Witch Hunt

Strange Encounters

Transylvania 1613

Lily got out of her bed. Again her worst nightmare about the great fire had haunted her dreams. She walked to her dresser and put out her favourite dress. This dress was made up of a yellow long shirt with a red stripe, a white blouse and a red corset. The dress didn´t tell about her age as she looked into the big mirror and smiled pleased. If someone saw her and didn´t know who she was he couldn´t say anything about her.

In fact she was nearly nineteen. But sometimes she acted and looked like a teenager and sometimes like a 25 - year old woman. Her parents had never told her about her life when she was younger. "That´s strange", she thought to herself as she walked down the stairs.

She wore her long hair loose. And even her coulour of hair you couldn´t describe. Golden blonde and fiery red at the same time. But she didn´t care about her looks.

She knocked on her parents´ bedroom. Silently she called with her angelic voice: "I want to go to the market. Shall I buy something for you?" Her father said in return: "No, Lily. Go and have your fun! But be back soon! You know that you have your big day tonight!" - "Yes, I do. Before midday I´m back!"

Her father had told her that her mother died after her birth as she was old enough. But Lily didn´t waste a thought of sadness.

Her big day would take place in the church. There she would sing a song that she wrote as she was sixteen. She was nervous like never before but she knew that she would make it.

Lily left her house with a bit money. Her family was rich but she was too afraid of the inquisition that went around in Transylvania. These holy people stopped girls and women from time to time and took them away. Lily´s father hadn´t told her why but she could imagine what happened to the women. In her nightmares she dreamed about witches that were burned. Somehow she knew that this had something to do with her past.

She belonged to the family of the Resitas. This was the richest family in Vaseria but somehow she didn´t know any part of her family except of her father.

The market was near her big house and always full of people. Lily crossed the street as a man on a horse came from the left. She knew that it was one of the Roman inquisition.

Slowly she turned her head back to the street and pretended not to see the man coming closer and closer to her. Before Lily had crossed the street completely the man stopped his black horse and jumped from its back. "Girl!", he shouted. Lily spun around to face the strange looking man. The weapons he carried looked dangerous and she was sure that he knew how to use them.

"Name!", he commanded and ignored the people had circled Lily and the man. His harsh voice scared her. "Answer!" And the short words he yelled at her sent shivers down her spine. With a shaking voice she answered: "Liliana Elisabeth Resitas."

"Interesting. And why don´t you stay at home? It´s dangerous here. Witches try to act like humans. But tell me girl, how old are you?", he asked.

"E - eight - teen", she said with fear in her voice.

"Then, Miss Resitas, you will have to come with me!" Before she could even realize what she was doing her legs started to move automatically. Lily ran right into the market and into the crowd of people. "Stay here, you witch!", he shouted as he started to run after her. Now she knew that her reddish blonde hair and the mole on her left cheek made her look like a witch. She ran as fast as her legs could carry her.

Suddenly Lily´s running was stopped by someone she ran into. She stumbled backwards and fell. As her vision cleared she saw the one who had stopped her.

A cold hand that she couldn´t recognize was held down to her. Slowly the man in black took her hand in his and helped her to her feet. Lily wasn´t able to speak or even to look at him. She only kept running through the market. As soon as she saw a dark corner on her right she ran faster and hided there.

The man of the inquisition stormed past her and disappeared after another corner. Then Lily ran in the opposite direction and stopped at the first time as she arrived in the crowd of people.

She looked around and tried to see the stranger who had stopped her. But he wasn´t anywhere on the market. "Where is he? I have to thank him", she mumbled under her breath.

Lily walked up to an old woman who stood near the man as she ran into him. "Excuse me, but did you see a man in black right here?", she asked, still catching her breath. The woman looked at her like at an evil monster. "I´m not here to give you information but to sell necklaces. Do you want to buy one to keep yourself away from the devil?", she asked. Lily looked at her in disbelief. But only for a moment. Then she took a few coins out of her pocket and handed it to the woman.

She eyed the money closely until she gave Lily a necklace with a cross on it. "Here! And I saw no man", she said and left her there.

Lily shook her head. It couldn´t be true that she was a witch. She placed the necklace around her neck. Maybe the words of the old woman were true...

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