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Chapter 12: The Battle

The red light blinked in the musty darkness. It woke her, and the dried and crusty blood crumbled under the pressure. Her communicator. Although she had no use for it for a while it blinked now. With a rush of hope and apprehension she flipped it open, and a familiar face appeared.

"Raven! Look, I don't care if it's a bad time, but we need you out here! I'm gathering all Titans, original or honorary, so get to the tower as soon as possible!" Then it flickered off.

"Whatever you say, Robin." Although he prefered to be called Nightwing now, she was the only one who called him Robin, still.

He said as soon as possible.

Glancing down at her arm, she grimaced.

Maybe a quick shower first.

10 minutes later she was out and ready.

"Let's go." She muttered to herself and she vanished into a black portal and ended up right in front of a dusty old tower. The lights were on, for the first time in a long time, and she breathed the air in deeply as she walked in. Most everyone was there, and they greeted her grimly.

"What is going on?" She asked in her monotone, and looking around she realized some people were not here. Aqualad, for instance.

Nightwing (Robin to her) stepped forth and explained the situation to everyone.

"The HIVE. Mad Mod. Johnny Rancid. Plasmus. Cinderblock. Overload. Control Freak. Punk Rocket. Dr. Light. Blackfire. Adonis. Atlas. Cardiac. Chang. Fang. Kitty. Killer Moth. Katarou. Master of Games. Puppet King. Trident. Warp." Everyone stared at him as the list of all their enemies went on and on and on...

"...and they're being led by Slade." His teeth grit as soon as he said the name. Cyborg's jaw dropped open. Very wide.

"You mean, they're all coming? At once?" Nightwing gave a curt nod.

"They formed alliances a month ago and planned this attack. It's one hell of an army. They'll be here by dawn. We have to be ready." It was a 4 hour rush. Planning strategies, who goes against who, use what powers against whose weaknesses, etc. etc.

"Alright team. This is as best as we get. Look, there's the first of them." He pointed out the window. The horizon was usually beautiful. Now it was a battlefield, the villains coming forth in large supply, while the heroes of the earth waited in apprehensive silence. They came closer, and soon they were able to be seen.

"First rank. Titans, go!" He yelled and the first group of superheroes ran out to save the city once again.

I'm drowning. He's drowning me...

Beast Boy was struggling, but Trident kept the waves coming. He morphed into his fish form, but the air would not come.

I'm drowning...I'm dying...Save me...

He stopped jerking and fell limp as his eyes slowly rolled back only to close.


A thin green arm fell under the waves and there was nothing.

Gotham City Times

Wednesday, May 18th, 2118

There have been reports of a young boy, King Houston, age 9, who had discovered a well preserved carcass on his fishing trip just yesterday. Strangely, the rotting flesh is the natural color of green and remains intact. Researchers at the Gotham City Lab are testing to see if it could be the carcass of missing superhero 'Beast Boy', from Jump City. What surprisesDoctor Neurema Langdon,Head of Gotham City Lab, is that the corpse is still in place although everyone knows the huge battle between superheroes and evil-doers was over a hundred years ago. Dr. Langdon suggests that perhaps because of the genetic mutations, his skin and bones were stronger than most...

No. Not again...

A jolt of fear pulsed through her.

I wont let it happen...

Dr. Light gave a menacing chuckle. He'd escaped from Raven's grasp and was running after her. His powers were scorching, and she could almost feel her skin hardening again. There was a sudden blast of white hot light.



The scream was long and loud, and washing away by the currents was a stone statue, an epic heroine with a mask of pain etched onto her face, calling out her lover's name forever.

The Art Magazine 2118

"The True Heart of the Ocean"

The most fascinating discovery was made by professor Bradford Levington, from Britain. In an underwater excavation the research team have founded an interesting stone statue, worn down by the crushing waves of the sea, but perfectly intact! It is of a female, with mournful face. It is expertly carved, and is recognized as a sculpture of 'Terra'; a superheroine from Jump City. In legend, she is said to have been turned to stone during the battle over 100 years ago! It is impossible to believe such a thing, but a delightful discovery, nonetheless. But the fact that it had been able to survive without one chip missing is amazing, therefore, the beautiful figurine is known worldwide as the true, heart of the ocean...

He knows everything...

Every move, strike, hit...No matter what he threw, the enemy caught it and swiftly returned it.

My blueprints...He read them all...

Brother Blood screeched maniacally and ripped something from his chest. With a cry he felt his main power system shut down abruptly, and a red eye flickered to a dullness.


