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Assassin in the Moonlight

Chapter 08:

Sasuke was stuck, there was some type of barrier that couldn't allow him to leave the border of the ice mirrors. The only way was to defeat Ryou and kill him once and for all. Ryou walked right into one of the mirrors and attacked with ninja needles just as Haku once did. Sasuke used his Sharingan and dodged them all. He then used the Chidori on Ryou, cracking the mirrors.

'Damn, all I did was crack them, I need to shatter them with a stronger technique.' Sasuke thought. 'Only, this was my strongest technique.' Ryou attacked once more and Sasuke got hit. "I will have fun killing you slowly, but painfully." Sasuke kept on dodging and getting hit until an idea hit him, what would happen if he used the Shadow Replication Technique with the Chidori? It could possibly work.

Sasuke replicated himself so there were 8 Sasukes, and they all used the Chidori. A huge beam of electric blue lit up the area where they were fighting and Sasuke attacked. The attack was so devastating that it shattered the mirrors into tiny fragments of glass and Ryou was sent flying right into a tree, breaking his arm.

For once in his life, he was grateful that the idiotic Naruto taught him a technique that would actually be useful in saving his life. He would thank Naruto later. Ryou stumbled to his feet, his left arm limp at his side. "A minor setback," Ryou alleged taking out a dagger. "But I won't forfeit, or lose for that matter." Sasuke also took out a dagger and got into a fighting stance.

Ryou lunged at Sasuke but missed. He then kicked Ryou back a couple of feet and tried to stab him but Ryou luckily tripped backwards. Ryou jumped up, dodged Sasuke's attack and stabbed him in the arm. "AHHHH!" Sasuke screamed, clutching his arm. Now it was war. Ryou tried to stab again but Sasuke rolled to the ground, still holding the dagger.

"I will now send you to hell!" Ryou howled, holding the dagger over his head, getting ready to emit the final blow. Sasuke then quickly sat up and stabbed his dagger right into Ryou's stomach. He now only had a few minutes to live.

Sasuke threw the dagger to the ground and walked up to Ryou. "Now, tell me why you drugged Sakura when this was between you and I?" Sasuke demanded, stepping on Ryou's hand, which tried to pick up the dagger. "Sure, why not, I'm dying anyway." He coughed up some blood.

"I was following Nomura's orders to kill you first then her. But I didn't drug Sakura." Ryou began to explain. "I just put the sleeping pills there to confuse you, following my orders. Nomura ordered me to put a jutsu he taught me to make Sakura fall into a deep sleep. Who knows if she might ever wake up?"

Sasuke grabbed Ryou's collar. "What do you mean? Tell me how to wake her up!" "Just put me down." Sasuke dropped Ryou making him hit the ground hard. "OWWW! Not like that! Look…the only way for her to wake up is to be kissed by a person with a loving heart. By midnight." Sasuke looked at his watch, it was 11:50 PM.

Ryo began coughing uncontrollably. "N-Nomura thought this w-would be a way to k-kill her as you d-don't have a loving heart. He knows that you l-love her. B-but the question is….(Cough)… if she loves you." And with that Ryou died, in his own pool of blood.

"He was right, I do love her, but do I have a loving heart?" Sasuke said aloud, not caring who would hear him. There was only one way to find out. He made his way up to where Sakura was laying in her bed. Sasuke sat down on the bed and leaned in. He kissed her on her cherry lips and they were cold.

Sasuke waited, nothing. 'I guess I don't have a loving heart, not even to save her.' The clock struck twelve, ringing throughout the house. He looked at her one final time and stroked her cheek. It was warming up, she might be alive!

Sakura began to stir and slowly opened her emerald eyes, to see Sasuke staring at her. "S-Sasuke?" He put a finger on her lips. "Before I lose my nerve to say this, I don't know if you'll feel the same way about me but….I love you." Sakura smiled at Sasuke lovingly and embraced him. "I thought you might never say it, I love you too."

"You mean you knew all along?" Sasuke asked inquisitively. Sakura nodded. "Even back when we were in Cell 7." With that Sasuke blushed a bit, luckily it was dark and she couldn't see. Sakura pulled him into a warm kiss, the one they both had been waiting for.

The Next Day…

Sasuke and Sakura walked up into the Hokage's Palace, where he was waiting for them. "Sasuke-teme, long time no see." Naruto beamed, shaking his hand. "I thought you had died when you fought Itachi." Sasuke laughed. "I escaped, with a couple of broken bones and cuts. Nothing serious." Naruto gave Sakura a bone crushing hug. "It's nice to s…see you too Naruto but I can't breathe!" Naruto immediately let go. "Oops, sorry."

"By the way Naruto, thanks." Naruto looked confused at Sasuke. "For what?" "For teaching me that Shadow Replication Technique, the one where you make real bodies." Sasuke reminded him as now. Naruto scratched his head for a moment. "Oh yeah, I did. Now I remember the deal we had with that Technique."

Sasuke flinched, "No don't say it!" Now it was Sakura's turn to be confused. "HAHAHAHA!" Naruto hooted. "Sakura, I don't think you know this but, in order for me to teach Sasuke the forbidden jutsu, he first had to learn one of my techniques." Sasuke grabbed Naruto by the neck, trying to strangle him. "He had to learn Sexy No Jutsu, and walk around for a whole day as a woman."

Sakura burst out laughing, clutching her stomach. Sasuke was so embarrassed. He glared daggers at Naruto, and if looks could kill, Naruto would be dead. "How was it being a girl Sasuke" Sakura asked after she finished laughing for what seemed to be an eternity. "Horrible!" Sasuke cried. "Every male in Konoha was chasing me around the entire day. I looked like road kill when I had to sneak back into my home!"

Naruto invited them both for breakfast, which was pancakes with maple syrup and milk. They chatted about their old days as Cell 7, and about how Nomura was finally dead (Shikamaru had killed him accidentally. When Nomura was crossing the road Yume had dropped her toy out the window, making Shikamaru look the other way, running over Nomura. It killed him instantly).

"Hey, Sakura…" Naruto began. "How about going out on a date with me?" Sasuke grinned. "Sorry Naruto, but Sakura's my date tonight." He put her on his lap and kissed Sakura passionately on the lips. Naruto glared at Sasuke, drumming his fingers on the table. "Damn it, Sasuke-teme!"


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