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A World Apart

Chaper One: Where Darkwing is

By Constanze

Darkwing Duck paced around in Darkwing Tower. He eagerly looked at the clock. 'Where is he...' he thought to himself. He began pacing again. ' Launchpad is never late...' he thought. He couldn't help but think that there was something wrong. He went to go sit in one of the transportation chairs. He tapped his fingers and rested his head on his free hand. Not long after, the transportation chair beside him began to spin. He jumped up and saw Launchpad sitting in the chair. "Launchpad! Where have you been?" Darkwing asked, looking as if he were about to kill something. Launchpad jumped up! "We have to get to the bank and fast!" He screamed, his eyes bulging out of his head. Darkwing smiled. "Lets get dangerous!" he said. And with those words he and Launchpad spun off into the darkness of Darkwing Tower

Darkwing hesitated and he drove his Ratcatcher down the highway. "I can't believe it! This is the second time this week that this doofus got away. What a night!"

Launchpad shifted in the sidecar. "Gee DW, maybe we should keep a closer eye out." He watched the cars as they went by. He sighed deeply.

"I just don't get. How can some one as sinister as Negaduck get through me like that. I should have at least foiled his plans by now..." he pulled into Darkwing Tower, slowly coming to a stop. But instead of getting off, he sat. "Maybe I'm losing my touch..."

"Aw DW, you're not losing your touch, you're just...not paying that much attention."

"But how can I? Not only do I have a city to protect, but I have a daughter who can't keep her beak out of trouble fot two minutes! And then we have you! The spastic eater..." Darkwing slumped onto the Ratcathcer. "Maybe I'm getting too old for this job..." he said miserably. "And the worse part is, I don't even know the guy who's robbing all these places." It was Launchpad's turn to speak. He slowly got out of the sidecar and began pacing. "Do you want to patrol the entire city? He's bound to hit somewhere..." he looked to find Darkwing sitting straight. "Or," Darkwing said sinisterly "we could go to that old abandon warehouse over there..."

"What makes you think there's anything it that old warehouse?" Launchpad said. The he noticed the glow coming from the direction Darkwing was staring.

"Lets just say I have a keen sense. C'on. Lets get going."

"No far! How did you know I was out here?" QuackerJack asked Darkwing Duck. "...And I had everything planned just right so you wouldn't find me..."

"Tough luck QuackerJack!" Darkwing said heroicly. Maybe next time you should watch the glow on your nuclear teddy bear." he added, pointing to a giant green glowing teddybear. He brushed the tips of his fingers on his chest. "Yep, yep, yep," he said difiantly "another common criminal, put behind bars thanks to Darkwing Duck!"

"Great job DW!" Launchpad said. "But shouldn't we be getting home now? I mean with Godalyn home alone and all..."

"You're right LP. Lets go home."

"OK DW!" Launchpad said as he hopped into his usual seat in the sidecar. Darkwing put the Ratcatcher into gear and they sped off.Darkwing looked around him, seeing the same old thing he did any other night after busting a criminal. the ususal ambulance, all of the police cars, Negaduck running around shooting past cops... Darkwing hit the brakes as hard as he could. He turned around and pulled out his gasgun. "Launchpad! Watch for Negaduck!" he screamed. Launchpad jumped out and looked around him. Darkwing walked to where he just saw Negaudck. "Alright Negaduck. Come out with your hands up!" He saw something move. He walked closer, and Negaduck popped out. "BOO!" he screamed. Darkwing jumped back."Ha! I scared you didn't I dimwhit? Am I that scary? Oh well."

"What are you up to Negaduck?" Darkwing asked as he thrusted his gun into Negaduck's chest.

"You and I both know for a fact that that contraption in your hand won't do anything to me." He said while pulling a brown bag towards Darkwing's feet.

"What did you steal this time? More diamonds?" Darkwing asked, carefully eying the bag.

"Of course not. Don't you know that there are better things to rob these days. Like...little girls?" He pulled Gosalyn out of the bag.

"Darkwing!" she screamed, trying to get out of Negaduck's grip.

It's no use fighting me you little witch" He threw her back into the bag. "Make one more noise and you'llbe deader than my grandmother."

"Give me back the girl Negaduck, or prepare to suck gas!" Darkwing pointed the gun in Negaduck's face

"You know perfectly well what I want, and if I don't get it, the girl is history. And if you planj to step in my way, I'll dispose of her now."

"What is it that you want?" Darkwing hesitated.

"You know perfectly well what. And if I don't get it in seven days, the girl is dead. I'll be on my way now." He ran off. He could still hear Gosalyn screaming for help. He could also hear Negaduck threatening to kill her if she didn't shut her face. Launchpad came running towards him. "What happend? What'd he want?" he asked.

"He has Gosalyn, and if we don't give him what he wants in seven days..." he stopped. "I'm a horrible father..."

"DW it's not your fault. What exactly does he want?"

"I don't know." he walked to his motorcyle. "Lets go. We have serious work to do." He hopped on with Launchpad right behind him. He heard Godalyn scream for help one last time before he took off into the darkness

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