to feel empty.

She likes Shikamaru...

Oh Sasuke, you are so wrong...and you'll know this only in a matter of time.

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