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Chapter 1: Wounded

And there he was, a proud hero, fought with monsters thrice his size, criminals armed with lethal things, and his own dark past. And yet through all of this he was brought down by a single finger, specifically placed to the side of his left jawbone, and causing pain to shoot throughout his body. He struggled to breathe, he tried to fight back, but his muscles disobeyed his command, hanging limply at his side. Out the corner of his eye, he viewed his friends, his family, call out to him in worry, trying to push through the wall of minions that separated them. Unwanted tears sprang to his eyes, as the enemy slammed a metallic fist into his face, causing crimson lifelines to pour from his broken nose. He cried out as he felt a sturdy foot jab into his abdomen, again and again. Then he was in the air, thrown up by strong hands, and gravity retaliated, throwing him back down onto the rocky ground. Oxygen refused to enter the blood-filled entrances, and slowly he could feel himself fall away into the darkness. One eye seemed to laugh at him, and a glimmering object was brought down into his body, and he knew he was leaving so very soon. If only he could call out his sorrowful farewells and adieus. But cunning Death claimed his heart before he could do so.

Maniacal laughter rang throughout the world, it seemed, and three gasps and a scream could be heard, and one voice remained silent. The sky rumbled in its anger and sorrow, and the clouds poured its painful tears unto the earth below. Calm and collective, a satisfied man left the mangled body, turning away from the crimson blood he spilt, which trickled down between cracks made by nature, creating a waterfall of red, staining the puddle of pure water made by rain. Always the mysterious one, the man disappeared into a cloud of smoke, chuckling his final words unto dead ears.

"Goodbye, Robin."