Machines and Things 2119

"Cybernetic Discovery"

This amazing work of machinery was found not long , and although found by a young woman by the name of Justinia Fischer and is claimed to be over 100 years old, it clearly outdates any piece of technology today. Scientist Kinoma Beeler claims it is possibly the make-up of superhero 'Cyborg', and according to the data inside the machinery, it is possible...

"Well Robin, or Nightwing, was it? It was nice to see you and all, but I really must be leaving you." Slade chuckled and with a final kick and Nightwing collasped weakly, watching the man he so hated head towards his favorite of the orginal and remaining Titans.

"Raven!" He called out weakly, but crashing waves covered it. There was a fireball, and he screamed almost maniacally. There was no way she could've survived that. But there she was. And someone was beside her.

It should've been me next to her...

"You should be more careful." His voice was curt and almost business-like as he thwarted the ball of fire that could've taken her life.

He save my life.

They fought side by side, the last remaining, all the rest gone, the original, the honorary, all gone. (Or were they?)

It's too much. They're going to win.

The thought was one and same, and with sorrow filled faces they glanced at each other. His face broke down into tears and he screamed after her.

"RAVEN! I'M SO SORRY! I LOVE YOU!" She let out a sob as she fought off the rest.

"I LOVE YOU TOO!" She cried out, and in the roaring of war they came together, she sobbing into his chest, and he, for the last time, comforting her. Then a ghostly shine came forth, friends they lost just then, came from under the water smiling their blessings, and the screeching of suffering villains were heard in the distance.

Marry me?

His eyes gazed into her, pleading to her.

Yes. YES!

Her eyes sparkled and to finish it all, she brought his face to hers, and they were bound. They were bound.

Then it was over, they were back, fighting the ones who were trying to ruin their happiness. But she would not let that happen.

Die. Hurry up and die, all of you.

Her rage was building, and slowly she watched those evil things cry out for mercy as black tendrils dragged them under the waves.

"Raven!" She turned, falling from her trance, and she screamed as a black tendril suffocated into darkness her husband.

No. No...

"NO!" But he was gone. They were all gone. The good. The bad. The indifferent. But when the waves fell away she found his corpse, still warm with life, but so far from it. She laid down beside him and held him. She sobbed. More than she had in her whole life overall. She sobbed. Her sorries, her I love yous, thank yous, her I hate yous, come backs, and his name.

"Aqualad...Aqualad..." She repeated his name, over and over again, and all the blood lost from her wounds, she let his dead body take her final breath withfinal kiss, and she exhaled. And she was gone, floating somewhere above the earth with the boy she fell in love with, the man she came to marry. And she was happy.

If she'd looked down, the smile would've turned to a frown and the sky would've been blue to pouring rain.
The survivors, got up, and healed. The good. The bad. The indifferent. They all healed, and lived in harmony.

The Survivors of the Battle

Mas y Menos
Killer Moth

The reason she would've cried? Beside their bodies, another came closer. No care for the boy's, but the girl.

"Raven." The voice was raw and weary, the voice of a boy who was filled with lust for her. The boy who was filled with want for her. The man who fell in love with her. He was stretched out, and reaching out he barely touched her face.

Then he cried.

Gotham City Times

Monday, January 9th, 2006

The death of Richard Grayson Wayne, adoptive son of billionaire Bruce Wayne, was mourned by all. His shocking suicide was done by a hanging in his basement, where his butler, Alfred (Last name unavailable), found him, only a few hours dead. The funeral will be held Thursday, January 12th, at 6 o'clock. He had left a suicide note, but the writing was so blurred, it was sent to the city crime lab for more research. Mr.Wayne claims there was no obvious motive that he knew about, for his son's disturbing suicide. His best friend, Roy (Last name unavailable), says, "He was popular, he was smart, he had money...I don't know why..." Psychologist Opal Vinner, states thatthe death of hisparents some 15 years agocould haveled to hiseventual suicide...

The Art Magazine 2010

"The End"

This beautiful piece of love and loss was done by a young woman by the name of Kori Anders. Done in artistic watercolors, it is a marvelous piece, a picture of two lovers in their final breaths, but another man yearning for the girl. It is up now in the Jump City Metropolitan Museum of Art, and up for interpretation by viewers of all ages...

The Historian's Guide 2919

...a famous find ofa journal of heroine 'Starfire' over 100 years ago. Here is one passage:

"He had always loved her. I only wish that my friend did not have to see her dying in another man's arms. He has died today. I do not wish to question his action; only feel sorrow in it. My friends have suffered so, and I only hope that they find peace wherever the dark mysterious aura of death shall lead them. I miss them so..."

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