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In futurity
I prophetic see
That the earth from sleep
(Grave the sentence deep)

Shall arise and seek
For her maker meek,
And the desart wild
Become a garden mild.

In the southern clime
Where the summer's prime
Never fades away,
Lovely Raven lay.

Seventeen summers old
Lovely Raven told;
She had wander'd long
Hearing wild birds' song.

'Sweet sleep, come to me
Underneath this tree.
Do friends, lover, weep,
Where can Raven sleep?

'Lost in desart wild
Is your little child.
How can Raven sleep
If her lover weep?

'If her heart does ake
Then let Raven wake;
If my lover sleep,
Raven shall not weep.

'Frowning frowning night,
O'er this desart bright
Let thy moon arise
While I close my eyes.'

Sleeping Raven lay
While the beasts of prey,
Come from caverns deep,
View'd the maid asleep.

The kingly lion stood
And the virgin view'd,
Then he gambol'd round
O'er the hallow'd ground.

Leopards, tygers play
Round her as she lay,
While the lion old
Bow'd his mane of gold,

And her bosom lick,
And upon her neck
From his eyes of flame
Ruby tears there came;

While the lioness
Loos'd her slender dress,
And naked they convey'd
To caves the sleeping maid.

(William Blake, "The Little Girl Lost")

I replaced the words:
'Lyca' with 'Raven'
'Father' with 'Friends'
'Mother' with 'Lover'
'Seven' with 'Seventeen'

I usually never use other people's poems/songs, but this seemed appropriate for the story.

Chapter 13: I'm Sorry, Please Forgive Me

He was sick. Not physically. Never physically. Not anymore. Ever since he found out...

He grunted in pain. The cut along his arm was large, possibly fatal, but he was too busy, too busy fighting his way towards Raven.

"Let me go! She's not dead! I can wake her up! Let me GO!"

Then Starfire gasped. And everyone stopped. His arm was encased in black and as if rewinding time the cut sealed shut, no trace of a scar behind.

"Raven..." He murmured and jerked his head to face her. But she was just there, dead.

"The spell...all your wounds...are given to her..." Terra whispered in awe, and as soon as her words were said the same cut sliced open the dead girl's arm, not-yet-dead blood contaminating her moony-white skin.

He let out a blood-curdling wail and broke down.

He shuddered at the memory. A soft knock on the door.

"Robin?" Starfire. And the rest of them. The door opened, and they all just stared.

They've always stared.

"Robin, we need to...we need to plan a...a funeral for..." Cyborg trailed off, tears biting his words.

For Raven...

His left eye twitched, and his fingers trembled.

"For who?" His voice was raw, husky, from his endless screams and unceasing tears at night.

"You know for who. For Raven." Terra growled, her teeth grit. The little ass was so unreasonable.

"Raven. Is. Not. Dead." He said slowly, as if savoring the words before letting them out of his mouth. Terra snapped.

"Look, you pompous little ass! You're not the only one suffering! You're not the only one who cared! The fact that you're perfectly alive and well right now is the biggest piece of shit-ass proof we have that she's dead!" Her voice steadily rose like a crescendo, reaching fortissimo at the last word. Her short and sensible nails bit into her calloused palms, where she later found bloody crescent moons smiling at her deceptively.

The silence was deafening, even to their ears. It roared like the crashing waves of the sea, and like the salt in the air their eyes were stung with crystal tears.

"...and nothing can change that..." She finished more softly this time, closer to a pianissimo. However soft, those few words brought the unthinkable to reality.

"She's gone, Robin. She's gone..."

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