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A World Apart

Gosalyn, Tank, and Honker were playing in Drake's backyard. He laughed as he watch Goslayn kick the crap out of Tank. He sighed and filled the sink. While putting the dishes in he thought about how it had been the last couple of months. As Darkwing Duck he took Gosalyn with him when he patrolled the city, and if there was a major crime he had the Muddlefoots' watch her, saying that he had some things to do. Of course he knew they were curious as to what he had planned but it didn't matter to him, as long as his daughter was safe and out of trouble. It had been quite peacful since the last time he had saw Negaduck, and for the first time in a long while he was glad the crime wave was slow. "More time to spend with you..." he had told Gosalyn when she realized he wasn't complaining about the slowness. And it was true. Lately he had been spending more time with Gosalyn, Launchpad, and Honker, going to soccer games and playing sports, and sometimes even catching a movie before he went out to patroll. He did realize that crime would be slow if Negaduck wasn't around anymore. Sure there was still the Fearsome Four and Steelbeak (and the rest of F.O.W.L), but it didn't matter. He had learned that family is the most important thing he has, even if they're not much of one. Together, just the three of them (occasionly four if Honker was around) they were enough. Drake smiled and started his dishes, hearing Tank scream at Gosalyn for cheating and Gosalyn arguing back.


Darkwing Duck had to admit that crime was slower but better. After a night of patrolling with Launchpad they decided to go to Hamburger Hippo. They rounded the corner. As they were ordering Darkwing had an uneasy feeling, but it didn't stop him. After they parked at Darkwing Tower, Laucnhpad oiled the ThunderQuack and Ratcatcher. Darkwing walked around his headquarters. He walked outside and came face to face with someone he knew quite well. The sound of his gruff voice made him shudder.

"Well hello, Darkwimp."


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