Déjá vú

It rained hard in the night on the streets of Las Vegas. Everyone welcomed it; in the middle of the desert, rain was hard to come by. They were all under cover of the heavily neon lighted casinos, or running for them. All except a lone figure running hard against the rain.

Her eyes stung, but it was not from the rain hitting them hard; she was crying. She tried to remember the events that had only transpired minutes ago.

She remembered the pool of blood on her kitchen floor, she remembered her father being in the middle of it, she could almost feel the shadows moving around her…she wiped a lone tear from her eye before it could fall and continued to run, continued to remember.

She couldn't understand why her mother hadn't heard anything; she didn't want to believe that her mother was holding the bloodied knife because she had just done the unforgivable, yet she remembered that was the 1st thought that had crossed her mind as her mother had emerged from the shadows. She hadn't been able to cry at that point, it wasn't until her mother said that one word was she able to cry… "RUN"

And so she started off through the rain, a destination in mind…she had to tell her brother.

Greg stood in Grissom's office, fixing up his tie.

"Sorry I have to go; Mum wants the family together for dinner, Dad just got home from Iraq."

"No, no, don't be sorry, I've already called in Sara to cover for you"

"Isn't it her night off? Won't she be mad?"

"She doesn't sleep," he stated, with a grin, remembering all the discussions they'd had over the fact, "She won't be mad"

Greg tried to contain a laugh as he noticed Sara already walking in the corridor outside Grissom's office. He had to really try not laugh as he saw a girl run head on into Sara, knocking them both off their feet. He only stopped laughing when he realised who the girl was…

"Alyssa?" he walked to Grissom's door "What are you doing here?"

Alyssa scrambled up off Sara, apologised and ran straight into Greg's arms. He wrapped them around her, still confused, Grissom walked out to help Sara up off the floor where the young girl had left her. They stood just outside of Grissom's office and watched the conversation between Greg and his little sister.

"What are you doing here? Doesn't Mum want you at home for dinner?"

Alyssa pulled away from Greg and looked up at him, for the 1st time Greg realised that her sister's eyes were wet with not only the rain, but tears.

"What's wrong?" he questioned, now in a panic "If it's that boyfriend of yours, I'll tell him where to go"

"He's not my boyfriend" she retorted with a small smile that didn't last long "I-I don't know how to say this" she paused for a minute to gather her thoughts, the last ten minutes had become a scramble in her run, suddenly all the memories came back to her and fresh tears began to poor from her eyes.

Greg wiped away a tear from her sister's cheek before asking again "What's wrong Lyss?"

She slowly turned her head down and mumbled "He's dead." The two words caught Greg by surprise.

"Who, who's dead?" he asked, scared at what the answer was going to be.

"D-dad is"

"What?" Greg's eyes had begun to well with tears "Where's mum? Does she know?"

"Greg, I-I think she d-d-did it"

"What on earth makes you say that?" he didn't want to believe it. Alyssa drew herself back from her older brother and looked him straight in the eye before answering.

"She told me to run" That's all he had to hear, Greg held his arms out for Alyssa and hugged her tightly trying to hold back his tears, trying to be a strong big brother. Out of the corner of his eye he saw Sara hugging Grissom.

Grissom wasn't prepared for this, but held her in his arms knowing what she was thinking…déjà vu. It had only been a month since Sara had exposed her dark past to Grissom and he was willing to think that witnessing the same ordeal on the young ex-lab rat and his sister was bound to dig up the old memories. Sara was the 1st to speak out of the pair.

"She won't have to go into fostering will she?" she remembered her own pain of being bounced around from foster parent to foster parent. At the sound of the word fostering Alyssa looked up from her brother's warm hug awaiting Grissom's answer. She had never met the man before, but she just knew that he knew what he was talking about; she knew that he was respected by everyone on the nightshift Greg had always mentioned that and she knew that she could trust him.

Grissom directed his answer at Alyssa rather than the person who had asked him the question, "No, she has a big brother who cares for her, that's all you need. A member of the family that can look after you" Alyssa smiled in the small comfort that she wouldn't have to leave Greg.

Greg also smiled, holding his sister close, he realised how wet she was from the rain; it was soaking through his clothes onto his skin making him cold. "Do you want to get some other clothes on?"

"Sure, but I don't have anything to change into"

"Erm…you could fit into Sara's clothes," he turned to Sara, "Don't you keep a spare set in the locker room?"

"Er…Yeah," she hesitated "You know what, I'm not even gonna ask how you found that out" Greg just looked down as Sara continued to speak "Come on…Alyssa, is it? I'll show you where my locker is"

They left the office together leaving Greg and Grissom. Greg took off his tie and threw it on the ground. "This can't be happening" he let the tears fall freely from his eyes now his sister was out of sight, "It just can't be…"

Grissom gave his colleague a reassuring pat on the back before saying "It's OK, we'll get you and Alyssa through this…I promise"


So, there's the 1st chapter of my 1st CSI fic! Hope you like it! The next Chapter is in progress! hehe makes me feel so professional saying that!

Luv ya's