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Assassin in the Moonlight

Chapter 01:

A shadowed figure is leaping from tree to tree, so quickly that the moon could hardly illuminate the mysterious shadow. It bound up from the treetops and flipped onto a roof. The stature's eyes glimmered an intoxicating emerald green in the moon's light, watching its surroundings like a hawk. A glimpse of pink hair is blown in the cool evening breeze as it looks over the houses in Konoha Village.

The form makes its way through the open window of the house and clings onto the ceiling using chakra. A maid walks by and merrily has a conversation with a butler, who looked about in his 30s. They walk into some other room and their voices trail away. The figure stealthily huddles up against the wall and appears behind a young woman, holding a kunai to her throat.

"Honestly," the figure speaks, "you're losing your touch, Ino." "You have gotten better; I must admit Sakura and quite an entrance." The ninja pulls away her kunai and puts it into her weapon holder. "It's been a long time" Sakura said, giving Ino a hug, who embraced her back. "Since when did you get so damn good at stealth?" Ino asked. "You must have done a lot of training."

Sakura nodded with a grin. "You're talking to an elite ninja, I am now an ANBU and yes, it was difficult training." Ino sat down on her couch. "What brings you to my humble abode?" "Oh, just a delivery." Sakura replied, pulling out a box from her backpack. "Happy birthday." Ino looked curiously at the silver wrapping paper and began to rip it. The box was a shade of lilac and she opened it carefully. Inside was a beautiful silver dress with snowflakes decorated all over it.

"Where did you find this dress? I have been looking all over for it." Ino asked surprised. "I was on a mission in Hidden Crystal Village in Snow Country and saw it in a shop's window." Sakura beamed. "I remember that it was your birthday so I bought it." Ino got up and gave Sakura a hug. "Thank you so much Sakura."

Sakura looked at the clock on the wall; it was already 6:00 PM. She had to get back to her home and get some sleep after the mission in Snow Country. "I have to go Ino; I'll come and see you and Shikamaru after." Ino pouted. "I thought you were gonna stay a little longer." "No, I am here on a mission so I have to get some rest before I complete it." Sakura replied. "Oh here, this is for Yume." Sakura threw a bag of chocolates shaped of crystals and snowflakes. "See you later." And she disappeared.

Sakura glided over the rooftops of the houses and deep into a nearby forest, where her secret cottage stood shrouded in the bushes and trees. She had requested to the Fifth Hokage that it be built here, far from Konoha Village. Sakura unlocked the door and headed to the living room, where she pulled the rug away and opened the cellar door. Inside was a complete weapon arsenal, it consisted of swords, shuriken, kunai, and other dangerous items hanging on the walls and on shelves. She decided to pick a sword, some shuriken, kunai and a dagger. Now, it was time for her to rest.

A couple hours later, Sakura awoke to the sound of her alarm clock. It read 11:00 PM. Time to get ready. She dressed into a black costume and put a regular mask on, just that her eyes could be seen. Sakura put her dagger into her holster, along with the kunai and shuriken. The sword went to a cover on her back. Her mission tonight from the Fifth Hokage was to kill a drug king pin named Shiori, who was the same age as her, 18. He had caused many deaths of innocent people and had to be stopped, along with his shipping of hazardous drugs from country to country.

Sakura, again, had to fly over the treetops to a house on the outskirts of Konoha, it was a huge mansion, and it was hard to miss. She looked for a way to get in and saw that the window was opened. Perfect. Carefully, she went through the window and appeared in what looked like someone's bedroom. 'Probably a guard's room or something.' Sakura thought. Now all she had to do was find Shiori's room. She expected that the place would be crawling with guards, but this wasn't the case, as they were all fast asleep. A smell lingered of alcohol in the halls; they were all drunk on Sake. This would make her job a lot easier.

Sakura saw two huge double doors up on the second floor, most likely the boss's room. They were already opened, enough for her to side through. On the bed sleeping was Shiori, like a little baby. She pulled out her dagger but stopped, suddenly puzzled. There was blood dripping from his throat, someone had beaten her to him, but who?

Sakura looked around the room quickly; maybe the person was still in the room as the cut looked fresh. Suddenly she saw a figure clinging to the ceiling; it looked like a man and prepared to use a jutsu when the figure moved quickly in front of her. 'Damn, he's fast.' Sakura thought. 'Faster than Kakashi.'

For some reason, the form wouldn't attack her, but instead looked at her with piercing Sharingan eyes. He cupped her chin in his hand but Sakura just couldn't move as she was deep in thought and mesmerized by the figure's eyes. There was suddenly a knock on the door and the figure escaped through the open window. "Shiori, are you asleep?" It was the maid. Sakura quickly made a snoring noise. She then heard the maid walk down the stairs. Sakura then escaped though the opened window, she thought about going after the man but who knows where he might have gone?

But one thing still bothered Sakura; only two people had Sharingan eyes. And both of them had an epic battle to the death and it was a stalemate. Both had died four years ago.

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